Jess Farley

Senior Contributor and Compliance Team Lead

Jess is a long-time member of the AwardWallet family, joining the team in 2016. Hailing from New Zealand, Jess studied frequent flyer programs in-depth to reduce costs while traveling full-time with his wife and young son.


Interested in adventure and experience-based travel, he primarily uses points and miles to transport his wife and kids between family in New Zealand, his home in Australia, and whatever adventure he can dream up in Asia. His favorite travel experiences include traveling through the highlands of Tibet with his wife and son, and an extended winter stay in a cabin in the mountains of Nagano, Japan.


When he’s not banging pen and paper together for AwardWallet, you’ll find Jess nerding out on Forex charts, running trails, competing in Ironman, cooking up a storm, doing yoga, or traveling with his young family. Jess is currently based in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

How to Maximize the Value of Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards

When discussing top-value rewards programs, Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards is typically not the first program that comes to mind. However, if you love the convenience of booking airfare without hunting down award space, enjoy paying low or no annual fees, and crave the simplicity of a basic two- or three-card rewards strategy, Go Far Rewards can offer a ton a value.

Citi’s No Annual Fee Cards and the Strategy Behind How to Get Them

Whether you’re looking to reduce your annual fees or boost your ThankYou Points earnings, Citi offers two excellent no-annual-fee cards that can add thousands of extra points to your balance every year. But there’s a strategy to getting them without locking yourself out of getting another sign-up bonus in the next 24 months. Here’s what you need to know.

Apply for These Top Offers While You Still Can

With so much uncertainty, now is the time to evaluate your card portfolio and consider moving from high-cost cards with travel benefits to a streamlined lineup of low- or no-annual-fee options. Q2 is right around the corner, and we think there could be a historic devaluation of offers combined with an increase in approval difficulty in the coming months. Here’s why.

Ink Small Business Cards Can Help Weather the Storm

With state and local governments imposing strict lockdowns, many small-business owners are in a tough spot. Today, we’re covering a pair of no-annual-fee business cards that are offering a $500 cashback bonus and a 0% introductory APR on purchases for 12 months. Whether you’re waiting on federal loan programs or just need a little extra breathing room, these cards can help with short-term financing without the high interest costs.

(Expired) Reminder: Limited-Time Delta Amex Offers Ending Soon

This offer expired on 4/2/2020. With travel at a standstill and the majority of fleets grounded due to Covid-19, collecting airline miles will have slipped down the priority list for many travelers. But, that doesn’t mean it needs to stop completely. The limited-time offers on Delta’s co-brand cards are set to expire on Wednesday, April 1, meaning Delta fans have just days left to apply and take advantage of some of the best offers we’ve ever seen on these cards.