Best Credit Cards for Extended Warranty Coverage [2019]

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If you have a big purchase on the horizon, maybe a new TV, camera, or refrigerator? The credit card earning the most points or miles may not be the best card to swipe at the checkout. It’s important to think past the points you'll earn, and look into other benefits a card may provide when you’re splashing out on new gear.

The majority of rewards cards provide a host of ancillary benefits, outside of points and miles, that can have a significant impact on which card you use for each purchase. Today, we’re shining a light on extended warranty policies offered by major credit providers and highlighting the best rewards cards to use when making a purchase.

Extend the warranty on your iPhone with no out-of-pocket expense by swiping the right credit card
Extend the warranty on your iPhone with no out-of-pocket expense by swiping the right credit card at the checkout.

How Do Extended Warranty Policies Work?

You may be familiar with extended warranties offered by a cashier or salesperson. An extended warranty typically adds between 12 and 24 months to the manufacturer's warranty.

For example, you purchase the new iPhone X with Apple's Limited Warranty of just 12 months, and the salesperson asks if you want to purchase AppleCare+, Apple's extended warranty plan which costs a colossal $199 for two years. However, if you swipe the right credit card when buying your iPhone X, you can receive similar extended warranty coverage to Apple’s pricey AppleCare+ without the $199 out of pocket expense.

The extended warranty coverage offered by your credit card mirrors the manufacturer’s warranty, and will only cover you for the same defects and faults listed in the product’s original warranty documentation.

So what's the process?

Just charge the full purchase price of the item to your credit card, and retain copies of the manufacturer’s warranty and merchant/credit card receipts. If there is a covered fault after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, your credit provider could pick up the bill for the item's repair or replacement, or for reimbursement of the purchase price.

Policies differ widely between credit card providers, and even between different versions of the same credit card (i.e. Platinum vs. Signature), so it’s crucial you read the T&C’s specific to your credit card to determine your level of coverage.

Credit Card Providers Offering Extended Warranty Protection

Mirroring the results for the best purchase protection policies, Citi claims the top spot, but not without some stiff competition from Amex. Citi’s extended warranty policy provides 24 months on top of the manufacturer warranty, and will even extend past a customer purchased warranty by a further 24 months, up to a total 84 months (7 years!) from the date of purchase. From August 1, 2018, Amex is matching Citi's 24 month cover on warranties up to 5 years, but with one small caveat; where Citi states no annual cap on claims, Amex will cap its new policy at $50K per year.

Citi ThankYou Premier Extended Warranty policy.

The policy from Citi also allows for a long initial warranty duration, providing extra warranty on items with a manufacturer warranty of up to five years. The example we’ve presented in the table is the guide to benefits for the Citi Premier Card, but the same policy applies across most Citi cards including the premium Citi Prestige® Card. Due to Citi recently cutting benefits across its entire range of rewards cards, extended warranty cover is no longer offered on the Citi® Double Cash Card.

Credit ProviderCard Specific or Universal Extended Warranty CoverMax Claim ValueDuration of Original WarrantyExtra Time Warranty is ExtendedExample of Policy
Citi24 months extended warranty protection$10,000 per item, no annual cap5 years or less24 months, extending warranty to a maximum 84 months from date of purchase (7 years)ThankYou Premier Guide to Benefits
American ExpressUp to 24 month extended warranty protection$10,000 per item, $50,000 per calendar year5 years or lessMatch the length of a manufacturer’s warranty of fewer than 2 years. For a warranty of 2-5 years warranty is extended 2 years.American Express Extended Warranty Benefits
Barclaycard24 month extended warranty protection$10,000 per item, no annual cap2 years maximum manufacturer or US brand warranty, plus option to add a purchased 2 year extended warranty 24 monthsArrival Plus Guide to Benefits
Chase12 month extended warranty protection$10,000 per item, $50,000 per account3 years or less12 monthsSapphire Reserve Guide to Benefits
U.S. Bank12 month extended warranty protection$10,000 per item, $50,000 per cardholder3 years or less12 monthsU.S. Bank Extended Warranty Policy
Capital One12 month extended warranty protection$10,000 per item, $50,000 per cardholderBetween 1 and 3 years depending on the card you hold - check your guide to benefits for details12 monthsCapital One Visa and Mastercard Benefits

The coverage from American Express is another great option if you don’t carry a Citi card in your wallet. Purchasing items on cards like The Platinum Card® from American Express (Terms Apply) or Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card (Terms Apply) allow for the same five-year initial warranty duration, and from August 1, 2018, will provide 24 months maximum extended warranty, matching the Citi policy. Amex also enables you to purchase extended warranty packages from the manufacturer or retailer, and will still add the additional 24 months coverage, provided the manufacturer warranty and the purchased warranty combined do not exceed five years.

