How To Fly American Airlines' Best Business (and First) Class Seats Within the U.S.

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Usually, you're going to have to fly pretty far to fly in American Airlines' best lie-flat seats. However, the world's largest airline will sometimes operate these internationally-configured aircraft on domestic routes.

And good news for those that are flying soon: in September 2021, American Airlines is operating over 1,600 domestic flights with lie-flat seats upfront. The downsides: that's a drastic drop from the 3,000 flights in July 2021 as American Airlines resumes more international flying. Still, there are plenty of options this month. So, let's show you where AA is operating these planes and how you can book them.

Routes With Lie-Flat Seats in September 2021

During September 2021, American Airlines is using either a Boeing 777 or 787 (Dreamliner) on 30 different domestic routes. As the onboard product can vary between aircraft, let's break down these routes by aircraft type.

Boeing 777-300ER (77W)

American Airlines' true “Flagship” aircraft is its Boeing 777-300ER. On international flights, this aircraft operates with four different cabins: Economy, Premium Economy, Flagship Business Class, and Flagship First Class.

On domestic routes, that's condensed to economy and (domestic) first class. So, those who book first class early enough may be able to select one of the eight Flagship First Class seats in rows 1 and 2.

If you can't snag one of the first-class seats, the business class seats in rows 3-15 are excellent too.

Keep in mind that you won't get any of the typical amenities that you would get on long-haul flights — such as the Casper bedding, noise-canceling headphones, and other amenities in the picture above.

In September, you'll only find this aircraft operating on 10 routes:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Honolulu (HNL) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Los Angeles (LAX) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Miami (MIA) — and reverse
  • New York Kennedy (JFK) to Miami (MIA) — and reverse
  • Los Angeles (LAX) to Miami (MIA) — and reverse

Fly lie-flat on American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

According to American Airlines' schedule, here are the exact flights that are operating in September 2021 using the 777-300ER:

Flight #FrequencyStartingEnding
DFWHNL115Daily8 Sept19 Sept
DFWHNL115Daily (exc. Friday)20 Sept30 Sept
DFWHNL123Daily1 Sept7 Sept
DFWLAX971Daily (exc. Sunday)1 Sept7 Sept
DFWLAX971One-Off24 Sept24 Sept
DFWMIA776Daily1 Sept5 Sept
DFWMIA776Thur,Fri,Sun9 Sept30 Sept
HNLDFW102Daily1 Sept7 Sept
HNLDFW115Daily8 Sept30 Sept
JFKMIA383Daily1 Sept30 Sept
JFKMIA877Daily1 Sept30 Sept
JFKMIA978Daily (exc. Sat)2 Sept6 Sept
JFKMIA978Thurs-Mon9 Sept30 Sept
LAXDFW2789Daily (exc. Sun)1 Sept7 Sept
LAXDFW2789One-Off24 Sept24 Sept
LAXMIA340Daily (exc. Sat)2 Sept5 Sept
LAXMIA340Daily (exc. Tues)6 Sept12 Sept
LAXMIA340Daily13 Sept30 Sept
LAXMIA529Daily1 Sept30 Sept
LAXMIA1268Daily1 Sept14 Sept
LAXMIA1268Daily20 Sept30 Sept
LAXMIA1535Daily1 Sept30 Sept
LAXMIA2289Daily1 Sept30 Sept
MIADFW1753Daily2 Sept5 Sept
MIADFW1753Fri,Sat,Mon6 Sept27 Sept
MIAJFK688Daily (exc. Sat)2 Sept6 Sept
MIAJFK688Thurs-Mon9 Sept30 Sept
MIAJFK978Thurs-Mon9 Sept30 Sept
MIAJFK1357Daily1 Sept30 Sept
MIAJFK2500Daily1 Sept8 Sept
MIAJFK2500Tues,Wed14 Sept29 Sept
MIALAX312Daily1 Sept30 Sept
MIALAX1228Daily1 Sept14 Sept
MIALAX1228Daily20 Sept30 Sept
MIALAX1454Daily1 Sept30 Sept
MIALAX2283Daily1 Sept30 Sept
MIALAX2289Daily (exc. Sat)2 Sept5 Sept
MIALAX2289Wed-Mon6 Sept12 Sept
MIALAX2289Daily13 Sept30 Sept

Boeing 777-200 (772)

American Airlines' “other” 777s are Boeing 777-200. This aircraft is arranged with three different cabins: Economy, Premium Economy, and Flagship Business Class. But, the business-class seats vary between aircraft. Some are situated with a combination of forward- and rear-facing seats:

