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Do ANA Mileage Club Miles Expire?

ANA Mileage Club Miles will expire 36 months after they're earned. The expiration deadline generally cannot be extended — except for top-tier Diamond members. However, general members can register to get a COVID-19-related extension. You'll need to register by February 29, 2024 to save your miles. Here's how to do so.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club No-Notice Devaluation of ANA First Class Awards

Bad news award travelers: One of the best sweet spots in the points and miles ecosystem just got devalued. Effective immediately, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is charging up to 42% more points for ANA first-class awards. Yet, somehow Flying Club might still be the best option for booking these awards. Here's a full breakdown of the changes — and the silver lining in the dark clouds.

ANA Increased Fuel Surcharges on Awards as of October 1

ANA just increased the fuel surcharges it levies on flights on its own flights. The new charges applied to tickets booked on or after October 1, 2022. The new surcharges are a substantial increase on the previous ones and will negatively impact the value of ANA awards. But thankfully you can avoid paying fuel surcharges entirely by booking through the right partner. Here are a few options to consider.

Maximize ANA Mileage Club Award Sweet Spots

We’ve written an in-depth post to help members understand ANA’s complex award charts, routing, and stopover policy which is a great place to start if you’re new to Mileage Club, and also a guide on how to book ANA awards which will help with the practical side of booking awards. Here we'll cover sweet spots to maximize your rewards.

How to Book ANA Mileage Club Award Flights

All Nippon Airlines (ANA), Japan’s second-biggest carrier, is a member of the world's largest airline alliance, Star Alliance, and also has partnerships with several non-alliance airlines including Etihad, Hawaiian, and Virgin Atlantic.

Understanding ANA Mileage Club Award Charts

One trait of Japanese frequent flyer programs is the tendency to translate the program information in such meticulous detail, that readers suffer from data overload. The original intention with our ANA post(s), was to nail just one guide that touched on award pricing, definitions, sweet spots, and how-to book an award. But after digging into the program in depth, we’ve had to break it up into three posts. This installment will cover the different award charts with ANA Mileage Club.