You Can Now Earn Hilton, Delta, and Jetblue Points with Lyft

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Thanks to a newly announced partnership between Hilton and Lyft, you can now earn Hilton Honors points for every Lyft ride. The addition of Hilton rounds out Lyft's portfolio nicely, with Hilton joining Delta and JetBlue as Lyft earning partners.

Earn Rates

  • 3x Hilton points for every $1 spent on economy, luxury, and extra-seat rides
  • 2x Hilton points on shared rides
  • Points can be earned on up to $10,000 per calendar year
  • New users can benefit from a $15 sign-up bonus, credited as $5 off each of the first three rides
  • To start earning points, you must link your Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts

This partnership is a welcome development and is the first hotel loyalty program that Lyft has partnered with. The hotel partnership makes a lot of sense, given that travelers are probably taking lots of taxis (especially to and from the airport). Furthermore, this partnership gives Lyft a competitive advantage over Uber, which doesn't have similar partnerships with any travel partner. You could link your Lyft account to all three partners, allowing you to earn miles/points with Delta, JetBlue, and Hilton on each ride. Click here to see all the travel partners linked to your Lyft account to make sure you're earning points with all three partners.

Below, we've summarized Lyft's partnerships with JetBlue and Delta.

Update: JetBlue ended their partnership with Lyft in September 2019. 

Lyft and JetBlue

By linking your Lyft and JetBlue accounts, you can earn 30 JetBlue points on each airport ride taken with Lyft.

If you are a new Lyft user, you can elect to earn either 750 TrueBlue points or a $15 ride credit on your first airport ride. Unfortunately, JetBlue caps the maximum number of points earned at 1,200 per year. In 2016, JetBlue also integrated Lyft into its app, allowing users to request airport rides without needing to toggle back and forth between Lyft and the JetBlue app. This feature is super convenient, especially if Lyft services an area that you're flying in to.

Lyft and Delta

Lyft's partnership with Delta allows travelers to earn Delta miles for rides taken with Lyft.

Regular rides earn 1x mile per $1, while airport rides earn 2x miles per $1. This is a nice perk considering airport rides are usually quite pricey. If you're a new Lyft user, you could benefit from $20 in ride credits. Delta miles are earned once you link your Lyft and Delta accounts. Unlike with Hilton and JetBlue, there is no cap on the number of Delta miles earned.

Our Take

The addition of Hilton to Lyft's partner portfolio is a smart move. Not only does it benefit travelers, but it also gives Lyft a competitive advantage over Uber, which usually dominates each market it operates in. Increasing Lyft's competitive position helps ensure that Uber and other taxi services do not raise prices in a way that's detrimental to consumers. Given that Lyft already has partnerships with Delta and JetBlue, there is nothing stopping you from earning points with all three loyalty programs for each Lyft ride taken. We think this partnership is very consumer friendly.

Don't forget, Lyft rides code as travel, so make sure you pay with a credit card that earns bonus points on travel purchases.

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  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    This sounds great because it is the first hotel loyalty program that Lyft has partnered with. The hotel partnership makes a lot of sense, given that I take a lot of taxis.

  • This is awesome! These programs honestly make me pick Lyft over Uber when possible.

  • I’m signed up for all three. Thanks!

  • Make sure to also sign up for Pei (mobile app). It pays $2 for every Lyft/Uber ride, as long as the credit card you used to pay for the ride is linked to your Pei account.

    I’m not sure if referral links are allowed here so I won’t post mine, but if you need one just reply to this comment and I can get it to you

    • Thank you very much for alerting us all to Pei. It’s always great to get another “dip” without any effort. (Besides giving them access to our credit card activity. 😉 But, at this point in tech history, I’ve mostly accepted the privacy intrusiveness of commercial entities, as long as I get something tangible in return.)

  • This will get a lot of people to pick Lyft over Uber when both are available options.

  • says:

    Delta is leading the way on the gig miles (you can also earn Deta miles with Air BnB).

  • Thank you for the information regarding triple dipping!

  • SH in SF says:

    A great way to keep my Hilton account alive and prevent losing my HHonors points.

  • I might use Lyft over Uber now if I can earn points with all 3 at once.

  • Not every point is the same value, but the flexibility of this is great. Wonderful job.

  • Hat Tip to Lyft for recognizing another way to bring a loyalty incentive to their customers.

  • The Hilton partnership is definitely enough to make me think about converting from Uber.

