Buy Choice Privileges Points for 0.71 Cents Each

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This Choice Points Purchase promotion has ended, however, you can still purchase Choice points.

For this year's holiday season, Choice Privileges is offering a 40% bonus when purchasing points, allowing you to buy them at 0.71 cents each. Just like the Hilton 100% bonus on points purchases we covered last week, this isn't necessarily a great deal unless you can find a hotel that will give you a better deal using points than paying cash.

Buy Choice Points with 40 Bonus

Key Terms

  • Direct Link to Offer
  • The Choice Privileges offer is available when purchasing more than 10,000, and there is an annual cap of 250,000 (increased for this deal).
  • The points will show up in your account within 24-72 hours of your transaction, which is non-refundable.
  • The deal expires on December 5th at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • Further terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the buy-points offer page.

Our Take

Last September, Choice Privileges had the same 40% bonus deal, but with a range of 5,000 to 50,000 points. Then, in May this year, Choice offered points for less than a half-cent each via Daily Getaways, but in very limited quantities that sold out within minutes. The current deal differs with a higher points cap. The total number of points you could buy with this offer is 350,000 (250,000 plus 40%), but we wouldn't recommend buying that many.

The thing to remember about this deal is that it's only worthwhile if the stay you want is cheaper by purchasing points than with cash. At the high end of the award chart, a free night will cost 35,000 points ($247.50 with the current deal). However, there are lots of low- and mid-level properties ranging from 8,000-20,000 points that could be excellent redemptions compared to the cash rate. Buying speculatively is not recommended here.

As a reminder, processes Choice Hotels point purchases, so if you do decide to take advantage of the promotion you should use a credit card optimized for everyday expenses to make your purchase.

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  • Michael Skelly says:

    Thanks for the reminder to compare “free” rewards nights with cash. Sometimes paying with cash is cheaper!

    • Yes, I’d suggest that this advice is either easily forgotten or never learned in the first place when making award program decisions.

  • This is a program that I haven’t used very much. I have heard that it is very useful for travel in Scandinavia where there might be excellent value in buying these points at the current discount.

  • This is a pretty good deal. Since the Daily Getaways deals are all but impossible (for the good ones anyway), this one seems worth a good look.

  • Another hotel selling points. With the Hilton stealth devaluation earlier this year, Best Western stealth devaluation last week I have no reason to purchase any hotel brands points.

  • Once upon a time there were some good redemption options in Europe. Those still around?

  • I agree that this is not that great a deal. Maybe good in very specific situations, like you a 20k room in an expensive city during an event.

  • Good to see the cap has been raised this time on purchases, hopefully won’t sell out straight away.

  • Hilton is the better program overall to buy points, in comparison.

  • Good tip not to speculatively buy.

  • Thanks for this information. Can we buy United miles with this? I need 3k for redeeming a reward flight

  • Very good opportunity!

  • I find Choice hotels to be surprisingly good.
    I am seriously considering this deal.

  • I confess that I would be very unlikely to purchase points to pay for a hotel stay rather than booking direct or via trivago (or similar).

    Unless you had points you wanted to burn of course for a “free” stay then I’d rather book direct and have the flexibility.

  • I have never used Choice Hotel points. Maybe now is a good time to start.

  • Sometimes the hotel booked with points represent a better deal than paying cash.
    I see two problems anyway: you can only book maximum 100 days in advance and some hotels have some strange availability (no availability at all with points).

  • Most people have Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott on their radar rather than Choice. I understand this. I hadn’t either. Though they do have nice hotels in many places. I’m just starting to look at Choice. I like having options for smaller hotels in cities that are smaller. I like that MR transfers to Choice. I see why to pay cash sometimes is better than points but if I have the points I probably will use those. I would think that would be a good use to save money on a vacation.

  • I am new to the Choice Hotel program, but will be paying special attention to these types of deals. Not going to buy speculatively and will compare points to cash first. Thanks for the reminder !

  • Also sometimes worth it to pay and earn points if not too expensive

  • Why buy points when ultimately they devalue. Time to start issuing forever points like the Post Office has forever stamps

  • Dexter Ohama says:

    This was just what we needed to help top us off in our account. Hope to use this real soon! Thank you! Especially with my kids traveling to & from college.

  • Thanks for this information, I am considering this deal because I have never use this program

  • Speculative buying is not the best option in this case or in most other cases. We really have to pay attention. Thank you.

  • Choice is a good program, especially they have lots of hotel in Japan, only need 8000 points to book a night, and most important, with breakfast.

  • Sometimes when there’s a bonus you want to pull the trigger and buy but you shouldn’t necessarily do that speculatively.

  • There are only far and few between properties at 8000 points and those usually are cheap if you want to have them for money.

  • I really appreciate you guys letting us know about these offers! Unfortunately I can’t take advantage of this one, but fingers crossed for the next one!

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