Bonus Points

Earn Double British Airways Avios on up to 10 Flights

British Airways brought back its annual promotion to give Executive Club members double Avios on up to 10 flights before January 14, 2024, but you need to register and book before November 21, 2023. This is the perfect opportunity to see Hogmanay in Edinburgh or another European destination for the holidays.

Avis Promotion Offers 1,000 British Airways Avios

British Airways Executive Club members have a new promotion for Avis rentals, offering 1,000 bonus Avios on a rental. There's no registration required, but you need to reserve by November 16 and complete the rental by December 15, 2023. Here's how to earn your bonus Avios.

Do British Airways Avios Expire?

British Airways Avios expire if you have no activity on your account for 36 months. However, a wide range of activity will count towards keeping your balance alive, so there is no reason your BA Avios should ever expire.

Flash Sale: Buy British Airways Avios With a 40% Bonus (1.64¢ Each)

British Airways is running a new sale for Executive Club members to buy or gift Avios with a 40% bonus. However, given how British Airways determines the currency used, this deal's value varies from excellent to meh. Let's look at this sale to see if there's any value for you when buying Avios at this price. If you’re interested, you need to act fast, as this sale ends September 20, 2023.

Ending Soon: 30% Transfer Bonus From Membership Rewards to British Airways, Iberia Avios

American Express' offer to transfer Membership Rewards points to British Airways Executive Club Avios or Iberia Plus Avios with a 30% transfer bonus is coming to an end soon. Use this promotion to book flights to Hawaii or Ireland for 10k Amex points each way, one-way business class to Europe from 27k Amex points, or even fly to the Maldives in Qatar Qsuite business class for 66k Amex points! But you'll need to transfer points by August 31, 2023.

Breaking Down the Many British Airways Partners

British Airways' extensive partnership network makes it easy to earn Avios. Leveraging credit card point transfer options and flying on British Airways and its many partner airlines will help you build up your Avios balance as you work towards booking your next award flight. And there are tons of airlines on which you can use your Avios.

LATAM Awards Bookable Through British Airways Website Once Again. Here Are Some Sweet Spots.

After a multi-year drought, LATAM awards are once again bookable on British Airways' website. This opens sweet spots like flights from Miami to Punta Cana for 9,000 Avios, flights to Bogota from 11,000 Avios (or 22k Avios in business class), and even flights to Lima for 13,000 Avios. Here's the award chart that we've compiled for LATAM awards and how you can take advantage of this new booking option.

Basics of the British Airways Avios Rewards Program

British Airways' loyalty program is called the Executive Club program, and members earn Avios. Although the program is based in the United Kingdom, it's a favorite of U.S.-based travelers thanks to the ease of redeeming miles on American Airlines and Alaska, numerous bank transfer partners, and the program's competitive credit card. In this post, we'll cover the basics of the British Airways Executive Club and Avios frequent flyer currency.

The Best Ways to Redeem Avios in the Americas

Although often used by travelers for award flights to and throughout Europe, the Avios program goes far beyond the European continent. You can even redeem Avios for travel solely within the Americas. Awards start at just 7,500 Avios with flights to Hawaii starting at 13,000 Avios. Here are some of the best ways to redeem Avios for flights within the Americas.

How To Avoid Paying High Fuel Surcharges When Booking Flights with Avios

Of all the frustrations felt by rewards travelers, few present more of a headache than carrier-imposed surcharges, better known as fuel surcharges. It can take years to amass the required miles for a premium cabin redemption, and to then be told it will cost an additional $1,000+ in fees and carrier-imposed surcharges can be a deflating experience, particularly when fuel prices are the lowest they have been in years.