Bonus Points

Earn a Free Rental Day for Every Two Rentals From Avis Preferred

Planning some domestic travel in the next few months and need a rental car? Avis is giving Preferred members the chance to earn a free rental day for every 2 rentals of 2+ days through February 29, 2024. Frequent renters can earn up to 5 free day certificates each month! However, there are terms and conditions to keep in mind.

How to Get Rental Car Elite Status for Free

One of the feel-good milestones of travel is achieving elite status within a loyalty program. What feels even better? Getting elite status for free, thanks to holding the right credit card, through your existing elite status, or by status matching from another program. Here are all the shortcuts to rental car elite status.

A Guide to the Avis Preferred Status Match Program

If you have elite status with Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, National, or Sixt, here's how to transfer loyalty via the Avis Preferred status match program. While this status match program targets members living in Europe, U.S. travelers also have ways to score Avis elite status. Here's the details of both.

Do Avis Preferred Points Expire?

Avis Preferred has a two-pronged points expiry policy. Your points will expire if you have no activity on your account for a period of 12 months. However, even if you maintain activity on your account, your points have a maximum lifespan of 60 months from when they are earned.

Get 80% Bonus Avios on Avis Rentals Promotion

British Airways Executive Club members can get 80% bonus Avios on Avis rentals. To qualify, you must book by October 31 and complete the rental by December 15. No registration is required. But, there are a few restrictions on this earning opportunity. Here are the details of this Avis promotion.

Avis One-Day Rental for $30 + Discounted Presidents Club Membership

Avis is offering a one-day rental for $30 and a paid upgrade to President's Club (their top-tier elite status) for $750 with the latest Daily Getaways promotion. The $30 one-day rental coupons will likely sell out soon after the deal goes live at 1 p.m. ET. on Thursday, May 16th, so don't wait if you want to grab this deal.

Airport to City Rentals with Avis from $9.99

Avis has introduced a new one-way car rental promo from airports to cities across the US for as little as $9.99 per rental. With this promotion, you can pick up a car from the airport and drop it off downtown, or pick it up downtown and drop it off at the airport. Although this does have some limitations, including restrictions on travel days and locations, if the stars align, you could save a significant amount of money with a rental versus Uber/Lyft or a Taxi. This promotion is clearly targeted at the leisure/weekend traveler, and we like it!