Do Accor Live Limitless (ALL) Points Expire? Do Accor Live Limitless (ALL) Points Expire?

Do Accor Live Limitless (ALL) Points Expire?

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Yes, your Accor points do expire if you have no earning activity on your account in 12 months. Per the Accor Live Limitless (ALL) website:

“Reward points are valid for 12 months and are extended for 365 additional days each time an eligible transaction results in a credit of Reward points on your account.”

Historically, Accor ALL only allowed stays to count towards extending the validity of your points. However, in 2021, Accor changed its policy. Now, you can keep your Accor account from expiring by earning points in other ways!

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Keeping Your Accor Points From Expiring

Thankfully, keeping your points active is straightforward. In fact, you only need to earn 1 Accor Live Limitless (ALL) point in 12 months! In the past, you had to do this through stays. Now, any form of points that you earn is enough. Every time you earn a point, the validity of your balance is extended by an additional 365 days.

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How To Earn Accor Points

Earning Accor points in any of the following ways will extend their validity and prevent them from expiring.

Our Take

In conclusion, 12 months is on the shorter end of things in terms of validity deadlines. That being said, Accor ALL is still a program worth considering. Even though Accor does not have the biggest footprint in North America, it is not a major issue. There are many ways to ensure your points stay active without ever setting foot in an Accor property. This flexibility, great footprint in Europe and beyond, and great redemption rates make Accor a great option for regular visitors overseas.

That being said, with so many options to extend the validity of your points, there is no reason for you to wake up one morning and find all your Accor Points have disappeared!

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  • how did I miss that they participate with surveys? I do quite a bit of surveys to earn points and miles. this will be a nice addition!

  • Richard Wilson says:

    The article isn’t quite correct. Silver and Gold members don’t get to keep their points; Accor told me, on the phone–and after waiting more than 40 minutes to speak to someone–that the points extension is for Platinum and Diamond members only.

    Accor seems to care little about loyalty; the extension of status for another year on the basis of the continued pandemic and the travel restrictions due to the continued down market during the pandemic doesn’t seem to make sense (unless in real terms when one considers that a status extension costs them next to nothing) when they’re willing to seize points earned over years of loyalty anyway. Why doesn’t the rationale apply to both? How can one (status extension) be justified but not the other (points extension)? What’s the difference?

    For over 20 years, I’ve accumulated points with Accor (and others, but none that treated me like this). I have over 51,000 points, and I had even more but I used about 14,000 four years ago–the first time I used points in many, many years, with Accor. They’re going to seize my points tomorrow at midnight without any apparent care or concern for my loyalty, or any persuasion to the contrary, if I don’t do something that “qualifies” by December 15 (not December 31; the rationale there is that the pandemic extension for one year last year was made on December 15, so it goes to December 15 of this year). I’m unable to do anything to stop this, as I’m stuck out and away from any major metropolitan area at the moment, due to the pandemic, and have been for some time.

    I’m told that if I make a “qualifying stay” at an Accor property within the next six months, they’ll “reinstate” my points. I asked for a guarantee that this would happen. I was told it would be guaranteed. Really? They’ll take them away and yet give them back only if I do something that “qualifies”?

    I’m seriously reconsidering my concept of loyalty, and my relationship with Accor.

    • Richard – The information we have is taken directly from Accor’s website. “For all members with an active Reward point balance upon sending our communication on 18 May 2020, the expiration date has been extended: -Until 15 December 2020 for Class members; -Until 30 April 2021 for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond members. For these members, this date has been extended to 15 December 2021. For members with a valid Reward points balance beyond this date, no changes have been made.” Thus, points expiry has returned to normal at this point, and qualifying activity is required for everyone of all status levels now. Did you have qualifying activity such as transferring points, earning points, stays, etc.? Now that points expiration has resumed, you need some type of qualifying activity.

  • This is a positive change, but in my opinion the best use of accor points isn’t on their hotels.

