Which Airlines Have Dining Programs?

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Almost every major airline has a dining program; what makes these great is that you can earn miles without flying. So why not pick up some miles every time you eat out?

American Airlines

Dining Rewards Program - American

AA has its own dedicated dining program, AA Rewards Network, which has plenty of participating restaurants; what you earn depends on your level of membership. The three levels are member, online member, and VIP member:

  • Just join to become a member and earn 1 mile per dollar spent with AAdvantage Dining
  • Provide a valid email address and elect to receive emails from AAdvantage Dining, and you will become an online member and will receive 3 miles per dollar spent
  • Online members with 12 qualifying transactions in a year become VIP members and will earn 5 miles per dollar spent

Alaska Airlines

Dining Rewards Program - Alaska

Alaska's program, Mileage Plan Rewards Network, normally comes with a 1,000-mile signup bonus. Similar to the AA program, it has 3 membership levels where you'll earn at different rates. The following levels earn as follows:

  • Become a member by providing a valid email and/or granting marketing permission, and you will earn 1 mile per dollar spent
  • Become an online member by electing to receive fine dining emails to a valid email address, and earn 3 miles per dollar spent
  • After 12 qualifying transactions, online members qualify as VIP members and will earn 5 miles per dollar spent


Dining Rewards Program - Delta

Needless to say, Delta Airlines also has its own dining program, the SkyMiles Rewards Network. The program also has three membership levels, and the rate you earn depends on your level:

  • Member, just join without providing any additional details, and you will earn 1 mile for every 2 dollars spent.
  • Provide an email address and elect to receive fine dining emails, and you will be an online member, who will earn 3 miles per dollar spent
  • Online members with 12 or more qualifying transactions, will become VIP members and earn 5 miles per dollar spent


Dining Rewards Program - JetBlue

JetBlue’s TrueBlue dining program is simpler than the previous three, in that it does not have membership levels. The JetBlue program offers 2 levels of earning depending on your TrueBlue status:

  • True Blue Mosaic members earn 2 points per dollar spent
  • Regular TrueBlue members earn 1 point per dollar spent

Southwest Airlines

Dining Rewards Program - Southwest

Southwest’s Rapid Rewards dining is an excellent program from Southwest Airlines. The program is simple and to an extent similar to the JetBlue program. Members earn points depending on what they opt in for:

  • Share your email and sign up for notifications and earn 3 points per dollar spent
  • Opt out of sharing your email and you will earn 1 point per 2 dollars spent

United Airlines

Dining Rewards Program - United

The United Airlines MileagePlus Dining is very similar in structure to the Delta program. United Airlines has three levels with different earning rates depending on what information you are willing to share and how frequently you use the program:

  • As a member, you do not need to supply an email or any other information, but you will only earn 1 point per dollar spent
  • Online members share their valid email and sign up to receive emails from Mileage Plus Dining. Online members earn 3 miles per dollar spent
  • Online Members will become VIP members after 12 qualifying transactions in a year, and will then be earning 5 miles per dollar spent

Spirit Airlines

Dining Rewards Program - Spirit

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Spirit Airlines also has its own program Free Spirit Dining. The program is very similar in structure to other airlines’ programs, with three earning levels determined by your use and how much information you share:

  • Members do not need to share their email or any other information and will earn 1 mile per 2 dollars spent
  • Online members need to share their email and opt to receive emails from Free Spirit Dining and will earn 3 miles per dollar spent
  • VIP members are online members with 12 or more qualifying transactions and will earn 5 miles per dollar spent

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines does not have its own unique dining program, instead, it has partnered up with Mogl to reward its customers. The Mogl tie up allows members to earn cash back on their dining bills at participating restaurants. This cash is then automatically converted into Hawaiian miles at a rate of 40 miles per 1$ of cash back.


Before you jump in and join every dining program, keep an eye out for signup bonuses. These promotions are run regularly by the various airline dining programs and are a great way to pick up some extra miles. Another great advantage of joining a dining program is that the miles you earn count as activity on your account and could stop your miles from expiring, without the hassle of flying. Since you probably dine out more than you fly, why not earn miles for your experiences as well?

Remember, when dining out, make sure to use a credit card that earns you 2x, 3x, or 5x on your dining purchases such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve® or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. Airline co-branded credit cards, while they'll earn you miles in their respective programs, won't earn you any special bonuses on your meals.