Scanning the Amex policies, they do not explicitly exclude general wear and tear, which should be covered if you purchase with your Amex card (Citi excludes explicitly wear and tear). The policy matched up across every Amex card we researched, but check your card T&C’s before purchasing to ensure your card offers the same protection.

Barclaycard only offers a maximum initial warranty of two years, but will extend it by 24 months and allows you to stack the card policy with another 24 months purchased warranty coverage, for a total of 72 months or 6 years. If you hold a Visa from Chase or U.S. Bank, the extended warranty covers items with a manufacturer warranty of three years or less, and extends coverage by up to 12 months.

Discover recently announced that extended warranty cover will be removed as a benefit of its cards from February 28, 2018, along with other ancillary benefits, which is why it didn’t make the list.

What Purchases Are Excluded from Extended Warranty Coverage?

The list of exclusions differs for each provider, but common exclusions include:

  • Animals, plants, perishables, and consumables
  • Used, antiques, collectibles or pre-owned items
  • Boats, cars, aircraft, or any other motorized vehicles (motorbike, truck, tractor, etc.)
  • Computer software
  • Medical equipment
  • Land, buildings, or housing
  • Items purchased for resale, professional, or commercial use
  • Exclusions listed in the original manufacturer warranty
  • Items without a manufacturer’s warranty

While coverage is similar between providers, each publishes a list of exclusions which you should consult before making a purchase. It’s essential to read the guide to benefits for your specific credit card to confirm if it offers extended warranty coverage, and what items it covers. If you’re unfamiliar with your card benefits, we’ve compiled a handy list of guides to benefits from major credit providers.

How to File a Claim

To make an extended warranty claim, you need to keep the credit card receipt, shop receipt, original manufacturer warranty, and the details of any customer purchased extended warranty policy, plus you’ll be asked to provide the original credit card statement recording the purchase. To initiate a claim, contact the relevant phone number below, or visit the listed website for your provider.

  • Citi – Go to or call 1-866-918-4670 for instructions on how to submit a Citi Purchase Protection claim.
  • American Express – Go to, call 1-800-225-3750, or mail claim details into – Extended Warranty, PO Box 981553, El Paso TX 79998-9920.
  • Barclaycard – Visit or call 1-800-Mastercard to open a
  • Chase – Call the Benefit Administrator at 1-888-675-1461 for information or to file a claim.
  • U.S. Bank – Call the Benefit Administrator at 1-800-551-8472 for information or to file a claim.
  • Capital One – Call the Benefit Administrator at 1-800-397-9010 for information or to file a claim.

Final Thoughts

With extended warranty policies covering up to $10,000 per claim, the value derived from this benefit could comfortably eclipse the value of rewards earned over the time you hold the card, something to factor in before making a purchase. Citi again provides the standout policy for extended warranty coverage, offering 24 months extra protection on top of the combined manufacturer and purchased warranties of five years or less, and no cap on annual claims. Delivering up to 7 years warranty in total for items purchased with your Citi card. Amex also offers a top policy, which covers wear and tear in addition to the typical cover associated with rewards cards.

In thinking about how to maximize a policy, you could, in theory, purchase a short extended warranty and then piggyback the additional warranty on a credit card. Adding a year or two of warranty direct from a retailer could be relatively inexpensive, and when those more expensive 3 or 4-year policies would be desired, you could skip them and leverage the coverage on your credit card.

If you’ve used the extended warranty protection on your credit card, we’d love to hear from you. Share your experience below in the comments.

