Delta SkyMiles Members Receive Discounted CLEAR Membership Delta SkyMiles Members Receive Discounted CLEAR Membership

Delta SkyMiles Members Receive Discounted CLEAR Membership

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Update: Delta reduced the CLEAR membership discount as of February 1, 2023. This post has been updated to reflect this change.

As a co-branded Delta American Express cardholder, you can get $40 off the cost of a CLEAR membership, letting you get through airport security lines much faster. Not a cardholder? No problem! You'll still get $10 off the yearly membership simply by being a member of the Delta SkyMiles program. The discount is no surprise given the investment in CLEAR earlier this year by Delta.

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This offer is available if you hold a Delta co-brand credit card from American Express.

What is CLEAR?

Similar to TSA PreCheck, CLEAR is a program designed to allow you to bypass the line at airport security — it is sort of like a security concierge that helps chauffeur you through TSA screening in an expedited manner. You need to sign up for CLEAR online, then finishing the registration process in person to verify your identity, complete a retinal scan, and have your fingerprints digitally captured.

What is the cost of a CLEAR Membership?

If you're a SkyMiles Diamond Medallion member, you can enroll in CLEAR free of charge. The membership is $149 per year for cardholders of a Delta Amex and Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medallion members. General SkyMiles members can sign up for CLEAR for $179 per year.


Learn more: Current CLEAR Membership Bonuses, Discounts, and Credit Card Credits

Where is CLEAR Available?

CLEAR is currently available at the following airports:

Airports with CLEAR Kiosks
Atlanta (ATL)
Austin (AUS)
Baltimore (BWI)
Birmingham (BHM)
Boston (BOS)
Chicago (ORD & MDW)
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG)
Cleveland (CLE)
Columbus (CMH)
Dallas (DAL & DFW)
Denver (DEN)
Detroit (DTW)
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Houston (HOU & IAH)
Las Vegas (LAS)
Los Angeles (LAX)
Miami (MIA)
Minneapolis (MSP)
Nashville (BNA)
New Orleans (MSY)
New York (HPN, LGA, JFK)
Newark (EWR)
Oakland (OAK)
Ontario (ONT)
Orlando (MCO)
Palm Beach (PBI)
Palm Springs, CA (PSP)
Phoenix (PHX)
Sacramento (SMF)
Saint Louis (STL)
Salt Lake City (SLC)
San Antonio (SAT)
San Francisco (SFO)
San Jose (SJC)
Seattle (SEA)
Washington DC (DCA & IAD)

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Final Thoughts

Are you a cardholder of a Delta Amex that travels often? Does the idea of getting held up in airport security lines make you want to groan? If so, signing up for a CLEAR membership could be well worth your time. With that said, if you've already got TSA PreCheck or Global Entry unless you're a Delta Diamond Medallion, you should think before investing in CLEAR. It was around previously and failed — who knows what the future holds for the program.

Have you enrolled in CLEAR? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Joann Soesman says:

    I signed onto clear two weeks ago and was told to sign up for Delta skymiles amex card to get it for $119.00 instead of $179.00
    What do I do to get my discount ? Clear has not charged me yet , I get the first month free .

  • David Gantzer says:

    Just signed up for Clear. Should have been free since I have Diamond Status with Delta but I have a $179 charge on my AmEx. Called customer service 1 hour ago and still have not received a call back. Ready to drop it already.

    • If you have diamond status link your clear account with your medallion account and your fee will be dropped. says:

      If you have diamond status link your clear account with your medallion account and your fee will be dropped.

  • I see this stuff all the time at LaGuardia. I have pre check and the clear ppl get to cut the line which I think is unfair and wrong. Those of us with precheck should not be given a choice- pay extra for pre check (which for me is only $79/year) or wait while they continue to allow a company to offer people the opportunity to cut the line. I would be more likely to utilize it if it were in all the airports and if it didn’t come at a cost to those with pre check. It just feels like the right person made the right insider deal with the right greased palms to get into the airports and as usual, the people who started the company and those who made it possible for them to annoy pre check customers by getting them an advantage for paying extra are making out heavily.
    I would be inclined to use it if it didn’t cause undue waits to pre check ppl and if the people who are labeled ambassadors didn’t act like they’re sneering at the pre check people, which they do constantly at least at LaGuardia. They behave very rudely and van whenever they hear a comment about clear they jump down your throat. It’s enough to put me off the entire thing.
    CLEAR symbolizes everything that’s wrong with America- the attitudes, the privilege for paying a fee and the almost assuredly (in my opinion) that they got into the airports – let’s face it, getting a new company into the airports doing something nobody needed and few really want was just a way to grab cash and someone in government in all likelihood profited handsomely for getting them the green light.

