Book Award Flights to Europe From 12k Points via Flying Blue Promo Rewards in November 2023 Book Award Flights to Europe From 12k Points via Flying Blue Promo Rewards in November 2023

Book Award Flights to Europe From 12k Points via Flying Blue Promo Rewards in November 2023

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This promotion has ended; please review current/active promotions.

Flying Blue Promo Rewards are back. For the uninitiated, Flying Blue is the loyalty program for Air France, KLM, and a few smaller airlines, and Promo Rewards is the program's monthly promotion to discount award flights by up to 50% off on select routes operated by Air France and KLM. Flying Blue may discount any combination of economy, premium economy, and business-class awards — depending on the route.

Flying Blue's November 2023 offerings give U.S.-based travelers a slate of options across all three cabin classes. Of the 15 long-haul destinations that are available in November, Flying Blue included a solid six cities within the United States, including at least one option in economy, premium economy, and business classes. Unfortunately for other North Americans, Flying Blue didn't include any Canadian or Mexican airports in this month's Promo Rewards.

Just like in the previous few months, Flying Blue included discounts on business-class awards! For those seeking discounted premium cabin awards to Europe, it might be worth positioning to one of the included airports.

This month Flying Blue's Promo Rewards window extends through the end of April 2024. That means travelers can book up to six months out and lock in these low award prices in economy, premium economy, and business class depending on the route.

Here's a look at the current Flying Blue Promo Rewards and how to maximize them for cheap award travel.

Air France business class
Air France business class. Credit: Air France

Flying Blue Promo Rewards Key Details

  • Members must book award tickets through either the Air France or KLM websites.
  • Book select award flights by November 30, 2023 to enjoy promotional pricing.
  • Travel dates must be between November 1, 2023 and April 30, 2024.
  • All advertised discounts this month are 25%.
  • Flying Blue advertises discounts for economy, premium economy, and business class depending on the city.
  • Unadvertised business class discounts exist as well, just like in prior months.
  • This time around, the following U.S. cities are included:
    • Dallas (DFW): 25% discount on premium economy
    • New York (JFK): 25% discount on economy class
    • Los Angeles (LAX): 25% discount on economy class
    • Miami (MIA): 25% discount on economy class
    • Raleigh/Durham (RDU): 25% discount on business class
    • Seattle (SEA): 25% discount on economy class

Note that Flying Blue recently standardized award rates between the U.S. and Europe. Now, all routes cost 20k Flying Blue miles in economy, 35k in premium economy, or 50k in business class. That means this 25% discount reduces rates to:

  • 15,000 miles each way in economy
  • 26,250 miles each way in premium economy
  • 37,500 miles each way in business class

New York to Naples for 15,000 miles one-way in economy class

We see availability at this price from November 2023 through April 2024 for economy-class travel.

screenshot of November 2023 Flying Blue Promo Rewards pricing for economy class travel

Los Angeles to Stockholm for 15,000 miles one-way in economy class

We see availability at this price from November 2023 through April 2024 for economy-class travel.

screenshot of November 2023 Flying Blue Promo Rewards pricing for economy class travel

Seattle to Berlin for 15,000 miles one-way in economy class

We see availability at this price from November 2023 through April 2024 for economy-class travel.

screenshot of November 2023 Flying Blue Promo Rewards pricing for economy class travel

Dallas to Krakow for 26,250 miles one-way in premium economy

We see availability at this price in April 2024 only.

screenshot of November 2023 Flying Blue Promo Rewards pricing for premium economy class travel

Raleigh/Durham to Paris for 37,500 miles one-way in business class

Unfortunately, Air France's newest transatlantic route does not return any one-way award space on the Promo Rewards calendar — despite being advertised as an available route.

screenshot of November 2023 Flying Blue Promo Rewards pricing for business class travel

Plenty of paid tickets are available for the route, though, which hopefully points to a temporary system issue rather than an actual lack of award space.

screenshot of November 2023 Flying Blue Promo Rewards pricing for paid business class travel

Flying Blue Transfer Partners

If you are short on miles, Flying Blue is a transfer partner of all major transferable points programs:

Transfer Ratio
Average Time
Air France (Flying Blue)
Air France (Flying Blue)
Air France (Flying Blue)
Air France (Flying Blue)
Air France (Flying Blue)
Arrival Plus cardholders
Air France (Flying Blue)
Air France (Flying Blue)
Air France (Flying Blue)

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Our Take

Flying Blue Promo Rewards offers an amazing opportunity to get the most out of your points and miles. The list of destinations available in November includes six North American destinations, all based within the U.S. While Canada and Mexico lack representation this month, there are advertised discounted awards in economy, premium economy, and business classes.

