Airline, Hotel Programs That Have Still Paused Point Expiration Due to COVID-19 Airline, Hotel Programs That Have Still Paused Point Expiration Due to COVID-19

Airline, Hotel Programs That Have Still Paused Point Expiration Due to COVID-19

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When the COVID-19 pandemic brought most travel to standstill, many airline and hotel programs paused point expiration. This was a relief for travelers worried that a lack of activity could lead to losing large sums of points.

However, as more people are traveling these days, airline and hotel loyalty programs are resuming normal expiration policies. Here is the latest information on point expiration rules related to COVID-19.


Paused Thru
General Policy
Air Canada Aeroplan05/31/202318 months
All Nippon Airways03/31/202336 months*
Frontier Milesuntil further notice6 months
Japan Airlines Mileage Bank2/28/2023* see note36 months
Korean Air SKYPASS06/30/202310 years*
Singapore KrisFlyer06/30/2023 and beyond36 months*

*Activity doesn’t extend expiration

Airline Mileage Expiration Still Paused

Air Canada Aeroplan

All Nippon Airways

  • ANA miles expiring between March 31, 2020 and February 28, 2023 are extended through March 31, 2023.
  • ANA miles typically expire at the end of the month 36 months after earned. Generating activity doesn't extend this expiration.

Frontier Miles

Japan Airlines Mileage Bank

  • JAL Mileage Bank miles that expire on or before February 28, 2023 will be credited back to you as e JAL points that expire on March 31, 2023.
  • Any e JAL points that expire before February 28, 2023 will now be extended to this date.
  • JAL Mileage Bank miles typically expire at the end of the 36th month after they were earned.

Korean Air SKYPASS

Singapore KrisFlyer


Airlines That Have Resumed Expiration

American Airlines AAdvantage

British Airways Executive Club

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

Emirates Skywards

Etihad Guest

Flying Blue (Air France/KLM)

LATAM Pass Miles

Malaysia Enrich

Miles & More (Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels, Eurowings, Swiss, LOT Polish)

  • Never paused expiration of miles.
  • The only two options presented to extend miles validity—aside from standard qualifying activity—are to pay to protect your miles from expiring or pay to transfer your miles to a travel partner.
  • Miles & More award miles expire after 36 months, regardless of account activity.

Qantas Points

  • Never paused expiration of miles.
  • However, members located outside of Australia may be able to extend the expiration of points. Check your inbox for an email from Qantas with the subject “Important information: extend your Qantas Points expiry date”. In this email, there's a link that you can click to extend your expiration by 6 months.
  • Qantas Points expire after 18 months with no qualifying account activity

37 Airline, Hotel Programs That Have Suspended Point Expiration Due to COVID-19

Qatar Avios

Royal Air Maroc

The deadline for the mileage extension has come and gone. You had the opportunity to extend miles expiring on March 31, 2022, making them now expire December 31, 2022. However, you had to take a flight and enroll in this offer by March 31, 2022. Anyone who didn't participate is now subject to miles expiry. The details are here.

Turkish Miles & Smiles

Airline Miles That Never Expire

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Delta SkyMiles

Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles

JetBlue TrueBlue

Southwest Rapid Rewards

United MileagePlus

Virgin Atlantic Points


Paused Thru
General Policy
Accor Live Limitlessexpiration resume for general members
12/15/2022 for elite members
12 months
Hilton Honors12/31/202224 months
IHG One Rewards12/31/202212 months
Marriott Bonvoy12/31/202224 months
Melia Rewards06/30/202212 months
Radisson Rewards06/30/202224 months

Hotels That Have Resumed Expiration

Accor Live Limitless

Choice Privileges

Hilton Honors

IHG Rewards

Marriott Bonvoy

Melia Rewards

Radisson Rewards

World of Hyatt

Wyndham Rewards

Hotel Points That Never Expire

Best Western Rewards

Are there any other major programs that you feel we should have included? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Many rewards programs make it hard to discover your personal expiry date.
    It would be *VERY* useful if you could include in these summaries, a direct link to a “When do my points expire?” page.
    Is that possible?

