Buy Hilton Points with a 100% Bonus Through November 26th

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Hilton's newest deal for the holidays is a 100% buy-points bonus until November 26th. This deal isn't fantastic, but if you have upcoming Hilton stays that would be cheaper by using points purchased at half a cent each (instead of booking with cash), then this would be something worth considering.

Key Terms

  • This deal is available when purchasing between 10,000 and 160,000 Hilton points.
  • You can pool points into a single account from up to 10 other people, with an annual limit of two million points per calendar year. 
  • The deal ends on November 26th, 2019.

Our Take

Hilton Honors doesn't have the most valuable points currency, so a deal like this depends heavily on your upcoming travel. You can usually purchase Hilton points for a penny each, and this 100% bonus is on par with the best offers we’ve seen in recent years. Previous 100% bonuses have required smaller minimum purchases (as little as 3,000 points last December and 5,000 points in June 2018), but those deals were also subject to a maximum of 80,000 points. With the current offer, each member can buy up to 160,000 points which will result in 320,000 added to your account after the bonus.

Now that Hilton members can pool points with up to 10 other accounts, your buying capacity is only limited by your network of trustworthy friends. If you need 400,000 points for an upcoming trip, you can recruit a spouse or friend to purchase the remaining points and pool them together for the redemption.

Before you get out your wallet, you'll want to do the math to make sure it's a better deal to buy points than to pay cash. If you can get a stay for 80,000 points compared to paying $500 in cash, go buy those points for $400 and pat yourself on the back. But it's far from a foregone conclusion that points will save you money, so make sure you do your homework.

Unless you're a Hilton pro, we highly discourage buying points speculatively with this type of deal. But, if you know your numbers, this deal is a rare chance to stockpile points at a price we only see a few times a year.

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  • Only good for a few circumstances. Though I recently had a stay in Hawaii that offered excellent value for the points, this deal is definitely not for me this time.

  • It is always great to see 100% bonus offers. Thanks for sharing.

  • I prefer not to buy points, especially when I get a nice rebate back on cash rates at Hilton hotels

  • Nice! Perfect example of how it can work out —especially with 5th night free for elites.

  • If you’re hoping to have an award stay at an exquisite hotel like Grand Wailea in Maui, this is the way to go since you’ll be able to avoid resort fees and get an extra free night with status. An upgrade and and resort credit was also given as a part of our award stay!!

    Aloha and Enjoy!!!!

  • good when you need for something specific but not worth to buy speculative

  • Might be useful for topping off to get 5th night free?

  • I wonder if Hilton will ever have a bonus greater than 100%.
    All these years the bonus has always been 100%.

  • 100% bonus is always welcome if you need to purchase points.

  • Good to know if you need more points for an award stay coming up. I was not aware that you could pool points from up to 10 accounts. Thanks for the update!

  • Being less valuable than before and given that I have already some points I will not buy Hilton points at this round.

  • Coming from someone who has the Aspire, I wouldn’t buy Hilton points at a 200% bonus.

  • A 100% bonus always makes it worth thinking about, but I don’t think redemptions are that great, so I’ll pass!

  • The headline definitely grabbed my attention – but then after reading I followed your advice and did the math. Not for me at this time – but thank you for posting!

  • I’ve been building up Hilton points for sometime but haven’t decided what to spend them on yet – What gives the best value.

  • Yvonne Pratt says:

    Being able to pool points is the best thing about Hilton.

    • That certainly is a nice benefit, particularly if you have a 2nd player. You can refer your spouse to the free Hilton card and then look for an upgrade offer or refer again to the middle card, and likewise again with the expensive card.

  • Robert Gonzales says:

    Perfect timing! Great to see 100% bonus offers.

  • When I see a good value like the 100% bonus once in awhile I do take advantage of it just to have some points in my account for maybe something unexpected. I just went on a trip and drained my other accounts. It just happened I got stuck in a city and it was a great savings to use my Hilton points for the stay rather than my money.

  • Firstly, stay in multiples of 5 (5 nights, 10 nights, etc) for the free night.

    Beyond that, value is up to you. If staying at a Hilton in NYC for 50,000 points when the cash price is $900 Ney Years Eve but the next night drops to $250, is that room really worth $900? That’s what you’ll need to answer. I don’t pretend to get value because someone tells me what I’m getting would cost a lot otherwise.

    But on the other hand, if you were going to NYC for New Years Eve already and you would have paid the cash price otherwise, then you absolutely get huge value out of using points instead.

  • I love Hilton!

  • Unless you have an immediate use for the points I wouldn’t risk buying Hilton points these days sure to the sudden unannounced devaluations due to points price increases.

  • hilton really needs to rethink their rewards redemption. The program is becoming more and more pedestrian in terms of points utilization.

  • Such a shame I missed it this time round! I know they’re running this promo time to time but not always with a 100% bonus though.

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