Best Credit Cards for Extended Warranty Coverage [2019]
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    I’m surprised Citi comes out on top. I would have assumed it would be American Express.
    Good analysis.

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  • For the warranty to be in effect, does the card used at time of purchase have to remain open?

    • Based on all my research, it does not. Information on Amex is mixed (public forums) and Citi has it documented that you’re covered as long as you were in good standing at the time of purchase. Chase has confirmed you’ll just need to keep track of the original card number to provide.

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  • For the CSR you get price protection on the full amount of the purchase even if only part of it was on the card. Not sure if the same applies to extended warranty coverage but that would be a good thing to get clarity on before combining GC and CC payment.

    • That is not the case. The terms specifically state “You will only be reimbursed up to the amount charged to your Account or the program limit.” Since $50 is the limit, just make sure you charge at least $50 on the CSR and then you can use the rest of with gift cards. However, if you charge $20 on the CSR, that’d be the most you’d be able to get back.

  • Great article, good food for thought.
    I am planning to purchase a big screen TV in the near future and based on this article , I will think more carefully about how I pay for it.
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  • An important consideration, particularly for large purchases. Have to try to keep this in mind from now on.

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  • I was interested in applying for a Citi DoubleCash card, for the extended warranty feature. Unfortunately, on the Citi site, I can’t find anything associated with the DoubleCash card, that confirms that they still offer the Extended Warranty option (for that card) and exactly what it covers and the requirements for using it.

    Calls to Citi left me frustrated, as three representatives didn’t even seem to know what I was talking about when I inquired about exactly which cards had the extended warranty feature, and where I could find resource material online that spelled the details out for specific cards.

    I told them that I wasn’t interested in applying for a card that I had to wait until after application, approval and receipt of the card to find out what the details of the benefits are.

    • They do still have it by the way, 2-year extension of manufacturer’s warranty. It’s easy to find once you have the card at least, under Benefits->Extended Warranty.

  • This article has some issues.
    Table shows Barclaycard, but link only points to Arrival Plus. Is it for all or just Arrival Plus?
    You say AmEx is now matching Citi’s 2+ years, but the table still shows matching for warranties less than 2 years. Which is it?

    • Not sure what you’re confused about. We link to an example from Barclaycard, the Arrival Plus, which is a likely card our readers will have. You should check your own card’s policy. For Amex/Citi, we call out that Amex will match Citi up to 2 years. Sorry for any confusion.

      • In the case of Citi you say “The example we’ve presented in the table is the guide to benefits for the Citi Premier℠ Card, but the same policy applies across the full spectrum of Citi cards…” But it doesn’t say this anywhere for the other brands. If you include this the article will be more complete. It’s not inaccurate, it’s just incomplete.

        And in the text it says “From August 1, 2018, Amex is matching Citi’s 24 month cover on warranties up to 5 years, but with one small caveat; where Citi states no annual cap on claims, Amex will cap its new policy at $50K per year.” The table (and I what I confirmed on other sites) says AmEx is only matching the 24 month cover on warranties from 2-5 years. So that statement should include both caveats in order to be accurate. As is the statement conflicts with the table.


  • Has anyone gone through this process with Citi? I just bought a OLED TV on my Citi DoubleCash card so have the coverage but have been debating an extended warranty depending how simple this process is in the even the TV breaks and needs repair or stops working entirely.

  • Byron Cooper says:

    Citibank has ended Extended Warranty, car rental coverage, purchase protection, price rewind from all of their cards effective nest month. That even includes the American Airlines Executive card and the Citi Prestige Card, both of which are $450 cards.

  • Barclay Arrival Plus is discontinuing the extended warranty with their card. “Changes to your Barclays Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard® Benefits effective November 1, 2019:

    Your Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver and Identity Theft benefits are being enhanced. In addition, you are eligible to receive Cellular Telephone Protection. Your Extended Warranty, Price Protection, Purchase Assurance, Satisfaction Guarantee and Trip Delay benefits are being removed, however claims can be submitted for eligible purchases made through October 31, 2019. Restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply

  • Citibank discontinued as of September 22, 2019. American Express just sent out “updates” – is will be discontinued as of January 1, 2020. Customer service reps are clueless. Wonder if Chase will follow?

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