    • Hey Mark. That’s a great idea. However, not every program makes it that easy. Besides the easiest way to keep track of expiration dates is to connect your accounts to your AwardWallet account!

  • It would be great if all airlines allowed more time before award points/miles expire. Covid has stopped so many of us from traveling.

  • Great summary. Thank you

  • Really helpful to have this info in one place thanks

  • This is good to know. I will be book marking this just to keep the rules of expiration for airlines I have a loyality numbers with. I wish they all would just get rid of it, but I guess I understand why they don’t.

  • Excellent! Very useful information! Thanks!

  • I believe companies should extend the expiration dates because the pandemic isnt over yet. There are still many countries with many cases and the omicron variant is very strong leading to cancellations of flights, both international and domestic. Many of us cant travel or book a flight because of the limitations imposed by covid.

  • Luciano Campoliete says:

    Having in mind that pandemic still continues, I believe the airline companies should pause again the miles and points expiration. It is a shame and it is unfair to lose something that was won in good law, eve more when you know that many people decide to stay at home and not to travell just in order to minimize the spread of the virus and contibute to the end of the pandemic.

  • Super helpful, However Marriott pints expiration pause was extended till Dec 31, 2022

  • HENGMING ZOU says:

    While these pauses are great, they are not enough because some of the extensions only go to the early half of 2022. As it is becoming evident that the pandemic will not end until at least the end of 2022, the airlines should all extend their expiration deadlines to at least 12/31/2022.

  • Mohand Abdelli says:

    That is not true with Radisson Rewards Americas. They expired my hard earned 153000 points last spring without any prior warning or information. I pleaded my case by phone and email to no avail. CS gave me 20000 points as a gesture of goodwill they say! BS I say. When does 153000=20000? In the mind of Radisson Rewards CS reps I guess. As Rainman would likely say: Radisson sucks!

    • Mohand – was this likely before their announcement to extend points? I’d contact them again and point out that they said they extended points (official page here – and yet you lost points. Personally, I would approach this from the “I think this was just a computer error” angle first, rather than starting with the “you screwed me over” approach. You might just get someone who says “oh that’s weird” and puts your points back in 30sec. It’s definitely worth asking why you lost points when they’re supposedly extending points validity. Good luck!

  • I really wish that all programs would get rid of expiration dates. It must be too much money on the books to do this for some, I guess? If the points are important to me then I will be doing something to continue the points/miles. It’s nice that I can monitor most here.

  • And Spirit Airlines changed their points expiration policy last year during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic when they rebranded from “miles” to “points” – was 90 days and now 12 months after last qualifying activity.
    And brought out 2 new Free Spirit credit cards with the benefit of no points expiration for card holders.

  • Kevin Davis says:

    I’ll be surprised if they actually start up the expiration again.

  • Its really sad that alaska unwilling to pause the expiry.

  • Super helpful list!!

  • That’s a great news. During pandemic it’s very difficult to travel (unfortunately) and I’m glad airlines took this decision. My expiration date is already reflected!

  • Gracias por la información, AA no me renovó el vencimiento ni me pausó, alguno sabe como reclamar?

  • I hope in another (maybe final) extension by the end of the year by some airlines and hotels.

  • Some Airlines were sensible to extend the expiration of the earned points/ miles, but others were really greedy and soulless to follow their pre pandemic policies. Great to know which one of them and their current rules to make sure where to keep my current accounts. Thanks for letting me know .

  • AA amended my miles expiration date to 1/15/2022, not 12/31/2021. Has anyone checked their account and got the same expiration date?

  • I really appreciate the major companies extending the life of their points. It really makes me want to book thru their program.

  • que bueno que hayan decidido las aerolineas y las cadenas de hoteles extender los vencimientos de las millas , ya que aun no podemos viajar tranquilos. Sin embargo los plazos en los vencimientos en algunos casos son pócos meses . Esperemos poder viajar de nuevo pronto.

  • Excellent, Award Wallet always does a great job gathering all useful information in one article

  • Really nice update. This is super helpful all in 1 package of extension and pauses on point expirations given covid situation. It does seem like this could use an update. Some programs seem out of sync with what is posted here.