No matter your preferred class of cabin, you can book through November 30, 2023. You can fly between North America and Europe for as low as 15,000 points in economy and 37,500 in business class. During the current transfer bonus from Chase to Flying Blue, that's just 12k Chase points for economy or 30k Chase points for business class.

Since Flying Blue is a transfer partner of all major transferable points programs, you can redeem for discounted awards no matter which points you collect. If there's no Promo Reward available from your airport, Flying Blue still offers several sweet spots outside of these monthly discounts.

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  • I need to book a trip for next year. Should I wait for the promo, or should I just book it now?

    • Ryan Smith says:

      Steve, there’s no guarantee the route you want will be available in the Flying Blue Promo Rewards in any given month. While waiting for a better deal can be tempting, it might not come. It will come down to your risk tolerance.

  • What is the Libreville promo? Thanks

    • JT Genter says:

      50% off economy award flights in/out of Libreville! Just book by April 30 for travel through September 30.

  • It is the lowest points to go to europe i have ever seen.

  • Considering the current situation, it is best to have enough miles to travel

  • It says at booking there are change fees of $50 EUR + possible fare difference (the latter to be expected).

  • Is there any way to display an award calendar? A previous post says to leave the dates blank but when I try it won’t search. I saw another post somewhere that you can enter the same date for departure and return and you can trick it into seeing the award calendar that way, but that seems to have stopped working as of November 2022 as well. Any ideas? Thanks! Still trying to use some Flying Blue miles after a Covid-canceled trip.

  • Does anyone know which transfer partner posts the quickest? I would hate to send points and the availability disappear.

    • Every major transfer partner posts immediately – except Marriott. So, you should be safe to transfer points from any of the four bank programs.

  • I was today years old when I learned this. It works and makes searching so much easier! Thanks!

  • tassojunior says:

    KLM,Air France, and Virgin all fly direct from Washington Dulles also.

    Delta and Virgin awards have been matching some of Flying Blue’s specials on Flying Blue metal.

  • How do you find the tables listed above (like Austin to Amsterdam)? Every time I try to look for flights it always says that flights are not available on the date(s) I am looking at.

    • JT Genter says:

      When you search for award flights, leave the date field blank and then hit search. That opens the calendar results.

  • legrand siberian says:

    good post

  • Fenspinbi says:

    This is one of the reasons why Flying Blue is my favorite international FF program, and a no-brainer if you’re a Delta fan. This first-ever transfer bonus from Chase is extremely tempting, as there’s so much potential for trips I have on the horizon.

    12900 Chase points for a transatlantic flight in econ, or 31800 in business is a steal.

  • Talchinsky says:

    I’ve never flown Blue but maybe I should start.

  • What are my options if I fly out of PHL if I collect flying blue? Does that mean I have to drive to JFK?

    • TDang – you could search to see if anything shows up with a discounted price out of PHL. If not, and you are willing to fly out of NYC, a few options exist: 1) take a train, car, or bus up to NYC or 2) get a cheap flight up to JFK with any airline and then check in for your next flight with the Flying Blue promo.

  • The issue is that there many reports of points going into limbo. Or accounts canceled because Flying Blue thinks that someone is scamming. I hesitant to use Flying Blue because of that.

  • Martin Gabriel Justo says:

    Flying blue is a very good option to collect miles on skyteam airlines, I recommend it!

  • Good promotion. I hope that in the near future Buenos Aires will also be included. I’ll be watching closelly

  • Wish they have promo from LAX!

  • Flying blue is a really great option to collect miles on skyteam member airlines!

  • These Flying blue rewards are GREAT!!! Love seeing all the new options popping up!!

  • Oh these will become more popular again. I know Singapore has gotten a new entry requirement and I wonder if this is trying to boost travel to Singapore?

  • It’s been two years since flying blue had a 50% off north american destination. I guess 25% is better than nothing.