Others have all forward-facing business class seats in a reverse-herringbone seating arrangement:

You can find the American Airlines Boeing 777-200 operating on 20 domestic routes in September 2021:

  • Boston (BOS) to Miami (MIA) — and reverse
  • Charlotte (CLT) to Honolulu (HNL) — and reverse
  • Charlotte (CLT) to Miami (MIA) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Honolulu (HNL) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Kona (KOA) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Los Angeles (LAX) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Maui (OGG) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Miami (MIA) — and reverse
  • Los Angeles (LAX) to Miami (MIA) — and reverse
  • Miami (MIA) to New York Kennedy (JFK) — and reverse

Fly lie-flat on American Airlines Boeing 777-200

According to American Airlines' schedule, here are the exact flights that are operating in September 2021 using the 777-200:

Flight #FrequencyStartingEnding
BOSMIA747Daily1 Sept30 Sept
BOSMIA1156Daily8 Sept30 Sept
BOSMIA2247Daily1 Sept7 Sept
CLTHNL569Daily1 Sept30 Sept
CLTMIA2044Daily8 Sept30 Sept
CLTMIA2555Daily1 Sept7 Sept
CLTMIA2700Daily1 Sept30 Sept
DFWHNL123Thurs-Sun9 Sept30 Sept
DFWKOA229Daily1 Sept30 Sept
DFWLAX524Daily (exc. Sun)1 Sept7 Sept
DFWLAX2543Wed-Sun1 Sept5 Sept
DFWLAX2543Daily (exc. Wed,Fri)6 Sept12 Sept
DFWLAX2543Daily (exc. Sat)13 Sept19 Sept
DFWLAX2543Sun-Thurs20 Sept30 Sept
DFWMIA646Daily1 Sept6 Sept
DFWMIA646Thurs-Sun9 Sept30 Sept
DFWMIA2550Daily1 Sept30 Sept
DFWMIA2823Daily1 Sept7 Sept
DFWOGG7Daily (exc. Sun)1 Sept7 Sept
DFWOGG7One-Off24 Sept24 Sept
DFWOGG119Daily8 Sept30 Sept
HNLCLT552Daily1 Sept7 Sept
HNLCLT569Daily8 Sept30 Sept
HNLDFW102Thurs-Sun9 Sept30 Sept
JFKMIA1610Daily1 Sept7 Sept
JFKMIA1610Daily9 Sept30 Sept
KOADFW230Daily1 Sept3 Sept
KOADFW230Daily4 Sept5 Sept
KOADFW230Daily6 Sept30 Sept
LAXDFW691Daily (exc. Sun)1 Sept7 Sept
LAXDFW2437One-Off8 Sept8 Sept
LAXDFW2543Daily1 Sept5 Sept
LAXDFW2543Daily (exc. Sat)6 Sept17 Sept
LAXDFW2543Sun-Thurs20 Sept30 Sept
LAXMIA1268Daily15 Sept19 Sept
LAXMIA2286Daily1 Sept7 Sept
LAXMIA2286Daily9 Sept30 Sept
MIABOS315Thurs-Fri, Sun9 Sept30 Sept
MIABOS354Mon-Wed, Sat8 Sept29 Sept
MIABOS489Daily1 Sept7 Sept
MIABOS1054Daily8 Sept30 Sept
MIABOS1074Daily1 Sept7 Sept
MIACLT1739Daily1 Sept7 Sept
MIACLT2358Daily8 Sept30 Sept
MIACLT2484Daily1 Sept30 Sept
MIADFW1219One-Off24 Sept24 Sept
MIADFW2575Daily1 Sept5 Sept
MIADFW2575Daily (exc. Wed,Fri)6 Sept12 Sept
MIADFW2575Daily13 Sept19 Sept
MIADFW2575Daily (exc. Sat)20 Sept30 Sept
MIADFW2808Daily1 Sept7 Sept
MIADFW2821Daily1 Sept5 Sept
MIADFW2821Daily (exc. Wed)6 Sept12 Sept
MIADFW2821Thurs-Sun16 Sept30 Sept
MIAJFK159Daily1 Sept7 Sept
MIAJFK2427Daily8 Sept30 Sept
MIALAX1061Daily1 Sept7 Sept
MIALAX1061Daily8 Sept30 Sept
MIALAX1228Wed-Sun15 Sept19 Sept
OGGDFW6Thurs-Mon9 Sept30 Sept
OGGDFW116Daily (exc. Sun)1 Sept8 Sept
OGGDFW116Daily14 Sept15 Sept
OGGDFW116Tues,Wed,Fri21 Sept29 Sept

Boeing 787-8 (788)

Business class on American Airlines' Boeing 787-8 are the same forward- and rear-facing seats that you'll find on some of the 777-200s:

You can find the Boeing 787-8 operating on 9 domestic routes in September 2021.

