Ryan Smith

Senior Editor

Ryan is a writer and editor who first wrote for AwardWallet team in 2021 but has been around points and miles for several years. He has written at Forbes Advisor, CNBC Select, Miles to Memories, The Points Guy, and USA Today Blueprint.


After someone at his hostel in China said “I flew here for free using points,” Ryan was hooked. Ryan is on a mission to visit every country in the world and has less than 10 countries remaining. He will visit his final country in late 2023.


His wife joins him on many of his trips, and they enjoy snowboarding, diving, and seeing animals in the wild. When not traveling, Ryan is probably answering questions from his family about how he travels so much and whether all of this is illegal.

Current Citi Merchant Offers: Up to $50 or 10% Back With Lyft, Holiday Inn, Gas & More

You might be more familiar with Amex Offers and Chase Offers, but Citi Merchant Offers can provide great rebates on travel purchases. They're available on most personal credit cards, and Citi Merchant Offers provide cash back as a flat amount or a percentage of your purchase, and current offers include Lyft, Shell, Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express. Here's a look at the current travel-related Citi Merchant Offers you might find.

Get 50% Off Southwest Flights With This Promo Code. Book Flights From $30 or 1,123 Points One-Way.

Southwest Airlines just launched a new promotion to get a 50% off base fares. You'll need to use a discount code and then book your flights by September 28, 2023 — a three-day promotion. That discounts Southwest flights to as cheap as $30 or just 1,123 Rapid Rewards points! However, discounted flights are first-come, first-serve. So, don't delay. Here's how to save.

Access to a Free Weekly Credit Report Is Now Permanent

Your credit score is important, and the best way to protect it is regularly checking your credit report. While many services will happily charge you for this ability, there's no need to pay. In positive news, a once-temporary benefit to get your credit report each week is now permanent.