How to Maximize the Value of Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards

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When discussing top-value rewards programs, Wells Fargo's Go Far Rewards is typically not the first program that comes to mind. However, if you love the convenience of booking airfare without hunting down award space, enjoy paying low or no annual fees, and crave the simplicity of a basic two or three card rewards strategy, Go Far Rewards can offer a ton a value.

Similar to the fixed-value points strategies offered by Chase and Citi, Wells Fargo provides a varied lineup of credit cards, each featuring different bonus categories and perks. The cards also feature different redemption values. Moreover, while there is currently no way of transferring Go Far Rewards points into airline miles, if you put together the right combination of cards, it’s possible to achieve returns of 2.25% on everyday non-bonus spending, and as high as 7.5% return on spending in bonus categories when redeeming points for airfare. That’s without paying a single annual fee!

With the right credit card, you can redeem Go Far Rewards for 1.5¢ each towards flights.

Earn and Redeem Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards for Max Value

For a cost-effective but powerful rewards card combo, we recommend a two-card strategy consisting of the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® card and Wells Fargo Visa Signature® Card. Why these two cards in particular?

New account holders can extract a ton of value from these two cards, earning up to 5x points per dollar spent in bonus categories, and a minimum 1.5x points per dollar on everyday purchases. Neither of the cards charge an annual fee, and you can achieve between 1.5¢ and 1.75¢ per point when redeeming for airfare depending on how much you charge on your cards each year.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® card

Marketed as a cash back card, but we're going to use it as a points-earning machine, the Cash Wise Visa doesn’t feature complicated bonus categories, nor do you have to make a specific number of purchases to get the best returns. You’ll earn 1.5% cash rewards on purchases in every category, every day of the week. You can redeem points for a penny a piece as cash back for a 1.5% return on spend, or, transfer those points free of charge to an account that holds a Wells Fargo Visa Signature® Card, and redeem points for airfare at 1.5¢ per point, for a 2.25% return on everyday spend.

The Cash Wise Visa also offers an introductory 1.8% cash back on every dollar spent in digital wallet purchase such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, for the first 12 months you have the card. When transferred and redeemed for flights at 1.5¢ per point, you get a return of 2.7% on digital wallet purchases. The annual fee on this card is$0.

Wells Fargo Visa Signature® Card

The Wells Fargo Visa Signature earns 5x points on up to $12,500 spent on gas, grocery, and drugstore purchases for the first 6 months, and 1 point on all other purchases. When redeeming points earned on the Wells Fargo Visa Signature for airfare, you’ll get 50% more value than redeeming them for cash back (for example 20,000 points is worth $300 towards airfare) making points worth 1.5¢ each, increasing the return on spend for the 5x categories to 7.5% for the first six months.

You can achieve even higher redemption value by spending $50,000 on the Wells Fargo Visa Signature in a year, which bumps the redemption value up to 1.75¢ per point towards airfare. So the base rate 1.5% cash back earned on the Cash Wise Visa effectively becomes a 2.625% return on everyday spend, and the 1.8% on digital wallet purchases translates into 3.15% return towards airfare. Those are top returns on your spend, and in line with top-tier rewards programs.

Spend $50K per year on the Wells Fargo Visa Signature and can redeem points for flights at 1.75¢ each!

Transfer Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards to Another Account

The key to extracting maximum value from Go Far Rewards lies in the ability to transfer points to anyone without any fees attached. While other programs, for example, Membership Rewards, impose harsh restrictions on transferring points between members, Go Far Rewards has a simple points transfer interface that allows you to transfer between member accounts free of charge, even when one member holds a cash back card and the other a points earning card.

You can transfer Go Far Rewards points between cards, to friends and family, or any other account in good standing.

Cash rewards are transferred as cash but received on the other end as points.


If you hold the Wells Fargo Visa Signature, you can redeem points earned across all your Go Far Rewards cards at 1.5¢ per point towards airfare which opens up some excellent earning opportunities. For instance, individual family members can apply for a selection of Go Far Rewards earning cards at different times to take advantage of the generous introductory bonus categories, and combining all the points earned free of charge into an account that holds the Wells Fargo Visa Signature. This allows you to redeem all points earned across your Go Far Rewards cards at 1.5¢/1.75¢ per point towards airfare.

This could be an exciting way to help someone plan a dream trip — or perhaps to fund family vacations in the long run. By combining points, you'll never have to worry about points being left behind.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards doesn’t offer a ton of value. Points are worth a set 1¢ each, and the selection of cards doesn’t offer the same high-value perks as popular travel cards from Chase, Citi, and Amex. However, when you dig into the mechanics of the program and start putting together combinations of cards, you can extract a considerable amount of value and all without paying an annual fee.

Earning Go Far Rewards at 1.5% cash rewards on purchases in every category on the Cash Wise Visa, and redeeming for flights at 1.5¢ per point via the Wells Fargo Visa Signature returns 2.25% on every dollar spent, and that’s before you factor in bonus categories on other cards within Wells Fargo's lineup.

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  • I was not really familiar with the Wells Fargo cards before. Thanks!

  • Thanks!!! I just recently joined on with Wells Fargo for banking.. will start looking at their credit options soon.

  • One question: why would I want to spend $50k on a card that earns 1x? Even with the upgraded benefits, it’s just 1.75%, so I’m losing $125 of rewards compared to a boring 2% card, more with cards with bonus categories. Only at that point will I get 2.625% with the Cash card…

    • You’d only do it if you were spending enough to max out the earning you’d combine from other Wells cards such as the Cash Wise which is 1.5% at everything — 1.5*1.5 = 2.25 or 1.5*1.75 = 2.625

      Stick with no 50k spend, and you’ll still get a net of 2.25 with a Cash Wise combo.

  • I can see how it’s helpful but I will never bank or have anything with them. I had an account with them before and there was always a fee and I could never keep a balance in my account with them charging all the fees. Plus, all that stuff with them in the news. I don’t think I would ever be able to trust them.

  • There is another factor to consider with using points for airline tickets. The Wells Fargo designated travel agent must be used and it charges a hefty fee to issue each ticket. The fee and its amount were not disclosed until after the reservation was made.

  • In this time of Covid 19, I just wanted to leave a data point. I booked a flight on United in early March using WF Go Far Rewards points. Because of the Coronavirus issues going on, I had to cancel. My United app referred me to my booking agent, so I called the WF rewards desk. The hold was only 35 minutes (actually better than yesterday’s hold for the United premier desk, which was 1hr 10 min), and her instructions were clear:
    1. they do not re-send an email confirming any of this (same as United yesterday)
    2. they cancel the trip, but leave it open in their system (they do not redeposit the miles)
    3. I have until 12/31/2020 to use the credit for United
    4. I have to call the same number to book the flight (save your itinerary emails!!)
    5. Any excess in fare needs to be paid with cash/cc, NOT using WF points.

    Hope this helps someone!

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