  • Deborah Kimball says:

    A Gold Medallion member for years, I have paid CLEAR on my Delta AmEx Reserve card
    $50.00 on July 1, 2018 presumably for my husband
    $179.00 on Jan 28, 2019
    $179.00 on May17, 2019

    and now another $50.00 for my husband in 30 days. My password is not being accepted. CLEAR’s automated phone service is a joke.

    CLEAR in Atlanta is a waste, but is okay in Vegas.

    I feel totally violated, with $408.00 in charges when it should have been $129.00. And now CLEAR wants to bill me yet again? I am making a complaint to Delta, to AmEx, to the BBB and to my family and friends.

  • Charles Richard says:

    How can I add my Delta Sky Miles to my Clear account so I can get a discount upon renewal?

  • Is there a free pre-check customers can utilize other than the paid clear service?

  • only used it once so far, at Delta-JFK.
    I found CLEAR to be a great timesaver.

    got bumped right to the TSA podium, the agent stopped what he/she was doing, looked at my boarding pass, and directed me straight to the precheck security line.

    I never looked back at the disgruntled passengers on the security line behind me. #such arrogance&privilege!

    I’m sure as more and more people get over the ORWELLIAN aspect of retina scanning and fingerprinting, CLEAR will be as commonplace as TSA PreCheck is now.

  • JAMES F. DAY says:


  • Can somebody tell me if I get a reduced Clear membership if I have an American Express Platinum Card, and no, it’s not a Delta-branded card. However I do fly Delta.

    • Hey Stuart, it looks like the CLEAR discount is only available for Delta-cobranded card members, so the Amex Platinum won’t help with that. Looks like elite status with Delta or picking up a Delta branded Amex are the only options for discounted CLEAR.

  • Same with JetBlue in JFK. They do not staff the TSA precheck line in their terminal (5?) after 7pm or so. The security line can be quite long. This is not Clear’s fault, they are simply a private solution to this problem. More and more people have gotten wise and purchased TSA Precheck and sometimes that line can be just as long in airports with many business travelers.

    Or another bad scenario – airports like San Jose (California), where there are flight noise ordinances before 6am. Flights get backed up and several leave in the first half hour. The security line at 6am on weekends/ major holidays can be worse than those at JFK on a weekend, and even the TSA precheck line gets you nowhere.

  • I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. Clear could escort people to the front of the line but since TSA had closed the precheck line their customers were not treated any differently after the ID Check.
    While annoyed TSA/Delta provides suboptimal service at Terminal 2 I don’t think it is a conspiracy with CLEAR.
    As someone with global entry and thus TSApre✔️And delta SKY I don’t really see the point of CLEAR anyway.

  • Got to JFK terminal 2 a little after 7pm
    Was told TSA Pre line was closed but I could sign up for CLEAR and that would expedite my way through security.
    What kind of offensive marketing is this ?
    How can this be legal in any way ?
    TSA Pre needs to do something about this.
    They are literally forcing travelers to buy CLEAR just to take advantage of our existing TSA Pre.
    Unacceptably unfair. Incredibly frustrating !!!
    Attorney General should take some action and shut down this kind of grossly unethical behavior by CLEAR and whoever is going along with it
    Thank you.

    • I understand why that would be frustrating, but I wonder if you think that Clear somehow controls the TSA’s staffing schedule.

      TSA didn’t staff the line. I don’t think Clear has any control on that.

    • Obviously, Clear is taking advantage of the gap created by TSA. Similar to what charter school system does where public school system is failing. At the end of the day they are business models. You pay money for the convenience. You’ve done that with TSA Pre.