Do Air France/KLM FlyingBlue Miles Expire?

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Yes, miles in the Air France/KLM Flying Blue program expiring if you have no qualifying flight or credit card activity on your account for a period of 24 months. You can keep it alive indefinitely by having a qualifying activity on your account within that two-year period.

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Per the Flying Blue website, there are two defined activities that will allow you to extend the life of your Flying Blue Miles:

SkyTeam Members

Note: Delta Air Lines is a partner with Air France through the SkyTeam global alliance. You could replace your SkyMiles number on a Delta ticket with your Air France/KLM Flying Blue account number to potentially earn miles and extend the life of the miles in your account.

Credit Cards

For US and UK residents, Flying Blue has no co-branded credit cards in those markets. The only Flying Blue co-branded credit cards are with American Express and are available for residents of France, and The Netherlands. Residents of Switzerland have the option for a Flying Blue co-branded credit card with MasterCard.

For US and UK residents there are still some options for transferring credit card points to Flying Blue; while the ratios are not the best and the transfer will not help extend your miles, it is a very handy option if you’re a few miles short, or want to take advantage of some of the great monthly offers from Flying Blue:

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  • Adam Parsons says:

    Great update, I can transfer some points over to flying blue to take advantage of the routes on offer at present, thanks.

  • In the article there is no mention that the expiration policy has recently changed: before you needed a qualifying activity every 20 months now it is every 24 months.
    This is a big improvement because in practice only flying with SkyTeam airline is considered a qualifying activity.
    Actually, I am very surprised that the co-branded credit card exists only in France, Netherlands and Switzerland.

    • The increase from 20 to 24 months really isn’t significant news. Sure, it is nice, but the requirement to earn miles with a flight is there. If you weren’t going to fly is 4 months really going to make a difference? Maybe, but it isn’t all that significant — at least we don’t think so.

  • Hmm. I did not even think about replacing my frequent flyer number on a Delta flight in order to extend the AF/KLM miles if needed. Good tip!

  • This is one of the harder accounts to keep active if you don’t use it regularly, since there is no shopping portal, etc. But then again, if you aren’t using it regularly you probably don’t have the card or care I suppose.

  • I have a Flying Blue account which I do not use anymore. I only fly KLM once every two or three years and for me it is easier to credit to those miles to my SkyMiles account.


    Flying Blue is also a GOL Airlines partner (smiles), is it correct?

  • Jacqueline parsons says:

    I’m sure flying blue is one redemption partner on e-miles if you need to keep your account alive.

  • The_Bouncer says:

    This is the one thing I really don’t like about the Flying Blue program and the reason I don’t credit flights to it.

    The only time I ever use it is for promo awards, and I transfer in from Amex.

  • You can also earn Flying Blue miles by doing E-rewards surveys but since you say that E-miles doesn’t extend the expiration date, I wouldn’t risk it by trying E-rewards either. (Do you know if it does or does not?)

    Although I have heard of their great discounted awards, this is a difficult enough program to keep active that I probably won’ t participate. Though the tip about using the Flying Blue number on a Delta flight might just sway me. Especially since Skymiles is such a poor value program.

  • Wow, we are on an expiration kick lately ;o) I appreciate all the info though, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Love anything that reminds me to keep everything up to date. That’s why I am with AwardWallet :o) No where better to get info and reminders!

    Not too worried since I don’t have AF/KL miles. A couple less to worry about ;o)

  • lorem ipsum says:

    Is Flying Blue the program that rejected legitimate transfers from TYP, MR, etc due to fraud concerns? If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I’d recommend opening an account well in advance of transferring points.

  • Seems like a program best suited for redemptions using “just in time” transfers from transferable points programs. Otherwise probably best to credit AF/KLM flights to Alaska…

    • I have been a flying blue member since 2017. I have been flying every 2 months with Kenya Airways and every 4 months with KLM (long distance flight). I have noticed the following:

      Some miles are simply not calculated, often I needed to calim them by providing a bording pass after.

      My silver status is about expire in 30.06.2019 if I do not gain 100xp.

      I am wondering how is this possible and what am I doing wrong? Can someone advise me I am new in this and not very consumeristic oriented so for me all this is rocked science. But I am shocked that I fly so often and my miles will expire.

      • Hi Sara,

        I think only your status will be downgraded from Silver to Explorer. Your miles should be fine. I also fly Kenya Airways a lot, and it seems totally random the way the miles are automatically added to your Flying Blue account: sometimes they reflect same day or next day after a flight, and other times I have to manually claim them on the Flying Blue website.

        Hope that helps.

  • This is my pet peeve! I do understand that it’s a frequent FLYER program and in order to extend your points validity you actually need to FLY but I find that the lack of other options for that purpose is somewhat user-unfriendly. Great program overall but I wish Flying Blue would add other options too!

  • Air France is really not great for miles unless you are an elite member. You can’t use miles for first class if you are not.

  • Don’t forget about Chase UR.

  • Sad that this program has so limited options to extend life of the miles.

  • You can now use your miles in AF’s shopping portal, or so they say!

  • Does anybody know if I transfer the miles to another account (e.g. my wife) as a gift, will they – based on her activity – extend or expire?

  • Appreciate these types of all-in-one-place document. I am planning on transferring some Citi TYP points over and this artile puts my mind at ease that I will have 24 months to use it. thanls.

  • I figure the answer is no – but just checking – if I book a Delta flight (using Delta miles/award ticket) would that extend my Flying Blue expiration date? Or does it have to be a Delta flight that was paid for with cash. I see some general posts online that say award tickets don’t generate miles for frequent flyer accounts but can’t find a specific mention of Flying Blue (and also don’t care about earning miles, just pushing the expiration a bit farther). Any advice? Thanks

    • Hey there, an award ticket doesn’t earn any redeemable miles, so that won’t reset an expiration date. If you put your flying blue number on a paid reservation with Delta, you’ll earn FB miles and reset the expiration date. Note that transfers from Amex, Chase, Citi, and Capital One do not reset the FB expiration date.

  • Do all your miles expire on the expiration date, i.e. 24 months after last quakifying flight activity ?
    What if I transfer miles from chase or amex, when I only have 1 month left to the expiration date. Will the transferred miles also expire on the expiration date (i.e. one moth after they were transferred) ???

    • No, provided there is qualifying activity on your account, none of your miles expire. If you have no qualifying activity on your account for 24 months, all of your miles expire.

  • Robert Fulton says:

    Question – does flying on Air Antwerp, booked on KLM website, qualify for extension of points validity period?

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