Up To 100% Bonus On Hilton Honors Points Purchases

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This Hilton Points Purchase promotion has ended, however, you can still purchase Hilton points.

Hilton Honors has announced a points purchase promotion, where you will receive a bonus of up to 100% on purchases of over 3,000 Hilton Honors points. The promotion is valid through December 18, 2018. The promotion does not have a public webpage, and you will have to log in to see what offer you've got. Reports indicate that most Hilton members are being offered a bonus between 80% and 100%.

Buy Hilton Points 100 Percent Bonus through December 18 2018

Key Terms

  • The bonus is valid on purchases through December 18, 2018, at 11:59 pm ET
  • You need to log in to your Hilton Honors account to see your offer
  • Minimum purchase of 3,000 points is required
  • You can purchase a maximum of 80,000 points per calendar year
  • Points should post to your Hilton Honors account within 24 hours

If you opt to take maximum advantage of the promotion and purchase 80,000 points, you will end up with a total of 160,000 points (80,000 + 80,000) for a cost of $800. This works out at half a cent apiece, which is the best rate we have seen on the purchase of Hilton Honors points.

Maximizing The Promotion

Unfortunately, Hilton does not process its points purchases directly. Instead, it uses Points.com, which means you're not going to earn any category bonus on the purchase. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, your best option is to use a card optimized for everyday spending.

Our Take

We do not recommend buying any points or miles speculatively. That being said, this is the cheapest we have seen Hilton points, so if you have a specific redemption or use in mind, you may want to give this promotion some serious thought.

Source: Hilton Honors

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  • Really not sure if this is even worth it.

    Unless I want to stay in the high end hotels, then maybe it is cheaper.

  • Awesome, I’ve been waiting for this promotion.
    Thanks for the post!

  • Somewhat marginal offer IMO

  • @Sam Helmy wrote: “If you opt to take maximum advantage of the promotion and purchase 80,000 points, you will end up with a total of 160,000 points (80,000 + 80,000) for a cost of $800.”

    That information is incomplete. What makes this offer different or special is that the maximum number of points has been doubled from the usual 80,000 to 160,000 Honors points, so that one can purchase up to a total of 320,000 points (160,000+160,000) for $1,600.

    I’ve verified what I just stated because I am one of those who got the 100% bonus offer and was presented with the option to purchase (160,000+160,000) for $1,600. I went for it without hesitation because this offer got me just 5K (320K vs. 325K) fewer points than one would get from simultaneously signing up for the no-fee (75K/$1,000), the Ascend (125K/$2,000) and the Business (125K/$3,000) Hilton Honors Amex cards…to the tune of $6K in minimum spend vs. just $1,600 for this offer.

    And, my purchased 320K points posted instantly.

  • I have quite a large number of points in my account and so I won’t buy any Hilton Honors points.
    Anyway, these points have lost some value lately.

    • How’s that? I’m actually really interested to know why you think so.

      • Well, before there were several interesting hotels at just 5000 points which now have almost entirely disappeared.
        Moreover, many of the interesting hotels at 10000 points have also disappeared.
        What now is still present at 5000 and 10000 points are hotels in isolated places which doesn’t interest at all a traveller.

  • It’s getting harder to find 0.5 cents of value from Hilton points. But it probably still works out ok if you need to top up for a fifth night free award.

  • I have so many Hilton points already that I have absolutely no use of this promotion

  • I wish Hilton would sell their points for a little cheaper price.
    If they were 0.4 cpp, I’d buy a ton immediately.

  • @JL sez: “I wish Hilton would sell their points for a little cheaper price. If they were 0.4 cpp, I’d buy a ton immediately.”

    Please stop looking a gift horse in the mouth!

    There is no place where one can purchase $320K Hilton points for ‘just’ $1,600, which when combined with just 60K points (to 380K) would enable one to book a 5-night award stay in any of Hilton’s highly “aspirational”, over-the-water bungalows in South Pacific or SE Asia, to achieve, not puny redemption values of 0.3 – 05 cent/point, but values as high as 4 cents/point, because 5 revenue nights at such properties, including taxes, could cost as high as $15K.

