Last Chance to Buy SPG Points up to 35% Off?

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We don't know it for sure, but given the August 1, 2018 elimination of the SPG program, now is probably your last chance to buy Starpoints with a discount of 35%, before the program merges with Marriott and Starpoints are converted into Marriott Rewards (or whatever the new program will be named).

Purchase SPG Points Through May 31 2018

Key Terms

  • The promo is valid through May 31, 2018
  • Purchase a minimum of 5,000 Starpoints to receive a 35% bonus
  • Starpoints cost $0.035 (3.5 cents) per point before discount
  • You can purchase or receive as a gift up to 30,000 Starpoints per year

Purchase SPG Points Through May 31 2018 - Checkout

Using Your Starpoints

Speculatively buying hotel points is normally not recommended, although this time around you may want to consider a couple of factors. First, Starpoints can be incredibly valuable due to their flexibility. Next, this is probably your last chance to purchase Starpoints at a discount before they are merged with Marriott Rewards.

Are you short a few miles for a redemption? You can transfer your Starpoints to over 30 airline partners. In addition, you receive a 5,000-point bonus for each transfer of 20,000 Starpoints. Now would be a great opportunity to top up your miles balance for a specific redemption you have in mind.

Next come Marriott Hotel + Air packages, which can represent incredible value. Knowing your Starpoints will be converted to Marriott Rewards points at a ratio of 1:3, topping up your SPG balance with 30,000 points will turn into 90,000 Marriott Rewards points in August 2018, which is a big step towards a Marriott Hotel + Air redemption.

Our Take

With Marriott increasing the number of airline transfer partners to over 40, keeping the transfer ratio of 3 points to one mile, and maintaining the transfer bonus, this promo is a great time to stock up, and plan for the new Marriott Rewards program launching in August 2018.

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  • I’m wondering what will be their best offer once the two programmes will be integrated.
    I hope it will be between the present SPG and Marriott offers.

  • This is a good opportunity to obtain Starpoints before the programs merge in August.

  • They will keep selling points even after the merger, it is just too lucrative for them to kill the hen that lays golden eggs

  • It is surprising that this offer is around at all given the soon to be merged program. Anyone who thinks they even might have a use for starpoints should certainly buy them while they still can.

  • Beppoello81 says:

    Bought my share.

  • Will 35% off for Marriot be equivalent to this?

  • One of the few times when buying points may make sense.

  • Ill buy my maximum – is there any way to get more than these?

  • Very tempting, especially when it seems I’m always short on hotel points vs. airline miles.

  • Hard to decide what to do until see the complete fall out of all the program changes. Of course, then it will be too late. Just not sure which I’ll become most loyal to once all is said and done.

  • I believe a similar offer will still be around. After the discount, the points cost about 2.4 cents and although they may help us reach certain point levels we are trying to reach, SPG/Marriot’s underlying cost per point is below such level. In my opinion, they will likely come up with a similar Marriot offer in the summer after the program fully integrates.

  • I agree, think this may very well be the last time such an offer including SPG points will be offered, take up the last opp.

  • Jacqueline says:

    This IMO is a great deal anyway, not as good as my previous 50% promo but still great.

  • Hard to imagine this offer will still be around after this, I agree.

  • Good point! I don’t think Marriott ever has cost-effective ways to buy points. I didn’t think about that.

  • If there ever were a time to speculatively buy points, this would be the case. I’m going to have to pass, but there will certainly people who get enormous value out of this offer, especially as the program is just about to change. I’m going to have to re-think my whole day-to-day card use strategy due to the new program and point earning value on these cards.