  • Chicago O'Hare (ORD) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Philadelphia (PHL) — and reverse
  • Miami (MIA) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
  • Miami (MIA) to Chicago (ORD) — and reverse
  • Miami (MIA) to Philadelphia (PHL) — and reverse

Fly lie-flat on American Airlines Boeing 787-8

According to American Airlines' schedule, here are the flights that are operating in September 2021 using the 787-8:

Flight #FrequencyStartingEnding
DFWORD1528Thurs-Sat9 Sept17 Sept
DFWORD1528Thurs-Fri23 Sept30 Sept
DFWPHL451One-Off25 Sept25 Sept
DFWPHL2533Daily1 Sept26 Sept
DFWPHL2533Daily (exc. Tues)27 Sept30 Sept
DFWPHL2562One-Off8 Sept8 Sept
MIADFW1219Daily1 Sept7 Sept
MIADFW2524Daily (exc. Sat)8 Sept12 Sept
MIADFW2524Daily13 Sept30 Sept
MIADFW2575One-Off8 Sept8 Sept
MIAORD1431Daily1 Sept30 Sept
MIAPHL376One-Off6 Sept6 Sept
MIAPHL376Daily (exc. Mon)9 Sept30 Sept
MIAPHL376Mondays13 Sept27 Sept
ORDDFW1528Thurs-Sat9 Sept17 Sept
ORDDFW1528Thurs-Fri23 Sept30 Sept
ORDMIA335Daily1 Sept30 Sept
PHLDFW1608One-Off13 Sept13 Sept
PHLMIA2571Daily1 Sept30 Sept
PHLMIA2595One-Off6 Sept6 Sept
PHLMIA2595Daily9 Sept30 Sept

Boeing 787-9 (789)

Meanwhile, business class on American Airlines' Boeing 787-9 are the same all forward-facing seats that you'll find on the other 777-200s:

You can find the American Airlines Boeing 787-9 operating 10 routes in September 2021:

  • Chicago O'Hare (ORD) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) — and reverse
  • Chicago O'Hare (ORD) to Honolulu (HNL) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Honolulu (HNL) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Los Angeles (LAX) — and reverse
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Maui (OGG) — and reverse

Fly lie-flat on American Airlines Boeing 787-9

According to American Airlines' schedule, here are the flights that are operating in September 2021 using the 787-9:

Flight #FrequencyStartingEnding
DFWHNL5Daily (exc. Sun)1 Sept7 Sept
DFWHNL115One-Off24 Sept24 Sept
DFWLAX777Daily1 Sept7 Sept
DFWLAX2697One-Off17 Sept17 Sept
DFWOGG7Thurs-Mon9 Sept30 Sept
DFWOGG7Thurs,Sat-Mon20 Sept30 Sept
DFWOGG119Daily1 Sept7 Sept
DFWORD1408Daily (exc. Thurs)8 Sept12 Sept
DFWORD1408Daily13 Sept30 Sept
DFWORD2412Daily1 Sept7 Sept
HNLDFW8Daily (exc. Sun)1 Sept7 Sept
HNLDFW115One-Off24 Sept24 Sept
HNLORD74Daily1 Sept7 Sept
LAXDFW579Daily1 Sept8 Sept
LAXDFW579One-Off20 Sept20 Sept
OGGDFW6Mon-Fri1 Sept7 Sept
OGGDFW6One-Off4 Sept4 Sept
OGGDFW6One-Off5 Sept5 Sept
OGGDFW116Thurs-Mon9 Sept9 Sept
OGGDFW116Thurs,Sat-Mon20 Sept30 Sept
ORDDFW1579Daily1 Sept7 Sept
ORDDFW1579Daily9 Sept30 Sept
ORDHNL75Daily1 Sept7 Sept

Best Ways to Book These Lie-Flat Flights With Miles

American Airlines AAdvantage

It's a good idea to start your search with American Airlines. AAdvantage uses dynamic award pricing for American Airlines flights. So, you may be able to book some of these flights for pretty cheap using AAdvantage miles. However, AA may charge a premium for nonstop flights — particularly on these nice aircraft. With that said, American Airlines has offered some quite reasonable award rates on lie-flat awards to Hawaii recently.