  • It would be a good promotion, if I was sure that I can enter into Europe due to COVID restrictions. Unfortunately, you never now when they can set up a lockdown again y leave you with the ticket in hand.

  • Vole hace varios años con blue y fue una gran experiencia. Me parece una de las mejores promociones que vi ultimamente de esta aereolinea, lo unico que es hasta el otoño y no incluye la temporada alta de verano

  • Deals starting in Canada don’t seem like a great deal when you need a PCR test and paperwork to get into Canada.

  • It’s good that there are some long flights in the Flying Blue promos.
    I hope this will be the case also in the future Flying Blue promotions.

  • Flying blue is a good option to collect miles on skyteam airlines.

  • The transatlantic ticket tax seems to be not too high, which is a relief.

  • I’ve never flown with blue. Good promo, might look into it.

  • Wonder why Miami is pricing at a few 1000 more than the advertised 16,125?


    Iberia is having a good opportunity as well. Half miles for flights to Madrid.

  • Indeed, USA destinations once again!

  • Son un monton de ofertas, habria que revisarlas y decidirnos por la mas conveniente

  • Paris, this time I will go, thanks you Flying Blue

  • Flew Flying Blue once, probably will never again.

  • It is nice to see some good travel oppurtunity from this program. Now if only this pandemic ends soon.

  • I was about to buy an airline from this airline, it was very helpful.

  • I love to fly the blue!!! It’s amazing up there.

  • yup alot of great deals to be had
    a little bit of homework and you can plan a nice trip

  • These have always tended to be to places that they wanted to boost travel to. Right now international travel is the key but they have to have places people are allowed to travel also. Smart of them and I am eager to see when the US will get onto that list again.

  • I think this is the first time in over a year I’ve seen flying blue have a 50% off promo for some destinations instead of 25%.

  • Some great and little known sweet spots within the FlyingBlue award chart

  • I need to keep an eye out for this. I need to start planning on how to use my MR points.

  • Might be worth checking out travelling to Europe over the winter break

  • Great offer from an often underrated program….great opportunity to fly overseas this Fall to Europe and beyond for up to half off….Paris especially is lovely in October.

  • Ar least, there are options to redeem flights to North America. It’s a progress.

  • That’s a good notice! After COVID we are plenty of enthusiasm , I want to travel again. probably I’ll take advantage of this promotion

  • The possibility to have a free change is very good indeed.
    Hope to see even more destinations in the future.

  • Got excited when I saw that North America was back. Excitement lessened when I saw that the US was excluded. 🙂

  • I really want to go to Paris, I will take this opportunity with Flying Blue

  • Once again, they have ZERO offers for any kind of business class travel which makes this very limited in use given that the cash prices or these tickets are also fairly low.

  • Good information. This could be good if you were flying with those airlines.

  • Huge fan of the flying blue promos, thanks for the September update!

  • Pretty useless for US based customers or am I missing something?

  • Hope airlines post great promos again

  • This month there are also long haul destinations in offer with Flying Blue.
    The number of these destination is still quite limited but it’s better than having only short flights.
    I think I’ll not book any of these destinations in offer but I hope that also next months we will continue to see long haul flights and even better a greater number of them.

  • I wish the Montreal promo awards this month weren’t limited to off-season. Also, no 50% off awards anymore for any destination.

  • Decent offer from an underrated program with several partners and, as mentioned, partners with all of the flexible points programs (AMEX, Chase, Citi, etc) so topping up your account to a needed award level should be fairly straightforward….great opportunity if you have a redemption in mind for the near future.

  • I’m already enamored with Flying Blue since I cinched my first transatlantic business class redemption with this program recently, for a flight to North Africa next summer. I am looking forward to the Promo Rewards coming stateside again, as that’ll provide even more value.

  • I think that the change and cancellation policy will be extended well into 2022.

  • Its good that international routes are back for Promo Awards but there does not seem to be a single offer for business class. All the offers are for economy only which kind of reduces the value since there are already lots of cheap economy fares available.

  • Well, finally we see some long haul destinations.
    I hope this will continue next months too.
    And even better if there will be more destinations available.

  • There haven’t been any amazing flying blue promo awards since pre-pandemic.

  • This time I´m finally going to Paris

  • Very few offers and all quite short flights.
    Not at all interesting offers.

  • Flying Blue Promos used to be much better than that.

