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Aegean Airlines Launches genAIRation Loyalty Program for Travelers Ages 18-25

One of the best times to travel is during college. However, travel is expensive. Luckily, there are a few programs that make it easier and less expensive for younger travelers. One of the newest programs is Aegean Airlines' genAIRation program aimed at those ages 18 to 25. From discounted air tickets to free Wi-Fi on every flight, here are the details of this young traveler program.

Do Aegean Airlines Miles + Bonus Miles Expire?

Aegean Airlines Miles + Bonus miles do not expire as long as your account remains "active". Currently, there is no information on how you can keep your account active on Aegean's website. However, historical data points indicate that you must take a paid flight every 5 years to keep your account active.

Purchase Aegean Miles With Up To 40% Bonus

Aegean has announced a promotion awarding up to 40% bonus on miles purchases. The promotion is tiered, and you will have to purchase at least 21,000 miles to earn the bonus. However, you will have to be relatively quick with your planning and purchase since the promotion is only valid through August 31, 2018.