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Airline Award Ticket Change and Cancellation Policies

It’s often necessary to book award flights months in advance to secure your seat. With such a long period between the date you book and the date you fly, it’s easy for a change of plans to require alterations to or cancellation of an award. In case you need to make changes to your ticket, here's a list of award ticket change and cancellation policies and the fees you can expect to pay.

How To Receive Elite Hotel Benefits Without Elite Status

If you want the benefits of elite status within a hotel program but don't happen to have that status, leveraging luxury hotel programs could deliver just what you're looking for. Upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and late checkout are just a few of the perks you'll be eligible for with the right program.

Crazy Good Availability for Starlux Flights Using Alaska Miles

Alaska Airlines and Starlux (the Taiwan-based airline) launched a partnership earlier this year, and mileage redemptions with Alaska Mileage Plan miles are now live. That means you can book Starlux awards. And I'm not just saying, "In theory, you can book awards." You really can book awards...pretty much any day you want. Let's show you how to take advantage of this award availability for a dream trip to Taiwan or onward to other points in Asia.

How to Get Rental Car Elite Status for Free

One of the feel-good milestones of travel is achieving elite status within a loyalty program. What feels even better? Getting elite status for free, thanks to holding the right credit card, through your existing elite status, or by status matching from another program. Here are all the shortcuts to rental car elite status.

How to Find Airline Partner Award Flight Availability

Redeeming miles for partner award flights is a great way to increase the value of your frequent flyer miles. Unfortunately, it’s also misunderstand and can be a daunting task for first-timers. How do you know which airlines you can book, and how do you find the flights? We cover all of this in our guide to partner award availability.

Promising But Lacking Polish: A Roame.Travel Review

Tired of searching flight award inventory for hours on end, only to be disappointed by results? Let a new tool do all of the heavy lifting for you! Roame.Travel searches a dozen award programs for flight award space on the route of your choosing, all at the click of a button.

How Many Miles Do You Need for a Free Flight?

If you've managed to earn a good stash of airline miles, the next step is understanding how many miles you need to book your next trip. Don't let the airlines trick you into paying more than you should! Here's what you need to understand, and some tips to follow, so you can save miles on your next award redemption.

How To Maximize Fixed-Value Points & Miles in 2023

Fixed-value points and miles don’t get nearly as much attention as their transferable counterparts, but they form an essential part of any solid points-and-miles strategy. These points work just like cash, allowing you to redeem for any flight without having to worry about blackout dates or award charts. In this post, we cover our favorite types of fixed-value points and how to decide when to use them.

How Far in Advance Can You Book Hotel Reservations?

How far out you can book a hotel? And does making reservations at the far side of the booking window provides any tangible benefit? Each hotel chain handles reservations differently, with the booking windows of major hotel chains ranging from 11 months through to a mammoth 3 years.

Practical Airline Award Sweet Spots for Families

Are you tired of hearing about points deals just to find out that it only applies to solo travelers or couples? This guide shows families how to find sweet spots with multiple airlines. From better availability to companion passes to kids' discounts, we'll show you the realistic options you have for booking family travel using points.

How to Find the Cheapest Air France-KLM Flying Blue Awards Using the Award Calendar

Flying Blue (the award program for Air France, KLM, and more) can be one of the cheapest ways to fly to Europe, especially when you take advantage of monthly Promo Rewards and/or frequent transfer bonuses. By knowing one trick, you can easily seek out the lowest award prices available by using the Flying Blue open dates award calendar. Here's how to utilize this lesser-known tool.

HotelSlash: The Hotel Booking Version of AutoSlash

The creators of AutoSlash turned their attention to hotels with the launch of HotelSlash, planning to help you save on hotel bookings. The subscription-only site promises users a host of features, including deep discounts that could add up to huge savings every year.

How to Search and Book British Airways Avios Award Flights

British Airways Avios provide incredible value if you know how to redeem them. Beyond flights with British Airways itself (which can have high taxes and fees), Avios can also be used to book award travel on 20+ airlines across the globe - including American Airlines and Alaska. In this guide, we'll show you how to find Avios award availability and redeem your Avios for maximum value.

How to Book an Airbnb Like a Pro

Love it or hate it, Airbnb has forever changed the face of travel. In this guide, we're doing a deep dive into all things Airbnb to demonstrate the fantastic value it can present for travelers. After reading this, you should have all the tools you need to book Airbnb stays like a pro.

Why I’m So Excited About Flexible Point Currencies Right Now

Low cash prices and increased earning opportunities are making flexible points more valuable than ever before. With these points, you have a choice between transferring to airline and hotel partners or redeeming for a fixed, cash value. The conventional wisdom is to transfer points for higher value. Today, I’ll explain why that advice might not be true right now—and how to make the right choice on your next redemption.

Why Now is a Great Time to Book a Dream Trip to French Polynesia

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make traveling difficult, one dream destination has already re-opened its borders to all travelers. If you've ever heard of Tahiti, Bora Bora, of French Polynesia, chances are you've dreamed of vacationing there. Thanks to significant safety precautions and generous award availability, now could be the perfect time to make that dream a reality. We will show you how to do so in this post.

The Best Ways to Book United’s New Routes to Africa, India, And Hawaii

United has announced 7 exciting new routes for 2021 to Hawaii, Africa and India. Although details are slim on some routes, others are already on sale. So, we at AwardWallet dug into the best ways to book these new routes with miles and points. Here's how to book United business class to Hawaii from 15,000 miles each way, Africa starting at 52,000 miles each way, and India for as little as 52,500 miles each way.