Earn 2,000 Radisson Rewards Bonus Points at New Hotels

Similar to Hyatt’s new hotel bonus, Radisson Rewards is offering members 2,000 bonus points when staying at new hotels six months after their openings. But, you must register to earn these bonus points. Once you do, earnings will be automatic – even if you don’t seek out a new hotel. Here’s the list of qualifying hotels and how to register.

Flight Cancellation Period Passed? Trying Changing Your Flight to Save Your Award

Travel plans can change at the drop of a hat, especially in this day and age. If changes are required too close to scheduled travel, airline policies may seem to leave award travelers with no option but to forfeit the points or miles used for booking. However, that may not actually be the case. Here’s my strategy for saving award when you have to cancel at the last minute.

How I Used Points and Miles to Save on My Move Across the Country

Points and miles often help make incredibly lavish or exotic leisure travel possible. However, sometimes the most memorable points and miles redemptions come in the form of domestic travel – and not for vacations. For instance, points and miles helped drastically reduce the cost of travel ahead of a recent cross-country move. Here are my takeaways and some lessons for your travels.

CLEAR Promotions: Get a $75 Uber Gift Card for Enrolling (Which You Might Be Able To Do for Free)

CLEAR regularly offers bonuses when signing up for a membership with partners and credit cards. This time, members can get a $75 Uber gift card when enrolling or reactivating a CLEAR account. And don’t forget, there are several ways you can claim a free CLEAR membership—while still getting these perks. These promotions even work with reactivated existing memberships.

How to Pay Taxes With a Credit Card (and When You Should)

Paying the IRS is never fun. But, if you must, it presents a fantastic opportunity to earn points and miles by paying taxes with a credit card. Most Americans only deal with paying taxes once per year on April 15. However, self-employed and contract workers need to make estimated quarterly tax payments throughout the year. And next payment is coming up on January 15, 2023. The good news: the processing fee to pay your taxes dropped for 2022!

Current Status Match Opportunities with Hotel Programs

The only thing better than award travel is award travel with elite status. When you hold elite status with a brand, you can enjoy huge money-saving perks, ranging from free room upgrades to bonus earnings on every dollar you spend. Here are all the status matching opportunities currently available with hotel programs.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Healthy Credit

Your credit is one of the most important assets that you have. Good credit makes it easier to borrow money and get approved for the best rewards credit cards. It also gives you access to the lowest interest rates on loans—which can save you many thousands of dollars over your lifetime. If you love travel rewards, knowing how to keep your credit in great shape while you pursue points is essential. Here’s our complete guide to doing it right.

Use the Kimpton Hotel Secret Password to Get Upgrades, Free Drinks and More

Now through September 5, 2022, mention the secret password “Stay Cool” at check-in to score perks and other benefits when staying at Kimpton Hotels. Perks range from free parking, a free breakfast, a free upgrade, etc. In addition, Kimpton is now offering travelers an “emotional support beverage” at check-in if your flight is canceled or delayed. Here’s what we know about both promos.