Do Qatar Airways Avios Expire?

Qatar Airways recently improved the expiration policy for its Privilege Club Avios. Previously, Avios had an inflexible lifespan of a minimum of 3 years regardless of activity. Now, whenever you generate activity, your Avios expiration clock will be extended by 36 months. Here’s how to generate qualifying activity, even without flying.

How to Transfer Avios Between Accounts (British Airways, Iberia, Qatar, Aer Lingus)

You can now transfer Avios for free between all four participating airlines: British Airways, Qatar Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus. This flexibility adds a significant amount of value to all the programs. Not only can you use it to consolidate small balances into one account, but you can also transfer Avios into the account that will give you the best value for a specific award. Here’s how.

British Airways Reduces the Avios Price for Qatar Airways Award Flights

In positive news for travelers, you’ll need fewer Avios when booking Qatar Airways flights with British Airways, as the airline reduces award costs to match other programs. Here’s a look at the positive improvements in award costs with British Airways Executive Club as it pertains to flights on Qatar Airways—as well as why this change is happening.

A New Look at Qatar Airways Privilege Club as Per Segment Fees Return

Qatar Airways Privilege Club has brought back its ‘per segment’ award fees, and recent changes to the program merit a new evaluation. The program dropped its award pricing and cut surcharges on award tickets. Recently, Privilege Club adopted Avios as its miles currency. So how good or bad is the program now? Here’s a renewed look at the program to see how good it is for award travelers.