Which Airlines Have Dining Programs?
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  • Thanks! I’ll definitely use these.

  • Thanks for this. Very good guide

  • Bertrand Say says:

    Nice to see the list all on one spot.

  • Sadly I don’t ever go to restaurants associated with these programs but good overview regardless.

  • Over the years both my husband and I have accrued tons of miles participating in some dining programs. Sometimes we intentionally dine at establishments we know are in the program, and other times it’s been a happy surprise to find we stumbled upon a restaurant we did not know participated. Win, win.

  • i checked on all of these and couldn’t find an answer, so here’s my Question: These participating Restaurants, are they only located in the United States?

    Because in Germany I couldn’t find any..

  • This is a great way to stop expiration of miles too. Had to specifically target this type of credit in the past and it does come in very handy. Not as slow to post as it once was either, for most programs.

  • The programs are good, but the restaurants are not very good. At least not in my area.

  • Good way to get bonus miles if you go eat at the participating restaurants, but often the participating restaurant selection is very limited. And it seems all major programs (AA, United, Hilton, etc) use Rewards Network for their dining program, which means they all will include the same restaurants no matter what miles or points you’re trying to use.

  • I’ve used the bonuses strategically to “top up” for an award. Otherwise, we aren’t “chain” people, so we don’t earn points with them very often.

  • @Brandon, completely agree.

  • Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Thanks this looks like an easy way to stop your miles from expiring. Is it possible to double dip and get miles in 2 programs on the same dining visit?

    • It is not, unless you split the check across multiple credit cards. Each credit card can only be associated with one program at a time.

    • JOSEPH HONEK says:

      Not a FULL double dip but if you have the Hyatt Card ( 2 X at restaurants )
      then have the Hyatt card registered to AA Dining or Mileage Plus Dining or Delta Skymiles Dining etc etc
      But it something more then 1 X

      The other partial double dip I have found is using the Hawaiian Barclay card
      and using it registered to AA Dining or Mileage Plus Dining or Delta Skymiles Dining etc etc
      then you earn 1.5 to 2.5 on Hawaiian and the normal on the other.

  • I didn’t realise that you had to be a USA resident for AA Dining, so that’s no good then!

  • Would be curious as to security of credit card with these programs

  • Obviously, it’s not worth going to a particular restaurant just because it’s on the program’s list. But, I scanned restaurants near work, and found a few near work with inexpensive take out options, and another somewhere else where i can just get a small $3 cup of soup. Whenever they have an offer, for example, when the mileage program offers 1000 miles to use the dining or shopping program if you haven’t used them in a while, I make sure the restaurant is still on the list and get something. Just check to make sure the restaurant offers the miles on the day of the week you want to use it, and whether there is a minimum for the bonus miles offer.

  • Really helpful to have all these compiled into one list!

  • I signup for them when there’s a good promo. Easy way to get some extra miles.

  • You have to agree to receiving emails from jetBlue in order to earn points.

  • Consolidating all the dining programs is a big help. I’d love something similar for shopping programs, particularly with ideas for low cost purchases made simply to keep miles/points from expiring. Thank you.

  • I currently use Delta and AA. Delta seems to have more restaurants that will give you more credit miles.

  • I love these. My family eats all the time and therefore tend to get lots of miles this way. I make sure to use my Freedom card when they have the 5% back and then my Sapphire when it’s another bonus time on the Freedom. It’s an easy way to get miles and keep accounts open. I’ll have to look into the Alaska plan more though. Thanks for the info on it.

  • I love this option for keeping miles alive as well as a bonus when restaurants I already enjoy participate. It really is an easy win for everyone.

  • I’d love a blog article to talk about other ways to garner some frequent flyer miles. I’ve used Mileage Plus X and found it an easy and quick way to get miles for everyday purchases. Any other new ideas?

  • The dining programs are great way to keep points active Although I find that some of the restaurants in my area would not be my first pick for meal.

  • I used multiple cards at a restaurant that we had a family party at. Spent a few thousand. Since there is a cap you want to use multiple cards to maximize point return

  • This program helped me save miles that were about to expire, and all I did was walk into a local pizzeria and spend $6.00.

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