What Flights Can I Book With Miles?

Have you ever felt like you can’t use miles for any of the trips you want to take? Booking award travel is one of the biggest challenges for points and miles beginners. In this post, we’ll explain how award availability works and why it’s one of the most important concepts to master so you can use your miles to get where you want to go.

22 Credit Card Benefits Every Traveler Should Know About

Credit card benefits can save you a lot of money and make your travel experiences more enjoyable. In this post, we’ll briefly examine each type of benefit and how you activate it. Once you know the basics, you’ll get more value from the cards you already have and make better choices about which ones to consider next.

Beginner’s Guide to Airline Alliances & Partnerships

You might think that you can only redeem Delta miles to fly on Delta or American miles to fly on American. Opening your mind to the wonderful world of airline alliances and partnerships will really help you maximize the value of your hard-earned frequent flyer miles. Take your rewards game to the next level with this complete guide to partners and alliances.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Healthy Credit

Your credit is one of the most important assets that you have. Good credit makes it easier to borrow money and get approved for the best rewards credit cards. It also gives you access to the lowest interest rates on loans — which can save you many thousands of dollars over your lifetime. If you love travel rewards, knowing how to keep your credit in great shape while you pursue points is essential. Here's our complete guide to doing it right.

The Aftermath of Emirates Recent Award Devaluations

Emirates recently implemented a 20% increase in the cost of all its premium cabin awards with no notice. It's another good reminder to not hoard your miles and spend them before the next devaluation hits. Here's a recap of what changed and what Emirates is doing to soften the blow.

The Best Points and Miles for Free Flights to Hawaii

If you're using miles from your United, Delta or American Airlines account to book flights to Hawaii, you could be paying 50% more than you would if you'd used a different travel rewards currency. There are great alternatives with transferrable points that can get you access to the same seats at much better prices. Here's a roundup of the best options.