How to Track United MileagePlus with AwardWallet How to Track United MileagePlus with AwardWallet

How to Track United MileagePlus with AwardWallet

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Unfortunately, United does not allow AwardWallet to access information on your behalf from As a result, we cannot offer the option of obtaining your MileagePlus balance from

Instead, you can forward your United MileagePlus statements to your personal email address that you have with AwardWallet:

[Your AwardWallet Login Name]

You can either configure your email provider to forward MileagePlus statements and reservations to your AwardWallet mailbox, or you can update your United profile with your AwardWallet email address.


We will forward any emails we receive from your United account to the email you provided on your AwardWallet profile. If you want to set this up for multiple users under the same profile, you can use different emails such as:

[Your AwardWallet Login Name].[Your MileagePlus Number]

Make sure you add your MileagePlus account to your AwardWallet profile with the correct account number (this is how we will know what account to update).

Finally, you will need to opt-in to receive your United statements.


AwardWallet supports more than 670 other loyalty programs, and we are trying to establish a business relationship with United. If you wish to voice your opinion, you can do so by tweeting to the official United Twitter account or signing our campaign to allow AwardWallet to support United MileagePlus on

Reach out in the comments if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support of AwardWallet!

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  • This is really unfortunate. I hope that United will allow the use of this service. What reason have they given for not allowing the access? Is it a security issue? And if so, why have other airlines not followed suit?

    • It’s definitely not a security issue. Awardwallet has passed rigorous security reviews with bank rewards programs that are much more demanding than United.

      Unfortunately, United wants everyone to visit their site directly rather than using a tool like Awardwallet. We encourage you to let United know that you use AwardWallet and want them to allow access.

  • Wow, I had no idea United did this until now… Not completely unexpected though, being that this is the same company that sued Skiplagged on the premise that the platform was aiming to ruin United’s profitability…

  • For the last several months when I forward the email with the United info I have received a email for you that you we not able to understand the information. Is this happening to everyone and is there a workaround? Thanks for everything

  • Kunal J Shah says:

    If we forward the emails as indicated above, will Award Wallet be able to track United Miles expiry dates?

  • It’s odd that AwardWallet cannot sign into your MileagePlus account to track miles. Is this a restriction that UAL has placed on AwardWallet only? I ask because I also subscribe to TripIt Plus and the award tracking feature there is allowed to sign into my MileagePlus account and automatically update the miles.

  • Jerrid Fullingim says:

    It’s so frustrating that UA still doesn’t allow AwardWallet to pull in our miles info! Come on United! My biggest pool of points (Unilted) are not able to be tracked reliably here. I see we can do an email import to AW…..I may give that a try soon, but pretty inconvenient.

  • How do you know when awardwallet receives the e-mail? Is there a way to view a history of past e-mails it received?

  • Michael Skelly says:

    Seems odd that United doesn’t allow access with the members permission…. any chance they will change?

  • I’m new to AwardWallet, and wanted to start tracking my United MileagePlus account. Too bad about United’s decision. I understand how to get the information forwarded via email, but when I try and add my MileagePlus account, why does AwardWallet still need my login credentials at United? I see no reason to enter that information if AwardWallet can’t use it to pull my points. Is this a mistake?

    • Hey Steve, it’s great to have you as a new AwardWallet member. Welcome! To answer your question, many people opt to save their United credentials because you can log in to your MileagePlus profile from AwardWallet with a single click. You also have the option to save the password locally on your computer instead of with AwardWallet if you prefer.

      • Without integration with the United Airlines award program, the password should be completely optional. In the increasingly security conscious environment today, all apps and websites should only ask to store passwords when it’s absolutely required.

        • Many people opt to save their United credentials because you can log in to your MileagePlus profile from AwardWallet with a single click. You also have the option to save the password locally on your computer instead of with AwardWallet if you prefer.

          If you don’t want to save your password, you can also create a manual account and track your United balance there.

  • It’s really annoying that, three years on, United still don’t allow AwardWallet integration. I just had a bunch of United miles expire since I wasn’t able to keep track of them through AwardWallet and I don’t fly with them frequently enough to receive email statements.

  • This is crazy. United needs to allow this access to continue to be competitive!

  • […] it has 681 different loyalty programs to track, there are some notable exceptions. For example, United, Delta and Southwest do not allow AwardWallet to pull data from their systems, so those are some […]

  • This is a very helpful article – thanks – have just joined United’s program and added it as best as I can to AwardWallet