Ryan Smith

Staff Writer

Ryan is a freelance writer and editor who joined the AwardWallet team in 2021 but has been around points and miles for several years. After someone at his hostel in China said “I flew here for free using points,” Ryan was hooked. Ryan is on a mission to visit every country in the world and recently passed the 150 mark.
His wife joins him on many of his trips, and they enjoy snowboarding, diving, and seeing animals in the wild. When not traveling, Ryan is probably answering questions from his family about how he travels so much and whether all of this is illegal.

Last Chance: Reminder to Use Temporary Credit Card Benefits

To make travel-focused credit cards worth keeping during the Covid-19 pandemic, many card issuers added temporary credit card benefits. These included everything from free Uber Eats Pass and DoorDash DashPass to monthly dining and cell phone credits. Many of these are coming to an end soon, so we wanted to remind you to utilize them before it’s too late.

Chase Adds $10 Monthly Credits for Gopuff on Most Cards Through 2023

Great news Chase cardholders! You now get $10 in monthly statement credits for Gopuff — a delivery service offering everything from baby supplies to alcohol. Normally, “limited-time” credits are for a few months. However, this perk will last through all of 2023 and is available on all Chase credit cards. Here are the details.

Chase Adds Perks to United Club Infinite Card Without Increasing Fee

Nowadays, credit cards rarely get new or additional perks without an increase to the annual fee. But, Chase has just improved the United Club Infinite without changing its fee. New benefits include discounts on United economy awards, free elite status, bonus miles, and upgrades for companions. Here’s what you need to know about the new perks.

Year-End Strategies for Earning Top-Tier Hotel Elite Status

There’s not much left of 2021, but there is still time to plan for and achieve top-tier hotel elite status with several programs. Due to various promotions with hotel loyalty program, earning elite status now—and carrying it through next year—is still on the table. Here are the various routes you could take to earn top-tier elite status with hotel loyalty programs.