Qatar Slashes Award Rates on Partners, Mostly Aligns Award Chart With Other Avios Programs Qatar Slashes Award Rates on Partners, Mostly Aligns Award Chart With Other Avios Programs

Qatar Slashes Award Rates on Partners, Mostly Aligns Award Chart With Other Avios Programs

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For the past few years, it's been easy to write off Qatar Airways' partner award chart. Seemingly no matter the route you searched, Qatar's award pricing was so expensive that there was almost always a better booking option. Savvy travelers knew to transfer Avios from Qatar to British Airways to book the same partner award for fewer Avios.

Now, Qatar Airways has revamped its partner award chart. The good news: Award rates have dropped by up to 60%. The bad news: This new award chart mostly matches one award travelers are already familiar with. Here are the full details.

“Book Award Flights Using up to 60% Less Avios”

That's the headline of the email Qatar Airways sent to Privilege Club members on June 18, 2023. Details? There were none. No links to a website explaining the changes. Just a link to “book now” that took you to a Privilege Club login page.

screenshot of email from Qatar Airways about booking with up to 60% fewer Avios

Still, we were hopeful that there was some substance to this announcement. After all, Qatar Airways Privilege Club has made several positive changes over the past few years, such as slashing award rates to joining the Avios family. It took a bit of digging, but we finally found the new Qatar Privilege Club award chart for partner award flights.

Qatar Airways New Partner Award Chart

Here's the new Qatar Airways Privilege Club award chart for partner award flights:

Flight distanceEconomyPremium EconomyBusiness ClassFirst Class
1-650 miles6,000 Avios9,000 Avios12,500 Avios24,000 Avios
651-1,151 miles9,000 Avios12,500 Avios16,500 Avios33,000 Avios
1,152-2,000 miles11,000 Avios16,500 Avios22,000 Avios44,000 Avios
2,001-3,000 miles13,000 Avios25,250 Avios38,750 Avios51,500 Avios
3,001-4,000 miles20,750 Avios41,250 Avios62,000 Avios82,500 Avios
4,001-5,500 miles25,750 Avios51,500 Avios77,250 Avios103,000 Avios
5,501-6,500 miles31,000 Avios62,000 Avios92,750 Avios123,750 Avios
6,501-7,000 miles36,250 Avios72,250 Avios108,250 Avios144,250 Avios
7,001+ miles51,000 Avios103,000 Avios154,500 Avios206,000 Avios

If this award chart looks similar, that's because it essentially matches the British Airways Executive Club award chart for partner award flights — with one notable difference.

Unlike British Airways, the Qatar partner award chart doesn't treat short-haul flights in North America any differently. Instead of artificially bumping these awards to 7,500 Avios each way, you can book award flights under 650 miles for just 6,000 Avios each way:

Screenshot showing Qatar Privilege Club award search result from Atlanta to Charlotte pricing at 6,000 Avios one-way

Besides that, Qatar's new partner award chart seems practically identical to what's offered by British Airways and Iberia.

New Qatar Airways Partner Sweet Spots

Let's help show the power of this new award chart with a few excellent uses.

Short-haul award flights on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines for 6,000 Avios

Perhaps the best sweet spot is booking American Airlines or Alaska Airlines awards under 650 miles in distance for just 6,000 Avios. As mentioned above, this award rate isn't possible when booking using British Airways Avios.

While 650 miles may not sound very far, you can book some routes that would be a pain to drive. For example, Dallas–Fort Worth to Denver is almost a 13-hour drive, but you can book an award flight on this route for just 6,000 Avios:

Screenshot showing Qatar Privilege Club award search result from Dallas/Fort Worth to Denver pricing at 6,000 Avios one-way

Then there are routes that can't be driven! For example, you can fly from Miami to the Bahamas for just 6,000 Qatar Avios:

Screenshot showing Qatar Privilege Club award search result from Miami to Nassau pricing at 6,000 Avios one-way

Caribbean/Mexico award flights on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines from 9,000 Avios

Another great use of the distance-based Avios award chart is flying nonstop flights under 1,151 miles to destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico from the U.S. mainland. There are dozens of options from several American Airlines hubs — plus additional point-to-point routes like Austin or Raleigh–Durham to Cancun. Some of these flights can cost hundreds of dollars to book with cash but are available for just 9,000 Avios:

Screenshot showing Qatar Privilege Club award search result from Charlotte to Turks and Caicos pricing at 9,000 Avios one-way

Award flights to Hawaii on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines from 13,000 Avios

You can even fly to Hawaii using just 13,000 Avios! To get this price, you'll need to fly on a nonstop route under 3,000 miles in distance. Dozens of American Airlines and Alaska Airlines routes from the U.S. West Coast are bookable using this sweet spot, such as Phoenix to Honolulu:

Screenshot showing Qatar Privilege Club award search result from Phoenix to Honolulu pricing at 13,000 Avios one-way

Limitations of the Qatar Privilege Club Program

The biggest limitation to utilizing this new Qatar partner award chart is that most partner awards aren't bookable online. The only partner awards bookable on Qatar's website are British Airways and American Airlines:

Screenshot showing which airline award flights that can be booked on Qatar's website

You can check pricing for partner airline flights on this page. After entering the partner airline, cabin class, origin and destination airports, date(s), and number of passengers, Qatar will pull the flight schedule for that route. Once you select a flight, Qatar will show you the award price.

Screenshot showing flight schedule for Alaska Airlines partner flights on Qatar's website.

However, you'll need to confirm award availability through another source — such as British Airways' website — and then call Qatar Privilege Club to book.

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Accumulating Qatar Avios

You have plenty of ways to accumulate Avios even outside of flying Qatar Airways and its partners. Qatar Privilege Club partners with dozens of bank transferrable point programs around the world. Even better, Qatar routinely offers a transfer bonus for converting bank points to Qatar Avios.

For U.S. travelers, Qatar Privilege Club is a direct transfer partner of two major transferrable point programs:

Or you can leverage the ability to transfer Avios between British Airways, Iberia, Qatar, and Aer Lingus to effectively mint Qatar Avios from any major U.S. transferrable point program:

Bottom Line

After years of irrelevancy, Qatar Privilege Club overhauled its partner award chart to mostly match what other Avios programs use. And this totally makes sense. After all, travelers can transfer Avios between programs at a 1:1 transfer ratio with no fees (and transferring instantly). That means travelers could simply transfer Avios to British Airways to book award flights instead of booking through Qatar.

Now, pricing is generally the same whether you book a partner award through British Airways or Qatar. One notable exception, though: You'll want to book short-haul American Airlines and Alaska Airlines awards through Qatar Privilege to take advantage of a better 6,000-Avios award rate.

For those interested in booking Qatar awards, keep in mind that these changes come shortly on the heels of changes to the British Airways award chart for Qatar awards.

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