  • This is great information. Love the link

  • I love this easy points earning!

  • Kennedy Callaghan says:

    I didn’t realize I could earn 2 times the points for airport rides. Lyft certainly seems preferable than Uber’s loyalty program.

  • I’m glad Lyft is reaching out and getting exposure in this way, but I also wish they would improve their service! It’s been frustrating using them in the last few weeks.

  • It is great to have another option to keep the Hilton account in active status.

  • I’ve earned a fair amount of Jetblue miles through lyft. I don’t use it enough to worry about the cap.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I like that Lyft already has partnerships with Delta and JetBlue, I just wish that they were available in more countries.

  • This seems like a great addition for Lyft. It makes it more valuable to travelers.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I like earning points with all three loyalty programs for each Lyft ride taken. I wish uber had a similar program.

  • Thanks! Appreciate the tip to get points on another mode of travel. Every little bit adds up…

  • Nice to see Hilton added as a point partner. Is it capped like JB?. I have always wondered why lyft does do more of these

  • This is certainly an advantage for lyft over uber. The best part is that you can link multiple partners to stack the rewards, ie delta and jet blue points for the same ride.

  • Are all of these US only or do jetblue and hilton work in Canada, too?

  • I did not realize that I could earn with more than one! Thank you for this! I’ve been missing out! Now that I have all three linked I will get points/miles with each.

    I will have to look how prevalent Lyft is in other countries. I know for sure here in the US they are pretty much everywhere Uber is. I really do prefer Lyft over Uber.

  • Another opportunity of earning miles and/or points is always welcomed.
    Now there are three possibility of earning with Lyft, not a lot but maybe the number will increase.

  • Great way to extend expiring miles.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    Linking Lyft account to all three partners is a real advantage.

  • Great to see more options for earning points for using Lyft. I use Lyft exclusively at this point.

  • Stacy Y Liu says:

    I love this ability to use Lyft earnings and have it tagged with HH!!

  • Hope Uber signs up on this program as well!

  • This is good for preventing mileage expiry. It would entice me to choose Lyft over Uber.

  • Awesome! Linked all three – thank you!

  • Maryjane says:

    I have been earning all three types of points ever since it was allowed. Triple dipping is fun (quadruple if you count your credit card points). I have found Lyft to usually be slightly cheaper than Uber in most cases so I even win that way. Finally, I always ask my drivers if they drive for both services and if so, which one do they like batter? In almost all cases they say Lyft treats them better.

  • Great addition. Looking forward to Uber adding some more partner earnings.

  • This is why I take Lyft over Uber!!!!!

  • I personally prefer Lyft over Uber so this is a great addition. Easy points, especially when I travel for work!

  • You answered my question: “there is nothing stopping you from earning points with all three loyalty programs for each Lyft ride taken.” – what a sweet deal! Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea.

  • >this partnership gives Lyft a competitive advantage over Uber, which doesn’t have similar partnerships with any travel partner.

    True, but the problem is that Lyft is not available in other countries, unlike Uber. It is a nice touch but not enough to make me switch to use them.

  • This is a good benefit of Lyft over Uber. At least you get something in return and I do find the Lyft service to be a bit better anyway. It’s probably enough to get me to use them more.

  • Woohoo! Lyft is cheaper in Austin than Uber and this incentive makes Lyft even more desirable!

  • What’s the best Lyft signup deal out there? I’ve always used Uber, but this has me thinking of switching to Lyft. And I assume you can only use one of the signup deals, so I want to pick the best one.

  • This is great news. Getting points is another reason that Lyft is better than Uber. This also sounds like a great way of also accumulating qualifying activity to prevent Hilton and Jetblue points from expiring too.

  • Another great reason to use Lyft over Uber. Apart from earning points and miles, this is an excellent way to accrue qualifying activity to extend expiration dates for Hilton and Jetblue (Delta has no expiration date). Thanks for the info and links!

  • That’s great! I use Lyft a lot. AAdvantage would be even better but you won’t see me complaining….

  • Great news definitely will share this. I hope AA will jump on board. This makes so much sense. Plus with so many cancelled flights you can earn miles if you Lyft to your destination if it’s close by.

  • Rob, JetBlue miles *do* expire if you don’t fly with them within a year of your last JetBlue flight. Their website is very deceiving as it just says their miles don’t expire, but that’s not really true if you don’t fly them.

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