Devaluation Of Citi Price Rewind Benefit (Price Protection)

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Doctor of Credit has confirmed with Citi that they are devaluing their price protection, by reducing the benefits of their Citi Price Rewind. The new rules will come into effect July 29, 2018. The move topples Citi from near top of the price protection benefit and comes as a further disappointment after Chase dropped its price protection recently.

Key Changes

  • You will be limited to a maximum refund per item of $200 instead of $500
  • You will be limited to a maximum refund of $1,000 per year instead of $2,500

The time frame for making a Citi Price Rewind claim is not changing, and you will still have 60 days from the date of your purchase to make a claim.

Our Take

It is disappointing whenever a card benefit gets cut, although fortunately, Citi has decided to reduce their price protection and not eliminate it completely like Chase did. Now is the time to go through your recent purchases and check if you need to use the benefit before it is reduced.

Source Doctor of Credit

Devaluation Of Citi Price Rewind Benefit (Price Protection)
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  • Michaelj1 says:

    While the cut is being made a recovery of up to $1,000 per year is still a pretty good card benefit in my book.

  • Not good seeing such cuts in benefits of this card.

  • Rosemarie Carlino says:

    Great info. Also didn’t know that there is a referral link to get an upgrade coupon for every 5 embers invited.

  • this is the new norm in devaluations, although there are worse things that could happen

  • At least it’s not completely being removed like Chase. I use the chase protection a lot on my FU. Might switch to citi card depending on the purchase.

  • charles j says:

    Chase was the trailblazer, now let’s see who follows.

  • Devaluations have become more commonplace among all programs. My expectations of all programs have gone down. Hard to plan ahead when you don’t know when the ax will fall.

  • Glad they still have the benefit,.

  • Emma2007 says:

    Really bad news. Chase looks a better choice for purchase protection.

  • it’s a pity that Citi is scaling this back, but thankfully not as dramatically as Chase.

  • I hear Citi’s devaluing everything anyway

  • miskocina says:

    Same old story, drip drip drip, go the benefits.

  • deerseason says:

    I had been mainly using Chase for price protection, but now that Chase is gone, I’ll definitely take advantage of Citi. I don’t see myself hitting this limit very often, if at all, luckily.

  • Sadly, this is the new normal!

  • Air Flyer says:

    Is this an automatic benefit or do you have to apply for it for every purchase?

  • I read an article that bots killed price protection policies for all credit card issuers.

  • And the cuts keep coming. Prestige is a shell of it’s former self.

  • How often have people been able to use this perk? I feel like they make you jump through a lot of hoops to take advantage of this. Have there been some success stories from others?

  • $1,000 seems to be pretty reasonable for a price match protection benefit. If the choice is between keeping price protection at a lower claim limit or dumping it entirely (like Chase did), I’d rather take a lower claim limit any day.

  • Very sad to see the great benefits go away. Probably a good way to cut cost on this program. I have used price protection before. The process is very smooth.

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