Do LATAM Pass Miles and LATAM Pass Points Expire? Do LATAM Pass Miles and LATAM Pass Points Expire?

Do LATAM Pass Miles and LATAM Pass Points Expire?

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Yes, LATAM Pass miles and points do expire. However, there's a different expiration policy depending on whether you earn LATAM points or LATAM miles.

Per the LATAM FAQ page:

  • “LATAM Pass Miles are valid for 36 months from their accrual, while miles earned on associated airline flights are valid for 3 calendar years”
  • “LATAM Pass Points have a duration of 24 months from your last trip in which you earned points.”

There's an important distinction in this policy. LATAM miles earned for LATAM flights expire after 36 months. But, miles earned from “associate airline flights” expire at the end of the third calendar year. As the LATAM helpdesk explains:

“If you flew on August 24, 2020, then your earned miles will be valid until December 31, 2022.”

That means miles earned through partner flights have a shorter expiration than those earned through LATAM.

What Is The Difference Between LATAM Points and Miles?

You may be wondering why LATAM has two different point currencies and how you go about earning one instead of the other. It's all based on where your live — or, more importantly, which address is registered with your LATAM account.

LATAM Pass members registered in the following countries earn LATAM Pass Miles — which are valid for up to 36 months:

  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Uruguay
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

While residents of the following territories earn LATAM Pass Points — which expire after just 24 months.

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Paraguay

Extending the Life of Your Points or Miles

If you are in a country that earns LATAM Pass Points, you cannot extend their validity. They will expire after 24 months.

However, if you are in a country that earns LATAM Pass Miles, you can extend the expiration of your miles by a further 36 months by flying on LATAM and earning at least 1 mile. According to the LATAM helpdesk:

“You will extend your mileage duration if you fly LATAM and earn 1 or more miles; with this, your mileage duration will be renewed for 36 more months.”

A Note about the LATAM Website

During our research for this article, we found that LATAM has a lot of information across its website, and some pages seem to be more current than older pages. It also appears that the company is modifying the structure of the site. We found LATAM Pass pages with the following web address to have more up-to-date information.

Do LATAM Pass Miles or Points Expire?
The latest version of the LATAM Pass website

When trying to find information, ensure that the web address starts as above to ensure as much as possible that the information you are getting from LATAM is correct and updated.

Our Take

LATAM has one of the more complex and unusual miles and points structures (and expiration policies) around. Although it has left the Oneworld airline alliance, it is still worth keeping in mind.

While both points and miles do expire, you can extend the validity of LATAM Pass miles for another 3 years.

The airline is considered one of the largest airlines in South America, with subsidiaries across the region. If you are a regular traveler to Latin America, including LATAM in your travel plans can simplify getting around the region!

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  • Excellent information. But unfortunately LATAM left the Oneword alliance, which had very good connectivity.

  • Daniel Tacconi says:

    Since LATAM left Argentina, it is not easy to join the LATAMPASS, but a good option to get miles is using SHELL Card

  • Una pena que Latam se haya ido de la alianza con AA. Era una muy buena combinación de aerolíneas.

  • fernando pojaghi says:

    Lamentablemente Latam pass a dejado de tener una masiva integración en argentina, Gracias

  • It`s a pity how the LATAM Pass Program leaks beneficiaries here in Argentina. The local LATAM doesn`t exist anymore and now the program is on this way.

  • I´m very upset with the “divorce” between LATAM Pass and BBVA, here in Argentina. I hope, another bank take it the program, because will be very difficult keep the miles.

  • im from argentina and we can get miles using the BBVA credit card
    great deal

  • I’m LATAM Pass member in Argentina, the programm is really complex with some tricky policies, LATAM pass terms should be read carefully

  • Noelia Garone says:

    Thank you very much for this valuable information. I live in Argentina and I didn’t understand how to extend my LATAM pass miles. During the pandemic it has been more complicated to accumulate new miles and use them. Thank you very much!

  • In pandemic times, no loyalty points should have expiration date, how can someone travel nowadays?

  • Norberto Ezequiel De Luca says:

    Lamentablemente el programa dejó de ser tan atractivo al dejar One World. En Argentina el programa de acumulación con BBVA es excelente, es una pena que el Banco lo abandona desde Marzo de 2022. También se pueden sumar con Shell pero muy lentamente.


    Great research about LATAM program! It was very helpful in getting aware that: i) LATAM points are different from miles and …..have a different expiration policy… Add to that they left the Onworld alliance and the complexity of their program structure, I hope that once this pandemic tends to end airlines go back to traditional programs, including reorganizing their alliance strategy. Simplicity is king in any loyalty program! LATAM is a key airline for interconnecting Soth American countries now that other airlines have dropped many destinations. Should think about customers who are actually loyal…

  • LatAm’s much less interesting now that they’ve left OneWorld. And their points/miles system seems unnecessarily complicated.

  • Are there any LATAM sweet spots?

  • Point expiration policies always seem unnecessarily more complicated than they should be. Usually because these companies want to limit their accrued liabilities for the miles.

  • Gustavo Retegui says:

    Good info. I did not know the difference between Latam Miles and Latam points

  • LATAM was much more interesting when it was in Oneworld, as it offered many options to South America. It is very disappointing that Oneworld haven’t yet found another partner airline to plug the gap left by LATAM, although I don’t suppose there are two many candidates.

  • This is confusing and just makes it so much harder for this program.

  • Hola doy d argentina
    Si sos socio de shell latam pass cargas combustible y sumas millas eso hace q se te renueven automáticamente

  • At least, in Argentina, we have other option to extend the expiration date thru the BBVA bank if you are part of the program… however they are ending their relationship by Feb 22
    So sad to see this 🙁

    • En Argentina:
      Hay que recordar igual que los que suman por BBVA y en este 2021 sumaron más de 6.250 millas entre lo sumado, sin bonus, entre los resúmenes vencidos en enero 2021 y diciembre 2021, tendrán todo renovado por 36 meses.

      • Lei en la web que:

        No renueva millas
        Canjear millas
        Comprar millas
        Volar con pasaje que no suma millas
        Comprar un pasaje (ver más abajo…)

      • Asi es, si gastas mas de 6250 hasta el ultimo resumen creo que de Noviembre te las renuevan por 3 anos. Es el ultimo esfuerzo del banco 😀