  • I think it’s interesting that some airlines are extending elite status, but aren’t extending mileage expiry.


    I have used Award Wallet for years and I continue to be amazed at all the great information it provides to us travelers. Reading the blogs has definitely enhanced my ability to make really good sound decisions for my travel over these past years!

  • Janice Coleman says:

    These blogs that Award Wallet has really provided a lot of great information that enhances my travels. I am really glad I joined Award Wallet!

  • Disappointing that American and Alaska still have expiration policy as other major US airline competitors move away.

  • Very generous of most airlines and hotel chains to postpone mileage expiration for the time being…..looking to when there is no mileage or points expiration at all or for at least 3 years. These 1 year expiration policies at some hotels are way too short a time frame.

  • I fail to understand why programs have points that expire. It’s very unfriendly to customers. In reality, it cost them very little to keep the points or miles on the books. To me, it’s just indicative of a program that is looking to have “breakage” and setting up customers to fail.

  • Avianca miles expire at 12 months of no activity

  • Wait, Southwest miles don’t expire? When did that happen??

  • Maria Elena Fleckenstein says:

    I had problems with Latam, they have many restrictions to use their miles with lost routes, hubs and they do not accept extending the miles and gave no option but to lose thounsands. A shame on Latam Airlines

  • I wish other points programs were bold enough to do this. I lost my Greyhound points because they refused to extend my expiration, even though no one was riding buses in 2020. My Bolt Bus points are practically useless since they stopped operation on the east coast 🙁

  • AJ Frisby says:

    Does it usually take an extended time to see portal purchase award points to show up? I used the American Airlines portal to order food via Grubhub but it hasn’t shown up in my account. The portal link opened a browser window and that then opened the Grubhub app. This made me wonder how they communicate back.

    • Sometimes it can take a while. I think most programs state that you should allow for 6-8 weeks. But most transactions post much faster than that in my experience.

  • Mohand Abdelli says:

    Hello. Thank you for this excellent article. I have an issue with my Radisson Awards points which were removed in their entirety from my account this past spring. I wrote a complain to Radisson and their response was too bad, you are supposed to be aware of when your points will expire according to our Policy. I lost more than 150 000 points. They told me that it sufficed to buy 1000 points for $7 to keep tge account active. I was not aware of that nor informed that my points were about to expire.
    I am really pissed off at Radisson taking advantage of a pandemic to “reclaim” billions of points from unsuspecting customers.
    What are my options at this point? Is there an Advocacy Group for this kind of disloyal action by a business?


    M Abdelli

    • I’d recommend trying to contact them again. Sometimes, making a one-time exception is up to the individual rep. It may not work, but it’s worth a try. If at first you don’t succeed, hang up and try again. Don’t try to push an uncooperative agent too hard. If they put a note on your account that they told you no, others agents will follow suit. But if you don’t push any one agent too hard, you may find one that can help. Anyone else have success with Radisson points reinstatement?

  • Thanks for this great information roundup! Here’s an update: on June 15, Hyatt announced that it is extending its points expiration through December 31, 2021.

  • Robert Nagy says:

    So glad we are able to keep points during this time.

  • The article is so helpful. My Barclays AA credit card was closed due to inactivity. I am glad I read this article to know how to extend my mileage.

  • We all see with good eyes that some programs extend their points and miles expiration. It is a pity that it is not the general rule and we still fod some that dont.
    However what I do value the most is the companies that are extending the Elite Status expiration. which will allow you to catch up faster whenever you start travelling again

  • Very useful, especially like the table showing the new expiration dates for Singapore Airlines

  • Very helpful list. Over a year now I stopped thinking about vacations as this made me depressive. Now that things tending to get better it’s time for checking travel accounts, destinations and possibilities for 2021 and 22. I love Delta and MileagePlus 🙂

  • Darren K says:

    This is a great list! I came here to re-check the Asia Miles policy and was disappointed but not surprised to see it hasn’t changed. Ditto for Etihad Guest. I have points expiring in the next few months with both of those and I’m struggling to figure out what to do with them.

