Bonus Points

What Perks Does AwardWallet Plus Provide?

While AwardWallet Free offers many great features, we'd like to highlight all the extras you can enjoy with AwardWallet Plus. The premium version offers some great features that can remove headaches for those with numerous loyalty program balances who are constantly redeeming miles for travel.

Earn Bonus Points and Miles Referring Friends to AwardWallet

AwardWallet helps users with numerous facets of award travel. The site tracks points and miles balances for an unlimited number of programs, creates alerts when balances are set to expire, and much more - all for free. Even better, one of the site's lesser-known features is its referral program, which allows users to earn points that can be transferred to Hyatt, Delta, Hilton, JetBlue, IHG, Southwest, or Marriott.

Customize Your AwardWallet Blog Notifications to Never Miss a Post!

From immediate notifications to weekly digests, you can customize your AwardWallet Blog notifications to get info and updates the way you want. With up to five posts a day, there's lots to follow about loyalty programs, transfer bonuses, redemption sweet spots, expiration policies, elite status, promotions, and more! Here are your four options for keeping up with the AwardWallet Blog.

How to Track Delta, Southwest, United Accounts in AwardWallet

In most cases, setting up accounts to track through AwardWallet is straightforward. However, we have to get creative with tracking a few programs, such as Delta, Southwest, and United. Here are your three options for how to track these three programs — including two automated ways that require just a few minutes to set up.

The Latest Update From the AwardWallet Blog

Today, the AwardWallet Blog announces a new Editor-In-Chief. Here's what to expect from the blog going forward, how you can customize your post notifications, how comments work on the blog, and AwardWallet tools that can help you efficiently earn and burn your points and miles.

Supercharge Your AwardWallet Account by Connecting Your Email

Connecting your email account to AwardWallet will open up a whole new world of convenience and organization. It takes just minutes to set up, and once you do it, AwardWallet can provide more timely, detailed, and accurate information about your rewards and travel plans. Learn how to supercharge your AwardWallet account by securely connecting your email today.

How to Track Your Travel Plans with the AwardWallet Timeline

Did you know AwardWallet can automatically organize all of your travel plans and reservations into a convenient master itinerary? From flights and hotel stays to rental cars and dinner reservations, AwardWallet makes it easy to access all the details you need with a click or a tap. Here’s a look at how this handy feature works.

How to Track Your Rewards Using AwardWallet

Welcome to our series on how to use AwardWallet! We're here to help you make the most of our powerful tools for tracking your loyalty programs, rewards points, and travel plans. In this post, we’ll take you on a brief tour and guide to your account list—your home for staying up to date on all of your connected loyalty accounts.