Hilton Honors 2K Every Day Promotion

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After just recently rebranding from Hilton Honors to Hilton Honors, Hilton has released their latest promotion, 2K Every Day, which runs through April 30, 2017.

Hilton 2k Every day Promotion Trimmed

2K Every Day Promotion

The promotion is relatively straightforward with very few restrictions.

  • You must register for the promotion
  • The promotion is valid at all Hilton properties
  • It is valid for stays between February 1 and April 30, 2017
  • You will earn a 2,000 points bonus for every night’s stay during the promotion
  • The points are a bonus on top of your regular points earned for your stay
  • Points should post to your Hilton account within 6-8 weeks
  • You can review the full terms and conditions (PDF link)


A Great Promotion

Depending on your choice of hotel, there is some great earning potential here, particularly when using a co-branded card. Even if you don’t use a Hilton co-branded credit card, the 2,000 points per night is a nice bonus. Just remember that you need to register before you make your bookings!

Source: One Mile at a Time/Ben

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  • This is very nice promotion.
    Getting 2000 points per day equals number of points received for $200 spent per night at HH properties.
    And the promo applies even to the reservations made prior the promotion was announced.

  • great promo. I was just getting ready to book a trip. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the information. More points will be coming my way.

  • A very good promotion to get people to use their hotels and experience it while getting rewards.

  • what qualifies under their eligibility of a stay? points and Money? probably not. stay using points? no.

  • Did not catch the 5K visa program, probably will catch this one.

  • Nice bonus from Hilton. Since there best properties have insanely high redemption amounts.

  • You might want to add that it will be good on award stays as well, but that it’s good practice to charge something to your room so that you earn a couple of base points.

    • It is an interesting scenario

      **Will members earn Bonus Points with the “2K Every Day” promotion for Reward Stays for this

      Members will earn Bonus Points with the “2K Every Day” promotion if they have incidental charges
      during a Reward Stay, provided such charges are deemed eligible folio charges. This does not apply to
      incidental charges for stays at Hampton, Home2 Suites or Homewood Suites by Hilton.

      So for properties not in that family it could be quite a good deal on points too. Nice chance for a rebate.

      • I’ve earned huge bonuses on Hilton award stays from doing exactly that, charging dining, or car service to my room. Always things I would have done anyway, making those bonuses a nice extra perk.

  • ADAM PARSONS says:

    As always great to have thousands of bonus points on rooms you potentially would of been staying in anyway, racking up those HH points.

  • This is a very nice promo! Instantly registred my account!

  • It’s not an inspired promotion.. but 2k a day is an honest and lucrative payout that will quickly add up.

  • Wow I thought it would we 2K points per STAY, but it’s actually per NIGHT, which makes this promotion a very good one.
    I will definitely consider staying at Hiltons more often now.

  • 2K per day at $80 Hampton Inn or $480 Conrad? Seems like this is ripe for taking advantage at cheap hamptons

  • okay promo. nothing to get overly excited about

  • Already registered . will work better on low value reservations but bonus points always WELCOME

  • Sad the 5000 points promo is over but this is better than nothing.

  • Booking on the app gets triple points and this promo stacked could really add up some points quickly!!

  • This is a good deal when you consider you will be able to share your points starting April 2017.

  • I will use this promotion on low cost Hampton Inns.

  • Sameer Agarwal says:

    nice.. 2k points per night is a good promotion, specially if one had a stay lined up.. i was looking for anniversary options and now I wouldn’t mind choosing a hilton property.. and while some of their reward options require insane amount of points, their points+cash options makes a lot of sense.. i required 70k points for a 2 night stay at one of their resorts recently.. I had only 35k.. so the other option was to pay for one night ($250).. but the points+cash option only requied 32k points + $36 for 2 nights..

  • HHonors points are among the least valuable in the entire miles/points universe. At a value of maybe $0.004 per point, this 2k point promo gives you only about $8 a night in points. OK, for many folks this is gravy for stays that they would have made at Hilton anyways. But as a reason to select a Hilton property over some other property — nah, not worth that much.

  • Haven’t had the chance to use this yet but nice.

  • Not bad. I believe it’s a very nice promo. I will be registering my account. If my hubby was staying somewhere and gave my account would those go into my account or does my name have to be on the reservation?

  • This is a very good promotion for lower end properties and is very straightforward. Hilton do seem to have been running a lot of promotions over the last year or two so have got used to them. It will be tough if go back to just earning standard points.

  • This is great! I don’t know about you guys, but I always click to opt-in to these promos, even if I don’t have any plans yet for stays. You never now what will come up, and at that time, you might have forgotten. So best to do it right away.

  • Awesome. Just registered through the direct link you included. Thanks!

  • In my opinion is a decent offer.
    Anyway it’s not the kind of promo which push you to make a reservation with Hilton just to earn the 2k bonus.

  • Really a nice and straightforward promo. I registered for it and don’t forget about 500 bonus points if you book via app!

  • You can also pick up 500 points per stay if using the app

  • amzsinger@gmail.com says:

    I love this promotion! It’s going to put me over the edge so I can use my points for my winter vacation! Thanks to Hilton!!

  • Even better with the just announced promo for booking on the mobile app !

  • As I did stay in DT at Luxembourg – had registered…but did not get the Points…i know, i did not register BEFORE booking…BUT i did register and stay at the hotel and had dinner at the hotel….

    so shouldn’t i get my points?

  • Had a couple of stays already booked so this will fit in nicely!

  • nice to have this bonus. Makes me want to keep on staying with Hilton.

  • These two promotions do not have any overlapping time period, so while you’re eligible to sign up for both, there would be no double-dipping due to the lack of any overlap.

  • Okay..this could be a game changer for where I stay in San Diego next month. Thanks for the hot tip!

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