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Wide-Open Etihad Apartments Award Availability!

The Etihad Airbus A380 finally returned to the skies this month. And that means the return of the beloved Etihad Apartments. If you want to fly the fabled, once-thought-to-be-extinct product for yourself, we have some great news. We are seeing wide-open award availability for up to two passengers per flight. Here's why you should consider splurging for Etihad Apartments, and the best ways to book.

Book Sweet Spots Now: Etihad Guest Announces Award Chart Overhaul

Buckle up because Etihad Guest is eliminating its current award charts and introducing a new “simplified redemption rate” award chart. That will likely eliminate many of our favorite sweet spots in this quirky program. From business class to Europe or Africa for 44,000 miles to business class to Asia for 54,000 miles each way, here are the sweet spots to book now - and how to gather the Etihad Guest miles to book them.

EL AL and Etihad Reciprocal Mileage Earning and Redemption Rates

EL AL and Etihad built on their codeshare agreement by announcing reciprocal earning and redemption options on each other flights. Etihad Guest mileage earnings for EL AL flights started February 13, 2023. However, Etihad Guest members needed to wait until Etihad completed its program overhaul to start booking awards. And that happened this week.

Do Etihad Guest Miles Expire?

Etihad Guest miles will expire after 18 months with no qualifying activity on your account. This applies to Bronze, Silver, and Gold members. However, Etihad Guest Platinum members' mileage balances will never expire as long as they keep their status. Here are the many ways to prevent your miles from expiring.