How to Transfer Avios Between British Airways and Iberia Accounts

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The release of Chase’s Iberia Visa Signature® Card, which launched offering up to 100,000 bonus Avios, and the massive offer on the British Airways Visa Signature® Card, gives points and miles fans 200K reasons to transfer Avios between their British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus accounts!


The ability to combine points into a single program is one of the most valuable features of collecting Avios, particularly when you factor in Iberia offers some of the best value business-class awards to Europe, and, you can transfer Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, and Marriott points to top off your accounts.

Why Combine Avios Into a Single Account?

Transferring Avios between programs can provide considerable value:

  • Both BA and Iberia regularly offer bonus Avios when converting points from hotel or bank rewards programs; instant transfers allow you to combine points in the best program for the redemption you have planned out
  • Both BA and Iberia run regular award fare sales allowing you to save up to 40% on award tickets, combining points lets you take advantage of the best deals
  • Flying Iberia business-class between the East Coast and Europe (booked via Iberia Plus) uses roughly 30% fewer Avios than booking the same flight with BA
  • Iberia also charges significantly lower fees and taxes than BA on select routes, saving you hundreds of dollars on business-class award itineraries
  • You can take advantage of BA’s Household Account feature to combine Avios with family and friends and combine Avios from your Iberia Plus account to quickly build a substantial balance

For example, booking round-trip business-class awards on Iberia via Iberia Plus from the East Coast to Europe costs 68,000 Avios plus roughly $210 in fees and taxes. An incredible deal. Those same flights paid for with British Airways Avios will set you back a cool 100K points and over $700 in fees and taxes! A huge difference. The goal of award travel is to reduce your out of pocket expense for luxury travel, so should do everything in your power to reduce BA's ridiculous fuel surcharges.

Rules for Transferring Avios Between BA and Iberia

You have to ensure your accounts meet a few criteria before you can transfer Avios between BA and Iberia.

  • First up, they are separate frequent flyer programs, so you need to register accounts with both BA Executive Club and Iberia Plus.
  • You also need to have qualifying activity in your Iberia account before you can transfer Avios, meaning you need to earn Avios either by crediting a flight, car rental, or hotel stay to Iberia before they allow you to move points into your Iberia account
  • Your Iberia account needs to be open at least 90 days before you can transfer points in from another program
  • Another factor to take into account. Even if your Iberia account is over 90 days old, your account needs qualifying activity every six months to remain active. After six months of no earning or redeeming action, your account is marked dormant, and you cannot buy/gift/transfer points until you earn Avios in that account.

Also, be aware of the new security measures implemented by Avios/BA/Iberia, which won’t allow a transfer to take place unless all the account details match on both accounts. This includes details like your address, phone number, email, home address, and date of birth. The Iberia Plus signup procedure routinely trips up new members by asking for a Second Last Name which it then combines with your surname. If that happens, the only recourse is calling Iberia and sending through identity docs. A slow and painful process by all accounts.

How to Transfer Avios Between BA and Iberia

You can initiate transfers from all three websites, but the process is easier from Executive Club than via Iberia or


  1. First, log into your British Airways account so it displays your member dashboard
  2. Click on the profile name in the top right corner
  3. Select ‘Combine my Avios’ from the ‘Manage My Account’ drop-down, part of the ‘My Executive Club Menu on the left
  4. Click the ‘Combine my Avios’ button at the bottom of the page
  5. Add your Iberia Plus account number and PIN
  6. Select which way you want to transfer your Avios, to/from BA
  7. Enter the number of points you wish to transfer in the box
  8. You can transfer as little as one point, and points transfer instantly between accounts


Transferring back and forth via the Iberia website can be a little funky until you know where to find the transfer page, after that it’s a straightforward process.

  1. Sign in to your Iberia Plus account
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over the ‘Iberia Plus’ button in the main navigation menu
  3. Click on ‘My Avios’ and then ‘Buying or Transferring Avios‘ or click this link when signed into your Iberia account
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the text “Don’t forget you can combine your Avios with those of other customer loyalty programmes.
  5. From the “Combine my Avios” page you can choose to send your Avios to BA or, and nominate the number of points transferred.

Transfers are instant, and you can shift Avios between accounts in any increment.

Transferring points between BA/Iberia/ in any increment is a fantastic way of topping off accounts to reach a specific redemption

Final Thoughts

The ability to combine Avios, not just from family members via a Household Account, but from various programs that fall under the Avios umbrella is a huge plus for collecting Avios for award travel. Remember, you can currently earn up to 200K Avios with Chase’s latest offers on the British Airways Visa Signature® Card and up to 100,000 bonus Avios, enough for three round-trip business-class awards to Europe flying Iberia metal. Have experience combining Avios to reach a significant award redemption? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Avios as a separate is closing as of 21st May in the UK and you will no longer be able to use Avios to transfer points between accounts.

  • To prevent your Iberia account from “dormant” status you can simply buy something on their shopping portal (even some useless 1$ e-book on eBay).

