Citi Dividend 5% Cash Back: New Q4 2023 Categories and How To Activate Citi Dividend 5% Cash Back: New Q4 2023 Categories and How To Activate

Citi Dividend 5% Cash Back: New Q4 2023 Categories and How To Activate

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The Citi® Dividend Card is one of Citi‘s cash-back cards. It is similar to cards like the Chase Freedom Flex℠ in that it has rotating quarterly bonus categories.

Each quarter, Citi announces up to three categories where you can earn 5% cash back on its Citi Dividend card. Unlike the Freedom Flex — where earnings are capped at $75 per quarter — the Citi Dividend card limits cash-back earnings to $300 per year. That means you can use it all in one quarter if a bonus category is especially useful for you. However, once you have accumulated $300 in cash back — no matter how you earn it — you're done earning bonus cash back for the year.

The card isn't currently open to new applicants, and it's not possible to product change to this card from other Citi credit cards. For those who do have this product, though, be sure to take advantage of this quarter's bonus categories.

Enrollment for the Citi Dividend 2023 Q4 categories is now open. You'll need to activate the offer first before using it. You can do so by visiting this link.

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Citi Dividend 5% Cash Back Key Terms

  • Registration begins September 17, 2023.
  • Make sure to activate your bonus within your online account.
  • Earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases at qualifying merchants, up to a maximum of $300 per year.
  • Purchases that post to your account between October 1 and December 31, 2023 are eligible for the current bonus categories.

For the fourth quarter of 2023, there's just one bonus category:

  • Grocery stores

Citi Dividend categories for Q4 2023

This was a category back in Q2, running from April to June. It's interesting to see Citi running a repeat category within the same year.

And if you're registered, you still can earn bonus cash back on the second quarter 2023 bonus categories through September 30, 2023:

  • Gas stations
  • Home improvement stores

Our Take

If you're among the lucky people still holding a Citi Dividend card, then activating the latest bonus is a great idea. Many people may be able to easily max out the entire year's allowance at grocery stores alone.

How will you be using your Citi Dividend 5% cash back bonus in 2023?

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  • great thank you

  • Have the Citi dividend card for more than 15 years and only keep it bc the credit line (more than $19K) and rate even dough it has been increased from 5.49% to 10.49% (still a good rate).

    Signed up for the 5% cash back offer and spent more than $5K at Home Depot and Floor n Decor stores (they sell only floors and tile products) I only got back the equivalent of 1% of the total spent. Called to make a claim and was told that Home Depot and Floor n Decor are not categorized in the merchant payment system as a “Home Improvement” store so purchases done there wouldn’t qualify for this promotion. Home Depot uses merchant code 5200 which is defined as a “Home Supply Warehouse” and Floor n decor uses a code defined as for carpets and rug stores. Citi stated that they can’t control the merchant codes used or assigned by Mastercard to businesses however I believe that Citi does have the power to decide what merchants codes can participate in their quarterly promotions as when they decided to exclude the codes used by these two businesses.

    I can’t understand why the biggest home improvement store in the US and a store that sells floors, tile, and related merchandise wouldn’t be qualified as a home improvement store. Seems like this was done on purpose to avoid paying a high amount of cash back rewards to cardholders since if you think about, every day thousands of Citi cards are used to make purchases at these two stores for millions of dollars.

  • I’ve had the Citi Dividend Card for years. And, although it was useful in the past because you could earn the entire max reward of $300 in one quarter, it’s now become a giant scam by Citibank. Yes, a TOTAL SCAM. Here’s the deal. As reported by Toni on 6.23.22, the dividend categories for the 2nd Qtr. of 2022 were Drug Stores and Grocery Stores. Which I signed up for and spent nearly $1,500 during the 2nd Qtr. and got…absolutely ZERO extra rewards (above the base 1% paid). I’ve spoken to two U.S. based supervisors for Citicards and they both insist the quarterly offer for Drug Stores and Grocery Stores never existed…that nothing was offered for the 2nd Qtr.! I even asked one supervisor to check out this site so she could see for herself I wasn’t dreaming this stuff up. Btw, I asked if they had a separate department that determines which quarterly offers are made for this card and other Citicards with quarterly offers but they said none exists. Basically, I’m owed about $65 in rewards but Katie, the 2nd supervisor I talked to, said she would submit a claim because it was over the limit she could approve. I was curious what the max adjustment she could make. It was $10! How pathetic is that. They don’t trust supervisors to settle customer disputes above $10! Bottom line, don’t do business with Citibank because if you have problem with them on any level, they will stick it to you. Go with Discover! They have only U.S. based representatives who can settle issues on the spot. I have a $45K limit on my Disco card and formerly used it to pay property taxes. Once, the payment I sent (years ago by snail mail) arrived 1 day late and generated almost $2K in interest and late charges which they agreed to waive up to…100%!!

  • With a $300 cap, I can see why this isn’t a card that most covet. I’d love a solid 3% card.. enough 2%’s around, but 3% would be ideal.

  • Though it doesn’t get much use, I still keep my Dividend card, primarily for instances where I have a $1500+ purchase in one of the eligible categories.