Ryan Smith

Senior Editor

Ryan is a writer and editor who first wrote for AwardWallet team in 2021 but has been around points and miles for several years. He has written at Forbes Advisor, CNBC Select, Miles to Memories, The Points Guy, and USA Today Blueprint.


After someone at his hostel in China said “I flew here for free using points,” Ryan was hooked. Ryan is on a mission to visit every country in the world and has less than 10 countries remaining. He will visit his final country in late 2023.


His wife joins him on many of his trips, and they enjoy snowboarding, diving, and seeing animals in the wild. When not traveling, Ryan is probably answering questions from his family about how he travels so much and whether all of this is illegal.

Which Citi American Airlines AAdvantage Credit Card is Right for You?

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Capital One Adds 48-Month Credit Card Bonus Rule

Capital One has added new 48-month terms to the application terms for many of its credit cards. And while this might feel restrictive, the silver lining is that this provides clarity over the vague terms on previous applications. Let's look at the rule and how it applies to your credit card strategy going forward.

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Multiply Your Flying Blue Miles: Boost Recent Earnings Up to 12X

Flying Blue — the award program shared between Air France, KLM, Aircalin, Transavia, and TAROM — is offering members the ability to "multiply your miles." This offer lets members multiply their recent earnings by up to 12x. However, there are numerous restrictions to navigate on what miles you can multiply, limits, and who is eligible. Here's how to see your offer and if it makes sense.