  • I have not tested it, but isn’t the ‘new’ address match restriction with an issue? I was under the impression that only UK residents could join that program. As an existing member, can one change one’s address to something outside the UK? Or does one have to change one’s Iberia & BA accounts to reflect a UK address?

  • Maryjane says:

    A few years ago I read on a blog about the Iberia Avios account restrictions. That the account needs to be open for 90 days and some qualifying activity must be completed before being able to combine points between the two (BA and Iberia) accounts. I took the advice and opened the account right away. I also earned some points through E-Rewards and deposited them into the account. I did not realize that I had to earn points every six months or the account would go dormant. Not a big deal but certainly necessary to be able to use my Avios easily and inexpensively. There is nothing I like less than BA’s ridiculous fees on their award bookings so I am willing to deal with a bit of shenanigans with Iberia to avoid them.

  • There are certainly some possibilities for some nice, targeted redemptions.

  • Good to know! I’ll definitely do this.

  • You mention BA’s Household Account, but neglect to mention that you cannot combine your Avios with Iberia Plus if you actually have a BA Household Account. (without the workaround)

  • This is great news! Makes it more flexible to use points.

  • This seems like the way to go. Thanks for the info!

  • (Iberia) “After six months of no earning or redeeming action, your account is marked dormant…”

    Will transferring Avios into an Iberia account from BA or keep it from going dormant?

  • Sebastian says:

    I tried to transfer, but Iberia always giving an error saying “no match” – surely i am having a single tiny difference in these two accounts…but thats making any transfer impossible..Its annoying

  • My Iberia just expired with no warning. No dice with customer service. They claim the send expiration warning, but they didnt. Awardwallet doesnt show it or warn either.

  • I think the Aer Lingus Aer Club effectively just sets up an account, and this is available to those outside the UK as well by this method.

  • Kyle Steiner says:

    I’m glad I can finally get my points moved! Thanks for the update!

  • Jacqueline says:

    Definitely the middle name has be amended in the bix as not the same as engĺish surnames.

  • charles j says:

    Any idea about the 5/24 policy regarding the new enticing cards? Thanks.

  • If you have household BA account the only way to transfer Iberia avios was first to send them to Avios and then to BA. Pity they close Avios on 20.05

  • Iberia’s website is so so bad. Thanks for the guide to help through that.

  • The_Bouncer says:

    Before booking anything on BA: always, always, always check Iberia’s award rates first.

  • miskocina says:

    I’ve managed this a few times and it’s all pretty straightforward. It’s nice that you can actually transfer Avios between different programmes.

  • marcwint55 says:

    great way to avoid point expiration

  • charles j says:

    Then, I can use the miles on American and Alaska/Virgin American, domestically…

  • The_Bouncer says:

    @marcwint55 Transferring between accounts does not extend validity or RFS access.

  • Beppoello81 says:

    Ib to ba transfer is not counted as activity. Don’t count on it for expiring avios. All the rest should be fine, don’t need to fly with them.

  • Sebastian says:

    Thanks Howie! Will try to contact Support – lets hope for the best!

  • Beppoello81 says:

    You should also been able to transfer ba to avios (vueling or aerlingus) to ib. Some report issues when transfer directly….

  • That is a very helpful guide and it was a good read as it also made me aware of the fact that redemptions through Iberia Plus are often cheaper! Thank you!

  • @Sebastian I think I’m in the same boat, my IB->BA transfer attempt keeps erroring out…

  • If I have no miles from family to transfer and no BA number, I would assume that it’s best to just get an IB account if I’m transferring from UR? It poses no discount, etc to transfer from BA to IB? Do they do that sometimes?

  • Relieved to be able to move some points! Thx.

  • This is very true.
    When you open a family account, you get control of your family Avios, but you cannot transfer Avios to BA anymore.
    This is very frustrating.
    I wish I did not switch to a family account.

  • @Ross says: “Iberia’s website is so so bad. Thanks for the guide to help through that.”

    No doubt; has been forever. One absolutely needs such a sherpa!

  • Thanks for this detailed info, I managed to get the transfer done successful after following the steps!

  • Thanks for posting this, I managed to get the transfer done successfully after following the detailed steps!

  • It seems quite surprising that the UK platform is closing whilst it remains in place for Aer Lingus and Vueling. I do think eventually all the avios platforms will merge into one, but for now at least I’m thankful that BA and Iberia have kept their own booking engines.

  • Thanks for the info. Great deal. I have some BA pts. Card seems worth it and redemption reasonable.

  • Beppoello81 says:

    Normally IB to Ba works better than the other way around, based on my experience.

  • I see that my Avios UK account is still live.
    Anyway, I have enroled to Aer Lingus in order to continue to use the functionalities of the Avios platform.

  • Yes, I tried to move my points and it just wouldn’t do it, tried later and it worked. I think it was the 90 day rule. Sometimes Iberia has better promotions on point sales, then I buy some and transfer to my BA account.

  • Matteo F says:

    It’s valid also for transfer from vueling?

  • Thanks for posting this. Was able to transfer some unused points.

  • Can someone point me to the Iberia T&C’s where it states that the account will go dormant after 6 months with no activity? Never heard this before and I can’t find it on their site either.

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