Bonus Points

Build a Winning Combo of Citi ThankYou Rewards Cards

Earning rates on Citi cards are among the best available. With the right combo of cards, you can earn 5x in a category of your choice; 3x on dining, gas, and travel; and 2x on all other purchases. And you'll pay just $95 in total to hold all three cards each year! Here's how to put together a winning Citi card trifecta and build a substantial balance of ThankYou Points in a relatively short period.

American Express Adds “Family” Language to Delta Credit Card Rules

It hasn't been a quiet week for Delta, and there's another change sure to make people unhappy: the introduction of a "family" rule on American Express' Delta co-branded credit cards. American Express and Delta offer numerous credit cards, and we've had numerous questions over the years from people wondering whether it's possible to earn the welcome bonus on all of these cards. Until today, the answer was an easy "yes." Now, it's muddier.

How To Get a Business Credit Card in 3 Steps

Business credit cards are handy tools, and almost anyone can apply for one. No matter your hustle, there's a good chance you qualify for a small business card. The process can be overwhelming if you've never applied for a business credit card, so we've broken it down into three easy steps. Here's all you need to know about business cards.

Top Small-Business Credit Card Offers for September 2023

Want to leverage your business expenses to earn a stack of cash back or travel rewards? We've put together the best business credit card offers available to new applicants in September. Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur, there is a card to suit your goals and budget.

How to Create a Travel Rewards Credit Card Strategy for Families

The world of points and miles can seem daunting even if you’re just one or two travelers traveling together. Imagine the hurdles that families have to face when trying to figure out how to plan for family travel that involves four or more people. Thankfully, with proper planning and taking advantage of things like pooling points, families can enjoy the benefits of travel with points and miles too. Here’s how to create a travel rewards credit card strategy for families.

Tips for Managing Your Credit Score

Keeping track of your credit score is imperative when it comes to maximizing your credit card rewards and benefits. This article will show you how to track and manage your credit score, plus what you should be doing regularly to make yourself look good in the eyes of the banks.

Charge Card vs Credit Card – What’s the Difference?

Charge cards and credit cards are commonly mistaken as the same product. They have similar application processes, both will usually perform a hard pull on your credit score, and stylistically they have similar card designs. However, there are key differences between charge cards and credit cards that you should know about.