    • The_Bouncer says:

      Yes they have been heavily cut. Hopefully there will be some long haul deals when the restrictions are lifted.

  • I just read on David Lebovitz’s blog that France is reopening to the world by stages of vaccinations. The Flying Blue promo is a great way to look into a Fall visit to Paris.

    Could AwardWallet write about the changes to AirBNB in Paris that are coming about because of the recent law?

    • I saw that law change and it should be really interesting to see how it affects rental properties that were previously full-time. Part of me wonders if three different hosts may each rent the same property for 120 days each…

      We are trying to build out our writing team here at AwardWallet, but we are limited to just focusing on loyalty programs and credit cards. I’d love to be able to build out our team to be able to cover travel topics like that too!

  • Bhikhu Shah says:

    I’m beginning to warm to Flying Blue, since Capital One connected with them.

  • Missing some options in Latin America. Probably due to strict COVID related restrictions. Nonetheless, I have found some very interesting one-way tickets for 29,000 points from Brazil (Sao Paulo) to north America (Montreal, Toronto, NYC), via Amsterdam or Paris. Great option for those in South America who are having a hard time finding options to fly back north.

  • A little better offer than in the recent past even though very few long haul flights on offer.

  • Not the best promo i have seen, was hoping for good offers to Latin America.

  • Juan Ignacio says:

    Great discount, flgihts tickets to European overseas’ territories have always been very expensive.
    A few years ago AF had Pointe-à-Pitre-Atlanta flight, it has a reasonable price.

  • When these are released, I always hold my breath in hopes of LA being a destination. I always end up breathless. ?

  • angelo fonseca says:

    These Caribbean destinations are incredible. How nice that they have a discount on Flying Blue.

  • EU citizens cannot freely travel within the EU themselves.

  • Valentina Maria Fama says:

    It’s great yo hace this type of promo within this unespective moments que área living, thank you I’ll never aware yo use this offer

  • I did not find any route outside of Europe. I looking wrong? 4,500 miles for a flight Ámsterdam – Paris does not seem like a good option, considering that this journey can be done by high-speed train in the same time for less price.

  • Bhikhu Shah says:

    The Capital One transfer rate is great, you can get 50% more miles this way compared to Amex.

  • It’s a pity that sll the promo rewards are for short flights which due to the covid pandemic situation are not expensive at the moment.
    Hope to see some long flights in next round of promo rewards.

  • Miguel Angel Baltanas says:

    Not THE generous offer, but still worth considering to shuttle inside the EU space to an airport from which to take the long haul flight.
    I am keen on this Flying Blue alternative

  • Any availability for June for the Paris – Tunis route?

  • Guillermo Hess says:

    Good promotion, to transfer accumulated miles with Air France and KLM.

  • Good offer
    there used to be higher discounts

  • Love that they are still doing this but even before covid it seems like the N.Amer > Europe options in business where getting slimmer. Still can’t beat Flying Blue miles for lots of J availability transatlantic though, even without the discount.

  • I don’t see any flights at all on the Promo Flights page. Do they simply disappear when they are not available?

  • Joao Souza says:

    Good offer from Flying Blue

  • Gilberto Souza de Morais says:

    I am somewhat disappoimted with the promo for this month. Look forward to more long haul flights offers pretty soon.

  • Great for EU-based flyers! Seems the fuel surcharge may make the promo less appealing though…

  • KLM in particular have good regional coverage in the UK, although you mostly have to start in Paris or Amsterdam for the best promo award deals. Have got good benefit from these in the past.

  • Looking forward to take advantage of this when some of the flights from UK regions start resuming

  • Cash is king right now. Miles redemptions for situations will come back of course, but not at the moment for situations like this.

  • Tim Kimber says:

    I’ve not looked at the Flying Blue membership before although they fly the routes I travel most often. The redemption options seem better than Avios.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    Indeed, the company offered more generous discounts in the past. It is difficult to understand, as the airline market is very slow.

  • Stick the knife in a twist away. Kinda hurts not seeing anything long haul but it is understandable during current times.

  • Since I am based stateside, this does not help me at all. Although in the past, they have had several good promos.

  • The new “flexible” policies are only useful to first and foremost French members based in the mainland France, and perhaps Dutch members living in the Netherlands proper.

  • Flying Blue used to routinely have 50% off, but now it’s generally 25%.