    • Did you get blocked from VFTW so now you are on this board with your over-inflated view of HH? If you are referring to FP, there is simply no way that you can get an OWB for anywhere near that price in points.

  • I wonder how fast the points show up, this with the transfer to aeroplan could be awesome….hmmmm

  • I do appreciate the plethora of bonuses/promotions that Hilton offers. I would like to see some of their competitors step it up in this area.

  • DCS: Your insight is highly appreciated.

  • I am not a buyer on this as I usually have sufficient Hilton points from bonuses or card usage.

  • @KAP – VFTW and I parted ways because of “philosophical differences.” Unless they stated publicly that they blocked me, I kindly implore you leave the garbage there. This is a much more civil forum, which I hope you’ll help keep it that way by addressing the issues and avoiding mindless ad homimens, especially when you do not have the facts.

    Now if you could let me know what the abbreviations (FP, OWB) in this

    “If you are referring to FP, there is simply no way that you can get an OWB for anywhere near that price in points”

    stand for, I will respond to get us back to addressing the issues rather than trolling,

    • If you are touting the value/availability, then you should know that FP = French Polynesia and OWB = overwater bungalows. Let me know when you get one booked at that point level.

      • Hilton’s OWBs in FP play games with award availability, so it’s hit/miss and one has to be patient. However, Conrad Maldives has had plenty of availability of late and some sweet deals. It’s, in fact, the example I had in mind when I’d referred to getting redemption values as high as 4 cpp on a 5-five night award stay for 380K HH points. Here’s the link:



        • Not just “games” on FP OWB – – those are never available for points at standard levels.

          • ‘Never’,as they say, is a very long. I have seen FP OWBs go for standard award rates…about once in a blue moon. So, like I said, it’s hit/miss so that one has to be (I will add: VERY) patient. As far as I am concerned, not worth the wait…

  • I’m not a fan of buying points, but if you need to top off for an award maybe this makes sense.

  • But you must use these points by dec 18 this year so its not really worth it unless you’re travelling in the coming days. I dont understand why they put a limit of time on the duration of points

  • There is still some value in this for 5th night free awards.

  • Not worth it. Points are not worth enough to spend the money.

    • FYI – Hilton Honors points are as valuable as any other hotel points currency out there. That should have been self-evident by now, but I will be happy to show it with very easy math, if you’d like. The thing to remember is that award costs in ‘raw’ points are meaningless without considering the ease of earning points. That enables one to calculate ‘spend per award night’, which is, literally, the cost of an award night in any points denomination, and would show Hilton awards to be among the cheapest.


      • And this thread is discussing the relative benefits of buying points, not earning.

        • What difference does it make? The costs of awards won’t change just because one purchased rather than “earned” the points. The ‘spend per free night’ metric will still be the closest thing to the monetary cost an award, whether one earned the points (which, BTW, requires purchasing something) or purchased the points directly.

          In loyalty game one needs the big-picture view or one will just see an incomplete picture that is not conducive to decisions that would maximize the “value” of a reward redemption. Earn or purchase points with the endgame, i.e. the redemption, in mind!

  • If one has an IMMEDIATE use for these points, there can be value to this promotion, However to buy now for use later – we’ve seen it before when there are points promos and then 2-3 months later, a major points devaluation.

    Earn and Burn !!

  • I would be very cautious about buying or holding Hilton points, as there seems to be frequent devaluations without notice. A couple of the hotels that I would use went from 10,000 to 20,000 a few weeks ago. They are just not worth that. In the past I would have jumped on an offer like this, but now instead I’ll be running down my points.

  • i normally buy points at 0.5 cents as I get some great values that way compared to CASH PRICES.

  • Hugo Cobaiachi says:

    It is useful for high season.

  • Thank you for the deal notice.

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