British Airways (or Iberia) Avios

Speaking of nonstop flights, your best option to book shorter nonstop American Airlines flights with saver award availability is British Airways Avios. As long as there's saver award availability, you can pay as few as 16,500 Avios for a nonstop business class flight on the 1,121-mile route between Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Miami (MIA):

fly lie-flat business class on American Airlines for just 16,500 Avios

Chase Ultimate Rewards

The cash rates for business class on some of these flights are fairly reasonable. That means that using Chase Ultimate Rewards to book a cash flight through the Chase Travel Portal could be the best way to snag one of these lie-flat seats.

For example, you can fly in the international business class cabin on American Airlines' Boeing 777 between Los Angeles (LAX) and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) for $338 one-way. Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders can book this flight for 22,493 Ultimate Rewards points each way through the Chase Travel Portal:

Or fly in business class from Chicago (ORD) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) on the 787-8 for $330 each way — or 22,027 Ultimate Rewards points:

Final Thoughts

It's always nice to get to try out a premium seat when flying domestically. However, the extra space and privacy is especially valuable as we all get used to packing onto an airplane with others for the first time in a while. If you're traveling this month, look out for these internationally-configured aircraft when booking flights. And make sure to consider all of the ways — miles, points, and cash — that you can use book these tickets.

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    • AA will hopefully still be flying a lot of widebody flights once COVID winds down. The airline usually needs to do at least some of these flights for aircraft utilization. For example, a 787 might arrive from Sydney at 6am PT and not depart again until that night. So, the airline might run the plane between LAX-DFW during the day.

  • Fascinating insights with route opportunities. I will be sure to take advantage when I am in the USA next.

  • Super helpful to have this information all in one place. I was a bit sad to see so few options out of San Francisco / Bay Area, but it makes sense given their route coverage. Will need to save up the points for the next time I’m doing an trip based out of a different city.

  • I’m guilty as charged! I’ve gone out of my way to fly equipment that I know will be offering premium seating. This article is a great resource. United often has premium seating flights in the US too. Before COVID, they often had a 777 flying between IAH-IAD.

  • I love that the US 3 are starting to fly long haul aircraft domestically. I hope this sticks post-covid.
    Being based at SFO, United usually flew 777s to EWR, DEN, and HNL anyways. I’m sure a couple more routes were thrown in there, but those are for sure true contenders before domestic wide bodies were “newly normal.”

  • Be great to get insights like this for UK-US business flights once long haul returns. Interesting stuff.

  • I actually did not like being in the rear-facing business seat, it was a weird experience. Nice to see AA continue to be one of the leading airlines for comfort.

  • Bhikhu Shah says:

    Once the passenger numbers get back to normal, I expect these planes may be taken off the domestic routes and put back to international. Take advantage while you can.

  • Ramiro Davalos says:

    I am planning to a travel to Honolulu for my wedding anniversary, This is a great option and I think is worth to do it on special for special occasions. Thanks

  • The Iberia Avios paragraph is key to international travellers like me. Should apply to all One World alliance airlines!

  • Linda Laura Camusso says:

    En los vuelos habituales dentro de USA gastar muchas más millas para viajar en business es inconveniente porque sólo ofrece una pequeña comodidad. Sólo se justifica para los vuelos intercontinentales.

  • carlos levin says:

    Son muy pocos los vuelos dentro de USA en los que conviene usar más millas para viajar en business, porque la diferencia de comodidad es muy pequeña, pero son muchas más millas.

  • Aparicio Silvia says:

    En un pròximo viaje a Los Angeles aplicarè la informaciòn proporcionada mas arriba.

  • Oh my goodness, this is so hard to keep track of!

    • JT Genter says:

      It sure is! We tried to break it down to make it as understandable as possible. But let me know if there’s anything we can do to make it easier for you!

  • Deals like this make me excited to get back on an airplane once I am vaccinated. Just wish Washington DC airports were also operating these flights!

  • Would love to see some of these on flights to/from Canada

  • Franco Di Lucca says:

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  • This is really great, I would really try one of these flagship domestic flights, but I don’t have any reason to visit MIA right now. I would just advise everyone to be sure they book the correct aircraft type and not accidentally choose to fly an Airbus A320 or something like that.

  • Fenspinbi says:

    This is a great opportunity, and the ‘Rona vaccine just became available for me locally, so it’s too soon to start flying again. I’m pretty sure the window for things like this will be open at least until May, when everyone will have been vaccinated, and then we can start the “new” normal in earnest.

