Bonus Points

Access to a Free Weekly Credit Report Is Now Permanent

Your credit score is important, and the best way to protect it is regularly checking your credit report. While many services will happily charge you for this ability, there's no need to pay. In positive news, a once-temporary benefit to get your credit report each week is now permanent.

Register Now for Chicago Seminars 2023 Before Price Increase

The original Chicago Seminars is returning to the Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village for yet another year on October 13–15, 2023. And if you don't have your tickets yet, now's the time to register. Ticket prices will increase on September 18, 2023. Here's more information about the event, which AwardWallet writers and editors will be in attendance, and a promo code for AwardWallet readers to get $15 off tickets.

Earn 4,000 Bonus Miles With Airline Dining Rewards Program Bonuses

Did you know that you can build up your airline rewards program miles by doing something you do every day? Eating! Many airlines offer a dining rewards program where you can get rewarded each time you dine at an eligible restaurant. Even better, you can get bonus miles when joining an airline dining rewards program as a new member and completing set tasks.

How To Pay Taxes With a Credit Card (And When You Should)

Paying the IRS is never fun. But, if you must, it presents a fantastic opportunity to earn points and miles by paying taxes with a credit card. Most Americans only deal with paying taxes once per year, on April 15. However, some self-employed and contract workers must make estimated quarterly tax payments throughout the year. And next payment is coming up on September 15, 2023. The good news: The processing fee to pay your taxes dropped for 2023!