Last Chance: Buy Marriott Points With Up to a 55% Bonus (With a Trick to Mint Airline Miles for 1.95¢)

For Marriott’s Week of Wonders, Marriott is offering a buy Bonvoy points flash sale. Bonvoy elite members can buy Marriott points for just 0.81¢ a piece, while non-elite members will pay 0.83¢ each. This opens the door to stays at the most lavish Marriott properties at a fraction of the cost, going on safari in Africa for under $37 per night, or just scoring inexpensive domestic getaways for as little as $32 per night.

Marriott’s Launches New Week of Wonders Promotion, Plus Bonus Points on Stays This Fall

Marriott’s Week of Wonders is live! Among the dozens of promotions, members can score a 25% discount on new bookings, earn bonus points or property credits at certain brands, and cardholders get additional bonus points. Plus, some Bonvoy members are seeing targeted promotions, including earning a Free Night Award for completing just one stay! Here’s how to check your account for these targeted promotions, and a roundup of all other Marriott promotions currently available.

Do Marriott Bonvoy Points Expire?

Marriott Bonvoy points will expire if you do not have any qualifying activity on your account. Fortunately, a wide range of activities aside from staying at a Mariott property can count towards keeping your points alive. Here’s a full list of what does and does not qualify.