    I see no point in reedeming miles in this current situation. The best choice is buying a ticket and renewing the expiry dates of accrued miles with it. Surcharges make redeeming miles not that interesting.

  • Due to the pandemic situation the prices are very low at the moment and considering the fuel surcharge sometimes (especially in economy) the redemption of miles doesn’t have much advantage even with these promo rewards.

  • I see some nice economy class promo to the Caribbean from Europe , hope they will add the businessclass promo on those routes too

  • Gilberto Souza de Morais says:

    IMHO, Flying Blue is by far the EU most convenient and valuable frequent flyer program.

  • Oh nice! These are nice rewards early in 2021!! Let’s hope other folllow suit!.

  • I think it’s interesting that the Promo Awards are distinguishing travel on KLM versus Air France. I don’t recall seeing that before, and just recall seeing Promo Awards by destination only and not carrier.

  • I like that AF is being positive but wide distribution of the vaccine isn’t expected til June. It does give the option to people who had have the vaccine at least for summer travel. Right now we don’t know what will be required for Europe, etc for summer travel. I don’t think I would book something yet to make sure I wouldn’t be scrambling at the last minute to cancel or change, if they put the old rules back or not.

  • They run quarterly promos and some of them are pretty amazing. They also are a part of a lot of credit card point programs so it is easy to get flying blue points.

  • Good offer from Flying Blue, I’ve warmed to their programme of late

  • Deals like these make me consider where I’d fly if it were not for covid-19. In reality, though, I won’t be doing any non-essential travel anytime soon.

  • I think technically Saint Martin is in North America but regardless not much for folks in North America to be thrilled about on this one. I also doubt there is that much leisure demand for Paris-Beruit currently. I do like the discount on the Paris-Reunion Island route that’s quite exotic. This island was featured on the latest episode of Grand Tour plus I believe it’s considered as part of France/EU. I was looking for a Paris-Tel Aviv route for my needs but at least they are offering something.

  • There is no way that I will transfer points to the FB program anytime soon. The program is not exceptionally rewarding to non EU members during the the best of times.

  • I feel that these award promos have become more underwhelming.

  • For those of us living in the United States this is a nonevent.

  • I wasn’t aware these awards could be booked so far out in the schedule. Is this a pandemic-related change? If not, I may have missed out on some good opportunities in the past – d’oh!

    • It’s definitely a COVID-related change! There was typically just a two-month travel period (e.g. book in November 2019 for travel in Jan-Feb 2020).

  • If I have Flying Blue points that expire in a year, I book a ticket and cancel my flight. Will that extend the expiration of my points. The points are from a flight I was supposed to take at the end of last March.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    caribbean destinations are great in january, and most of them are open for tourists

  • Gilberto Souza de Morais says:

    I wish Flying Blue could currently offer a saver award for the route Amsterdam – Vancouver. Anyway, I love this program and am glad to fly both KLM and Air France on a regular basis .

  • Limited long haul destinations due to covid I think.
    I think I’ll not book any reward flight as it’s necessary to book by the end of the year.
    Actually, I don’t see clearly what will happen in the next months.

  • 45 deals is pretty good, all things considered. Obviously none are from the US nor do I foresee any in the immediate future.

  • For individuals living in the United States there is nothing to get excited about.

    • If you are planning a trip to Europe, this could help with expanding the number and variety of stops. It won’t work for the December trip I’m working on. But it helps me think about it a little differently.

  • A good deal for travelling when COVID risk decreases.

    • My thoughts, exactly! And the travel partners and I love Flying Blue’s relationships with multiple partner airlines and credit card points currencies

  • Its good that they have restarted these promo awards. Now just hoping the good promos start coming back.

  • This is good promo, but not best. I have to stay at home or else i am afraid i will be get COVID. Make me be health.

  • Using flying blue points after transferring from Chase is one of my best uses for them, love the promos!

  • Juan Ignacio says:

    Flying blue is a good option to collect miles on skyteam airlines. Hope they make a good deal yo buy miles with a nice bonus

  • Hopefully North American flights will return in these promos some time next year when the COVID19 situation improves..

  • No longhaul routes with greater than 20% discount this month. Meh.

  • This shows that the pandemic is still affecting all travel including promos for travel awards.

  • Tahiti would be a nice escape from 2020’s madness. I wonder if they allow US citizens in yet?