  • I like ALL program, but the Euro índex of their points is not too great. Ir they use Dollar índex, the program should be used more.

  • Combined with the status extension, not been a bad few weeks with Accor. They’re doing a good job for those who haven’t been able to make use of the program this year.

  • It is good that Accor have extended the expiry, but unfortunately it is a very unexciting program. Their hotels are OK and I will stay occasionally, but the program doesn’t drive a single extra stay from me in their direction. Hilton and IHG have much better programs.

  • Stephen Kovacs says:

    Whilst the pause in expiration till December 15, 2021 is helpful, it’s likely once borders open up and everyone can travel freely that flights and hotel demand shall be so high, it shall be difficult to secure bookings.

  • Hopefully Accor could pause expiration points until 2022

  • I think that the one year expiration policy is the worst in the market!

  • Looks like a small positive change for Accor

  • Good to see a customer centric policy for once

  • Good to know how to make sure your points don’t expire. With covid, I know my travel was down.

  • Good move Accor in simplifying your requirements for keeping your customers points from expiring, especially as the pandemic continues, but you should really be moving to a “points don’t expire” mindset – hopefully this is a step closer to that kind of policy.

  • Thank goodness – I need to go through and check all my accounts!

  • To be honest, I had noticed that the points were being extended with non-stay activity already, for quite some time. But it’s good to have it formalised.

    • Agree, that had long been informally the case. It’s a matter of the policy catching up to how the program actually works. (And it’s still one of the most restrictive out there!)

  • Because the points of Accor expire without an activity in one year I have set some years ago the automatic transfer to Iberia (without minimum amount).
    I’ll not change it as I think this possibility is not offered anymore.

  • I ve been several times in Ibis and was awesome. I paid with accor points

  • I’m not sure if it still exists but there used to be a way to set up your Accor account so that it auto converted even small amounts of hotel points to airline miles after every stay. Although poor value, I stay so infrequently with Accor that the points would expire otherwise anyway.

  • The pause in expiration till December 15, 2021 is helpful but remember if you have no activity then points would expire after that date.


    Good Morning. I had more than 3,700 points expired in April 2021. I sent an email and they replied that in addition to the renewal forms you mentioned, they can also be renewed with consumption in the bar and / or restaurant. I pasted part of the mail: “Thank you for contacting your ALL – Accor Live Limitless customer service.

    Regarding your request regarding your Reward Points extension, I would like to provide you with information regarding the loss of your Reward Points:

    • Reward points are valid for 12 months from the date of registration.

    • This validity is extended 365 days each time an eligible stay at a participating hotel or an eligible expense from the dining offer is posted to your account. “Good to know. Regards.

  • Accor ALL is so good and fair . The covid extension expiration policy made the difference during those hard times.

  • I prefer programs that do not expire. it’s better that way

  • Is it actually possible to take advantage of the Accor dining program in US?

  • Tommy Long says:

    What about transferring miles from my Capital One Venture/Spark cards to ALL Accor? Does that extend the ALL Accor points?

    • I think this should work. You’ll want to double-check after the transfer is completed. As we note in the post, officially a “stay” is required. But in practice, inbound transfers seem to do the trick.

      Please let us know if you can confirm extending your expiration date that way.

  • There are MANY Accor properties across Australia and New Zealand.

  • will dinning through the Accor Plus Asia Pacific program count towards points extension if posted correctly to the account?

    • I don’t know for sure. Accor Plus and ALL are separate programs. If you can earn miles in your Accor Live Limitless account, it should reset the expiration date. But I’m not clear if that would be the result of dining through Accor Plus Asia Pacific. Please let us know if this works.

      More details on Accor Plus vs. ALL

  • Eleventeen says:

    The points expiration for elite is just a lie from Accor. I’m silver status and they burned/expired my points in April.

    I emailed them about it 2+ weeks ago and they have not replied.

    • ROBERTO MAURO says:

      Hello, look at the Accor page that they renewed the expiration of the points until December 2021 !! Greetings.