Ryan Smith

Writer and Editor

Ryan is a freelance writer and editor who joined the AwardWallet team in 2021 but has been around points and miles for several years. After someone at his hostel in China said “I flew here for free using points,” Ryan was hooked. Ryan is on a mission to visit every country in the world and recently passed the 150 mark.

His wife joins him on many of his trips, and they enjoy snowboarding, diving, and seeing animals in the wild. When not traveling, Ryan is probably answering questions from his family about how he travels so much and whether all of this is illegal.

You Can Buy Up to 100K Marriott Bonvoy Points During the Booking Process

Marriott Bonvoy members may be surprised to learn that they can now buy points during the booking process for a hotel room. While you’ve always been able to buy points, this new ability offers two improvements. First, it can be done during the booking process itself. Second, these points are in addition to your normal limits. Here’s what this means for travelers.

British Airways Reduces the Avios Price for Qatar Airways Award Flights

In positive news for travelers, you’ll need fewer Avios when booking Qatar Airways flights with British Airways, as the airline reduces award costs to match other programs. Here’s a look at the positive improvements in award costs with British Airways Executive Club as it pertains to flights on Qatar Airways—as well as why this change is happening.

25% Transfer Bonus from Chase to Flying Blue (Air France / KLM)

Through May 15, 2022, you can take advantage of a 25% transfer bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Air France/KLM Flying Blue. For every 1,000 points you transfer, you’ll get 1,250 miles. But should you transfer your Ultimate Rewards to Flying Blue because of this? Here’s a look at when it could make sense for you.

Aeroplan Award Sale: Up to 20% Points Discount to Europe

Air Canada is offering an award sale through its Aeroplan program, offering up to 20% off award flights to Europe. You need to book by April 12, 2022. Is it really 20% off on flights? What kind of routes are available? Let’s look at the details and some sample flights to see how good this promotion is.

A New Look at Qatar Airways Privilege Club as Per Segment Fees Return

Qatar Airways Privilege Club has brought back its ‘per segment’ award fees, and recent changes to the program merit a new evaluation. The program dropped its award pricing and cut surcharges on award tickets. Recently, Privilege Club adopted Avios as its miles currency. So how good or bad is the program now? Here’s a renewed look at the program to see how good it is for award travelers.