Connect & Interact With Marriott to Earn up to 45,000 Points

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Marriott is providing an opportunity where you can earn up to 45,000 Marriott Rewards per year by interacting with them through social media. As of now, the promotion is open ended and there are bonuses for signing up/linking your social accounts, and then further bonuses for interacting during the year.

Connect and Collect with Marriott Rewards

Easy 1,000 Marriott Rewards

Signing up for the promotion will net you 1,000 Marriott Rewards Points, however you will need to connect multiple social media accounts to earn that bonus.

You will earn the following for connecting your accounts:

Once you have connected your accounts you can earn more points by doing the following:

Earn 1,000 Marriott Rewards by Connecting Social Media Accounts

Further Earning

Once you have signed up, you can earn further points by interacting with Marriott Rewards. The promotion should be updated 3-4 times per month on Twitter with instructions on how to earn additional points. One thing to remember is to set your account to public so that your qualifying posts can be seen.

Great Option For SPG Members

Ever since the Marriott SPG merger you can transfer points between both programs at no cost. The transfers occur at a ratio of 1 Starpoint to 3 Marriott Rewards points. If you are an SPG member this is a great way to top up your points balances; just sign up for a Marriott account, and then link it to your SPG account. You can then transfer as many Marriott points as you want to your SPG account.


While it is not clear at this moment in time how many additional points you can earn per interaction, or how difficult this will be, this is nonetheless a good promotion. If you consider the nature of social media, the tasks set by Marriott should not be difficult or time-consuming. We hope that taking part in this promotion will extend the validity of your existing balances without making a stay. In addition, Marriott Rewards has some great options for redemptions, including their newly introduced experiential awards.

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Connect & Interact With Marriott to Earn up to 45,000 Points
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  • Thanks for your blog. If I previously connected social media accounts to Marriott on a previous promotion (over a year ago), can I disconnect and reconnect to earn the points? Also I recollect that these points to not extend one’s Marriott account–has that chcanged?

  • I’ve been doing this – promotions used to be more frequent – still an easy way to get occasional points

  • I’ve been doing it for a year almost. It is really worth it. I have got a free night on points already.

  • Horrible promo. The connection issue is the problem. Messaged tech support on why no points and they just respond, “You should be getting them.” Grrr.

  • I think they started #mrpoints long ago?

    • They did this a while ago, but never really did anything where you could get significant points. I’ve previously cashed in on my 1,000 points — but at 45k, that is a completely different ballgame!

  • Nice to see how to get some quick points

  • Great tip. Thanks.

  • I have been following this page over a month. Nothing is changing here

  • Easy way to keep accounts active if nothing else. Always worth the literally 30 seconds it takes.

  • I’ve been with them more than 2 years and received more than 15000 points, but last year I gave up on it because they had no more than 1 earning opportunity every 2-3 months – not worth the time you need to spend every day to check their twitter for new earning oportunities

  • Jimmie Lin says:

    Nice. Just like AwardWallet’s offer for AAdvantage, it’s a great way to get some points 🙂

  • Will you update the new Hastags? That would be great!

  • Great find! I’ll definitely sign up and use points for transfers.

  • This will be good if it works, but I seem to remember this running a while ago and remember reading about issues with getting points to post. I might give it another go, but as I don’t often stay in Marriott if it seems like it will be hassle then I’ll not put too much effort into it.

  • Alice Chen says:

    Super useful! I could definitely use some new ways to earn points!

  • I’ve been linked for awhile now, tweeting everyday works.

  • I’ve been doing this for about 6 months. I’m hardly a trailblazer here, but seems pretty difficult to get 45000pts a year with this.

    I still track it anyways and have picked up a out 2500 points so far.

  • how do you get up to 45000 points by doing this? I only got a couple of 100s.

  • This scheme is a great way to earn some additional Marriott points. I’ve been doing this for atleast six months now and probably netted a few free thousands points.

  • This is about 124 points per day 365 days per week. They better step it up

  • Jacqueline parsons says:

    I’m sceptical about the claims over this large amount of points giveaway. I’ve been connected to Marriott for nearly a year on social media accounts via mrchirpy but only see rewards of 50-100 points a time and lucky to see these once every two weeks.

  • jason picker says:

    Great find!
    For sure I’ll sign up and use points for transfers.

  • Since a couple of months I don’t earn anymore points for my tweets.
    I cannot understand the reason. I have tried several times.

  • For sure you are not going to receive 45K points for doing nothing, it’s probably just to catch your attention

  • Right now Marriott run promotion with #RewardsPoints #MembersGetIt hashtags – I collected 50 points per day 5 days in a row

  • how do you get more points than the initial sign up ones?

  • Won’t make a bunch of points quickly but at least the points earning potential is a nice little perk – especially if you were going to interact with them anyway!

  • May need to get Twitter just to tweet for points every day :). Didn’t know about this, so I just joined. Let’s see how good it is………

  • Thank you. I’ll try it because free points are free points. But, sometimes they are not worth the time expended. I’ll find out.

  • Thank you ,I will transfer them to my SPG account .Nice way of getting extra points

  • Not much value to me if the points don’t extend the expiration date of Marriott points.

  • Looks like a great way to pick up lot’s of free Marriott Rewards Points. Thanks for the information.

  • Richard Blundell says:

    Thanks for the tip. Need to keep points ticking over.

  • Kevin Davis says:

    I have followed them and I still don’t get any points.

  • Wow! Thanks for the Marriott tip! It seems like an easy way to extend the life of my Marriott points.

  • Thanks for the blog. Going to connect with my social media accounts and ramp up the extra points for Marriott! 🙂

  • I had done this before, after reading about it on their website. I got the points for it. Just like others they never had anything really so I didn’t watch. However, they had a thing for the eclipse so I hope I did it right to get the points. You just had to say you watched the eclipse and hashtag certain words. Them you’d get points. Easy. Now I will be keeping an eye out for tweets from them!

  • Re: The question about whether these points extend the expiration of your points, I read in the terms and conditions, or somewhere on their site, that it doesn’t.

  • I’m on day 5 of tweeting with hash tags #RewardsPoints #MembersGetIt and I haven’t seen the 50 points/day post yet for any of those days. Leaves me wondering if the daily posting for 50 points is dead already.

  • How reliable are these? Will I end up having to chase Marriott for the points?

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