Beginners Guide: How to Build a Credit File

One of the guiding principles of award travel is protecting and maintaining your credit score. Getting approved for top rewards earning credit cards requires a clean credit file and a minimum 700+ credit score. But what if your credit score is under the magic 700 point threshold? Or you’re fresh out of college and trying to build your credit file from scratch?

Big Changes Coming to How Credit Scores are Calculated

Your credit is one of your most valuable personal assets. Later this year we’ll see some changes to the modeling used with VantageScore credit scoring. Remember, there are two major models: FICO and VantageScore, with FICO still being used primarily by most major lenders.

Tips for Managing Your Credit Score

One of the keys to successful rewards travel is achieving and maintaining a healthy credit score. The most significant points and miles earning opportunities are tied closely to rewards earning credit cards, and in addition to the potential rewards, credit…