US Bank Cash+ Card 2018 Category Choices

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US Bank has announced the bonus earning categories for its Cash+ Card. What makes the Cash+ Card unique in comparison to other similar cards, is that you have a choice. Unlike other cards which have preset bonus earning categories, you can choose 2 categories to earn 5% back, and one category to earn 2% back. This flexibility can make the U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa® Card a valuable card as part of a larger earning strategy.

US Bank Cash Plus Categories

How It Works

  • Select two categories to earn 5% back
  • The 5% earning is capped at the first $2,000 of combined eligible spending; after that, you will earn 1% back.
  • Select one category to earn 2% back (no earning limit)
  • Earn 1% on all other spending

5% Categories

You can choose 2 categories from the list of categories. You will earn 5% back on the first $2,000 of combined spending.

  • Ground Transportation
  • Select Clothing Stores
  • Cell Phones
  • Electronics Stores
  • Car Rentals
  • Gyms/Fitness Centers
  • Home Utilities
  • Fast Food
  • Sporting Goods Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Movie Theaters

2% Categories

Choose one of the following categories to earn an unlimited 2% back:

  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores

Our Take

The key to the value of the U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa is its flexibility. Being able to choose means you can integrate it into a broader plan to maximize your earning across the board. For instance, in Q1 you are better off using your Citi® Dividend Card for Gas and Car Rentals which are a 5% Q1 bonus, and using your Discover it® Card for Wholesale Club purchases which is a 5% back category bonus. You can then choose another two 5% categories that you know will have significant spending in Q1, and direct them to your U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa.

Finally, you can use the versatility of the mobile wallet payments which is 5% bonus category for the Chase Freedom® to make purchases that would have normally earned you less, and wrap up by selecting one of the 2% categories U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa that would boost your earnings depending on your spending patterns.

Figuring out the optimal strategy will take some work, especially if you have multiple 5% earners in your wallet!

US Bank Cash+ Card 2018 Category Choices
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  • Thanks for letting us know.

  • Thanks. I wasn’t aware of this, and it looks interesting, Purchasing gift cards from a category merchant during the 5% period can extend your 5% past the end of the period. I believe the 5% at warehouse stores isn’t limited to the Discover It card, but is available on all Discover cards, and is also listed as a 5% category in the 4th quarter.

  • I guess it works if you know which categories you will spend at least $2000 in 2018.

  • This would be a good arrow in your credit card spend quiver but we must take into account “The 5% earning is capped at the first $2,000 of combined eligible spending; after that, you will earn 1% back.” So, if you are shooting for 5% overall this is only good for $2,000 of the 5% level.

  • Thanks. I’ve never heard of US Bank. This looks like something worth a try.

  • deerseason says:

    I never got this card after my Freedom and Discover It, and now i’m trying to think of what 2 other categories I spend 2000 total on, and I’m having a hard time figuring it out… I feel like I’d just end up overspending on, say, electronics stores, just to feel like I’m maximizing the bonus. Restaurants and Gas stations are the only categories of all of those I’d want all year versus the quarterly bonuses the Freedom and It offer.

  • The ability to choose is great, but if I’m reading this right, the 5% spend is capped a $2k for the year, and that’s is rather paltry.

  • Credit card rotational after you fill up your per card bonuses – Nice! Thanks.

  • Allowing the choice is helpful and interesting but the cap makes it not as much.

  • I also would have a difficult time figuring out which categories I would use for the 5%. I don’t think I would get close to the maximum for any of them. This is probably not a card I need to add to my extensive collection!

  • Can you change the categories quarterly, or only select them when you sign up? If you can change them it would get a lot more value since you can select things that you aren’t getting 5% with on rotating-category cards like the Discover It.

  • Thank you for the info. Personally, the 5% categories offered are not ones I use consistently enough to warrant joining. The 2% categories I already have with other cards.

  • This is intriguing… wish Chase did the Freedom this way. Although Apple Pay is a pretty nice catch-all category this quarter.

  • how easy is it to qualify for a card from this bank?

  • how long do they take to approve you?

    • Sometimes instant, sometimes not. If you’re not instantly approved you’ll receive a notice indicating how long you should expect to wait for a result. This is the same as every credit card issuer.

  • I love category spending because it’s basically so black and white. You do this, you get that. Works for me.

  • great summary! will keep this card in mind when I’m looking for a new one.

  • Pretty unique feature being able to choose your categories.

  • This sounds a bit complicated but it would be good if you set this credit card for specific types of purchases only

  • Hey, do we have this yet for Chase (for the year)? I think I’ve seen this first quarter’s categories, but I’m wondering about this entire year.

  • I have the US Bank Flexperks card. It offers bonus points (up to 3 points per miles I think) for selected categories. A good feature is that they’ve changed their redemption policy. Instead of a complicated tiered system, you now get 1.5 cents per point toward award travel. For example if you have have 50,000 points you can get a ticket worth $750.

  • Not Really a great deal. First, you only get to choose two of these highly specific categories. Even then, WHO SPENDS 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS AT THESE PLACES EVERY 3 MONTHS???? Seriously ask yourself that. Although (and worth noting) it’s capped at 2k for the combination of both categories, they make it really hard to reach that maximum. If you’re spending 2000 at department stores every 3 months, you have a bigger fish to fry. Why not include plane tickets??? This is only good for when you have a big utility or electronic purchase coming up.

    • I’d argue there are a lot of people who spend $333 per month on at least two of the 5% categories. For folks willing to do a little extra work to monitor their use, this can be a great deal.

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