Do Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles Expire? Do Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles Expire?

Do Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles Expire?

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No, HawaiianMiles do not expire as long as your account remains open. Hawaiian changed its policy a couple of years ago, and the terms and conditions indicate a friendlier policy now:

“Effective April 12, 2021 miles accrued by members do not expire. Should a member close their HawaiianMiles account, the miles in the account will be terminated.”

How To Earn HawaiianMiles

With no expiration threat, you can focus your efforts on accruing and building up a substantial balance of HawaiianMiles without worrying that your miles might expire anytime soon. You can build up your HawaiianMiles mileage balance in all of the following ways:

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Boosting Your HawaiianMiles Balance

Even though HawaiianMiles do not expire, and you have plenty of options to earn them, you might find yourself a few miles short of your next redemption. Fortunately, you can use transfer partners to top up your balance:

That means credit cards that earn Amex points or those that earn Marriott points can help you earn HawaiianMiles.

Our Take

The fact that HawaiianMiles do not expire and you have many earning options means you can focus on what's important. You have time to earn miles and build up your Hawaiian Airlines miles balance to reach your next travel goal.

With a well-developed network of partners, you can credit a flight from London to New York (nearly as far from Hawaii as possible) on Virgin Atlantic to Hawaiian Airlines and grow your balance of HawaiianMiles. Alternatively, you can earn miles while at home through Hawaiian's variety of partners.

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  • I signed up for miles and a credit card and I was told that it was good till 2022 I need clarification on that is there a cost for the flight it was told that I would have a free flight if I got 60 thousand miles and signed up for the card can you help me

    • Nancy – it depends on what flight(s) you are trying to book. After earning the 60,000 miles (you probably need to spend $2,000 in the first 90 days that you have the card, in order to earn this bonus) you have options. Not all flights can be booked for under 60,000 Hawaiian miles. You can take flights within the islands and also fly to the West Coast of the mainland. East Coast flights cost more points and are harder to come by. Flights to Asia and Oceania cost even more. Once you find a flight you want to book with your miles, you will still need to pay some mandatory fees & taxes when making the booking. If you need some more help on this, you can always ask in our Facebook group for Award Travel 101 –

  • Benjamin ALCARAZ says:

    How much mileage do I have in my account. Also my wife’s mileage accumilated up to date. Thank you.

  • Nice to know that points do not expire. I was debating in my head whether or not to get a Hawaiian Airlines credit card, but knowing that I can keep my points indefinitely makes getting one pretty much risk-free. I have always wanted to visit Hawaii. Hope this pandemic dies down soon.

  • Even though the non expiration of the miles is a very good perk.
    It’s not an ideal programme for me because it does not belong to any global alliance and usually I don’t use also any of its partner as I’m based in Europe.

  • Travelfreek says:

    This is good news since Hawaii has been a hot mess travel wise and I’m sitting on some miles (130k) to bide my time in booking. I live in CA so the miles needed aren’t to high and I do love Hawaii! I have 2 trips planned (Maui for one) and another for Kauai.

  • Took a few flights to Hawaii on points over the years, was always worried about miles expiring. Nice to know that HA is following suit. Nice not having to worry about losing miles. Thumbs Up.

  • As someone who is super forgetful, not having expiration dates is a joy to me! the amount of points i’ve let expire throughout my lifetime is embarrassing!

  • Gilberto Souza de Morais says:

    Is Hawaiian airlines a good option to fly through the US? How much do they offer flights to the 48 continental states?

  • Hawaiian airlines is often overlooked as a potential opportunity to leverage their partner networks; knowing that their points don’t expire is very helpful.

  • This policy change is excellent news, especially given Hawaiian Airlines’ network of partners and the numerous ways one can earn miles.

  • Sounds like an excellent decision to me. Bravo Hawaiian Airlines. Sadly, Hawaii is not a destination to which one travels very often, less in this context of a pandemic. That miles do not expire should be the policy of all airlines.

  • And in the past it was possible earn one point each three search on their bar. But this stopped some years ago.

  • I don’t know anything about this program. Thanks.

  • To answer your question, YES!

  • I think I will do this one as I have not been to Hawaii and want to travel there. Thank you.

  • So nice to have this reminder about how to keep HA miles from expiring. I like to use HA miles for interisland flights and try to keep a healthy balance always for that purpose.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • I use a survey site called Opinions Take Flight to earn miles which keeps my Hawaiianmiles active.

  • Wow, great tip, I didn’t realize the MileFinder was still working; thanks!

  • thanks for the info

  • Bertrand Say says:

    Aside from flights, what can you redeem your Hawaiian airline miles for?

    • Car rental, a few hotels, magazines, etc. We don’t recommend redeeming for anything other than flights as the value isn’t great. If you have a few orphaned miles with Hawaiian, the best bet is to transfer them via to a program you will use. The transfer ratios aren’t great, but it’s better than your miles expiring.

  • I’ve just joined the Hawaiian Airlines program due to a large purchase with one of their shopping portal partners. (It didn’t earn points with any other airline). Does transferring points from any one of the flexible points currencies also keep your account active?

  • Thanks for the heads up! Booking a flight to hawaii as we speak!