  • I would love to do this but I think that I won’t be. I have a feeling that they will be changing this around. I’ll just have to note the type of aircraft and look at what I am booking to see if it matches. I think that since I am in the middle of the country it’ll be difficult.

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  • Gustavo Retegui says:

    This is great! I tried once but I was not lucky.
    I’ll try again as soon as I can fly again.

  • I would buy business class tickets from Chicago to Hawaii now if it was not for COVID-19 at all the different restrictions.

  • When will the LAX – HNL non-stop route return? We need more flights to Honolulu.

    • AA has 4x LAX-HNL nonstop flights – just not on widebody aircraft. Instead, AA’s using A321s on this route.

  • This is awesome! I love seeing this! American Airlines is the best airline I have ever fly! I enjoy a lot, feel save all the times and it is on-time every fly.

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  • Glad to see lie flat seats on domestic flights..vast improvement over normal domestic business. Always book lieflat internationally but only have had the pleasure of getting one domestically once… plane change last minute 🙂 Looks like more and more carriers will be including lie flat domestically… applaud them…looking forward to flying again

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  • angelo fonseca says:

    it’s an easy way to enjoy these comfortable premium cabins

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  • I would like to book business class from O’Hare to Honolulu using my AA miles. With Hawaii constantly changing the rules due to COVID-19, I will take a pass.

  • Great little niche article! I’ve always wanted to try one of these widebodies on a domestic routing. Although there are always possibility of last minute schedule changes.

  • But is it worth spending extra points or money to travel business on a short flight?

    • For some, the experience can definitely be worth the rather marginal price difference that AA is charging on many of these routes.

  • irene beatriz hart says:

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  • This would be a great thing to kick off travel this year after only one flight last year.

  • Keith Anderson says:

    Also, any flights to Mexico on these aircraft?

    • Yes! AA operates flights to Cancun (CUN) from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) using a 787-9 and from Philadelphia (PHL) on a 787-8. And over the holidays, AA also flew to Cancun from Chicago (ORD) and New York Kennedy (JFK) using widebody aircraft.

  • Keith Anderson says:

    Nothing worthwhile to or from IAD?

  • I have stopped booking domestic flights based on the aircraft type in 2020 after several aircraft changes after booking tickets due to COVID-19. Basically, I would book a route with a lie-flat seat, and they the plane would get changed to a smaller aircraft with no lie-flat premium cabin later.

    This is a nice article to point out good domestic AA routes for premium seats, but in my experience these days you can’t count on it even after you book.

    • I understand that frustration myself! Hopefully, these flights won’t be changed as they are within the next few weeks.

  • Interesting to know but I would still keep my miles and use it for international flights in order to have a longer time to enjoy my ride.

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  • Jessica Arbai says:

    Thank you so much for updating these tidbits in relation to flying Business via American Airlines. Honestly and personally speaking, I would not mind just simply having recliner chairs with much leg-room and privacy in comparison to lie-flat chairs. Reclining is pretty good enough, to be fair. But, definitely a big plus for recliners than the regular Economy barely-even-reclining chairs, by a long shot! Thank you for the post!

  • I have certainly booked a less-convenient flight when I saw that it would be in a wide body so an upgrade would mean a lie-flat seat. It is certainly more restful than the normal recliners, even if you don’t make actually make the bed lie flat.

  • Very good option, I hope they do that extensive to other shorth-haul trips. I usually travel overseas rather than domestic trips. AA airplanes flights to the Caribbean with only 3 cabins,economy,premium and First class.

  • This is definitely good news since business class flying domectically is usually not a luxurious event. This will make it feel more of a pampered event.

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    Although worth pointing out that using Iberia Avios on AA flights is much more difficult than the other options…

  • The downside is you are traveling short so you are not really enjoying the seat or sleep in it like a transatlantic flight to Europe.
    What happend to to a321T flight that used to fly transcontinental NYC to LA ?

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  • I think American Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER is a great way of traveling anywhere. A lot of domestic routes.

  • Nice article! A bit off-topic question but does anyone know if there is any chance to get upgraded with 500-mile upgrades although I am non-elite? Is it possible to use them if I don’t have any status? thx

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  • Since Avios are worthless for BA flights, you should definitely use them for AA or long-haul Iberia flights (transferring to an Iberia, not BA, account).

  • Just my luck. American changed my flights in a way that apparently their only route to Hawaii is not one of the ones flying the best seats!