Last Chance to Take Advantage of the Jetblue and Lyft Partnership

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Update: JetBlue ended their partnership with Lyft in September 2019. You can still earn Delta and Hilton points by connecting your Lyft account.

A JetBlue and Lyft Partnership was created back in November 2016. Since then, you've been able to earn 30 TrueBlue points for every ride to and from the airport you booked with Lyft. But that's coming to an end on September 9th, 2019.

JetBlue and Lyft Partnership

With this partnership, members who linked their TrueBlue and Lyft accounts could get up to 1,200 TrueBlue points a year. Granted, that wasn't great when you factor in this being less than a $0.50 return per ride, or about $18 per year.

“As to why the partnership is ending, Lyft simply stated, “After three great years, Lyft and JetBlue have decided to part ways as of 9/9/19. It’s been quite the ride, and both Lyft and JetBlue thank you as one of the many TrueBlue members who took part in this partnership. We realize that being able to earn TrueBlue points on airport rides (and linking your TrueBlue and Lyft accounts) has been a convenient perk. Stay tuned as we look to roll out new ones in the future.”

Delta and Hilton Partnerships

While the JetBlue and Lyft partnership is ending, Lyft still has partnerships with Hilton and Delta. Just a few months ago, Hilton partnered up with Lyft to offer Hilton Honors Points when you link accounts. You can earn three Hilton Honors points for every dollar spent on Lyft rides, and two Hilton Honors points for every dollar spent on Lyft shared rides. There is a cap of $10,000 worth of Lyft rides each year that are eligible for points.

With the Delta and Lyft partnership, you can earn 2x SkyMiles on all Lyft rides to U.S. airports, and 1x SkyMiles on all other U.S. Lyft rides. If you're a member of Hilton Honors or SkyMiles, make sure you link these accounts to claim your benefits. It's not every day that you can earn multiple rewards bonuses from a rideshare program.

If you're not a member yet, click here to sign up for a Lyft Account, Hilton Honors Account or Delta SkyMiles account.

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  • I need to calculate when it would be more worth it to take Uber vs Lyft when factoring in the Lyft double-dip partnership with my HH and Delta account. Unsure how to figure out at what is the maximum difference in fare between Uber and Lyft that makes taking Lyft worth it.. In my city sometimes Uber can be much more expensive than Lyft, but the potential to earn Delta and HH points with Lyft could offset the difference.

  • Kayla Whiting says:

    Glad to know this. Used LYFT for the first time last month and am glad to know there’s a partnership for extra points for my future Lyft rides. Thanks.

  • Not enough offers like those over here…

  • Madeleine Ming says:

    Looks like I just knew about it in time.

  • I do prefer LYFT to UBER because of practices of theirs. So I do try to do LYFT where i can. I agree with others there are not enough LYFT drivers. So I have benefited from the partnership. Sad to see it go since we could triple dip. At least I can still double dip.

  • You can still quadruple dip if you remember, although not a huge return. $0.25/ride if you open Lyft through Rakuten (EBates). Jetblue miles with Lyft weren’t a gamechanger, but free miles are free miles

  • I use Lyft more than Uber. The bad part with the Lyft / Jet Blue it only can be used when going to the Airport. So I took advantage of the Lyft / Delta partnership.

  • Sorry to see it go. I find the pricing between Uber and Lyft to be fairly comparable (sometimes one is higher, sometimes the other), but these partnerships and frequent discount offers, do make me lean in Lyft’s favor.

  • I was able to triple dip for a while and it was great! Sad to see it go. Even with double dipping Lyft is still cheaper than Uber and I have found that drivers say they are better treated by Lyft than Uber so I’ll keep using Lyft.

  • Much better than uber

  • There are many travel partnerships which can yield extra points, that it is often difficult to keep up with the latest. While often not a lot of points, every little bit helps to attain goals.

  • jacob zynger says:

    I always use LYFT rather than UBER – price is always cheaper and they have many added discounts. I just signed up through delta with LYFT to gain the delta miles. Very happy with the new arragement

  • sad to see this one go. This was one of the reasons why i would use Lyft at times from airports.

  • You can link your Lyft and Delta accounts and get 1 mile (2 miles on airport rides) per $1 spent. That’s not going to add up to a lot, but better than nothing.

  • Can you earn the bonus on all three programs with the same lyft ride?

  • Lyft is very prevalent in my area compared to Uber, but hopefully that will change over time. Good to see these partnerships.

  • This was nice while it lasted, but while you would get extra points, the fact that it was limited to the airport limited the offer for a lot of people.

  • Is it possible to triple dip on Lyft rides?
    i.e.) earn hilton, jet blue, and delta miles on the same Lyft ride.

  • I wish lyft was more popular locally. We have less than a dozen uber drivers and two lyft drivers in all of NCWV. Largest university in the state that isn’t Walker friendly and only 14 total ride drivers.

  • This, along with better pricing, is why I usually choose Lyft over Uber. It was a nice bonus, but I’m not expecting the other partnerships to last forever either.

  • Extra points is always a plus. But please do not spend extra dollars or take Lyft more often just to ear the extra points. That defeats oneself in the long run.

    • It seems like an obvious statement, to not increase your usage to increase your points. Although, I’m sure some need to hear it. And, it’s easy to get caught up in the points game and forget the rule.