Earn Bonus Miles For Commenting

Interested in earning some AAdvantage® miles for free? Leave a comment on any blog post for an opportunity to earn a few miles. While it won’t be enough for a free flight, it’s an easy way to keep your account active and keep your miles from expiring.

How Much Do AwardWallet Members Actually Save When Redeeming Points?

How much is a mile really worth? It’s one of the key questions of the points and miles hobby, and we’ve always been skeptical of the conventional wisdom. So we decided to take a look at real trips booked with points by AwardWallet members. Our initial release is far from perfect, but we’re excited to share what we’ve learned so far. Here’s a look behind the scenes at how we’re calculating mile values—and what we have planned for the future.

COVID-19’s Impact on Travel: A Look at the Data

COVID-19 all but shuttered the travel industry in March, but just how bad did things get and how have AwardWallet members been affected? We recently took a look at how many reservations AwardWallet users added to their timelines before and after the pandemic took hold. Check out the results for yourself with the interactive tool we built to track air, hotel and auto reservations.

AwardWallet Now Tracks Passports

Are you looking to simplify your travel experience? Tracking your Passports just got easier! You can now add travel documents to your AwardWallet account for yourself and your favorite travel companions.

How Long Does it Take to Buy and Transfer Points?

After months of collecting data, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made point transfer and purchase times available to all AwardWallet members. In today’s post, we’re going to cover how you can use this new information and share what we’ve learned about buying and transferring miles while building this feature.

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