    Definitely worth popping in here, however, as I hadn’t realised that KrisFlyer has done multiple extensions! That’s where the majority of my balance is; yay!

  • Todas las aerolineas con vuelos internacionales deberian hacer lo mismo.

  • I would like that all the airlines that none have expiration until everything is normalized

  • Tracy Zemel says:

    Very helpful article. I didn’t realize that American Airlines miles are set to expire so soon. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have my time extended via AwardWallet.

  • I hope that both airlines and hotels will postpone the expiration of miles and points till the end of the year.
    And also the 7 nights certificate of Marriott till the end of the year which currently expires end of July.

  • es un gran alivio que extiendan el vencimientos de millas de las aerolineas . Poseo un viaje a paris antes del vencimiento de mis millas pero con esta pandemia no he podido viajar, dejando el ticket abierto.

  • Jesica Dillon says:

    Great work of putting this list together. Looking to support businesses that have been somewhat reasonable at least. For instance, if u’ve ever done some budget travelling, already know airbnb which it seems is not suspending credit expiration for instance, and is applying some sneaky refund policies as well.

  • Really helpful to see all of this information together in one place. Hopefully we will see more programs do away with expiration polices altogether and then we won’t have to worry about it. Thanks AW team!

  • As a DL loyalist, this is one of the (few) good things about the Skymiles program….it’s hard to believe how punitive many other frequent flier programs are. Hoping more airlines consider axing these policies just as they did with change fees during the pandemic. As Ed Bastian said during a recent TPG interview, “any revenue source that has a punitive characteristic to it is not a stable and durable revenue stream for your business.”

  • William Fisher says:

    Excellent article! Glad that someone is doing the hard work for me. I will refer to this list in the future. I completely understand the airlines financial predicaments, and I am grateful for the extensions so far. On the other hand, I don’t like that they expire at all. They were my miles, I want them.

  • Just a heads up that even with the extensions, I would watch accounts carefully. Wyndham Rewards had my points expired. It was an easy fix on their end, but I still recommend watching balances closely to ensure they honor the extension.

  • It is good that most hotels and airlines have extended validity or paused expiry, but disappointing that one or two still are applying quite a harsh expiry policy. Even in more normal times some of the expiry policies seem quite mean.

  • So grateful many airlines have extended the miles expiration dates. I have not been able to travel since March 2020 and had AA miles scheduled to expire in in March 2021. This new extension has allowed me to purchase miles and also earn miles in alternative ways. That gives me more peace of mind, so I can use my miles for when I am ready to travel again.

  • Great resource during COVID-19 pandemic times. Super useful to reference and check which of my airline miles are about to expire.

    Maybe add a portion regarding any additional amenities with hotels/airlines like stay certificates expiring/etc.

  • Thank you to American Airlines and all other airlines for being generous and flexible during these difficult times. COVID has been detrimental to the profits of airlines, as travel ground to a halt. International travel has been even slower to recover. It’s great that the airlines were able to provide not only mileage extensions, but also future credits for flights that were cancelled due to COVID, despite being under enormous financial pressure. I hope travel and airline profitability can return to normal soon as the vaccine rollout continues! Thank you to all airlines who helped support their customers during these difficult times.

  • I mentioned it below in response to someone’s query, but it probably deserves a little more emphasis. In addition to the airline and hotel miles program extensions above, Hertz have extended expiry for Five Star and President’s Circle members ONLY to 31 December 2021.

  • This needs to be updated. HA sent an email last week or so saying miles don’t expire anymore. Also, I believe my wife got an email a few weeks ago saying AS would not expire until Dec 31, 2021.

    • We have the Hawaiian expiration change in the post. The chart shows that they are only waiving expiration through 12/31/2020 – which is still true. Hawaiian miles expired between Jan 1, 2021 and April 11, 2021.

      As far as Alaska, that’s news to us! And I can’t find any emails from Alaska saying this. Could you forward that email to

  • I wish miles never expired! Glad we had a pause, but now back to tracking everything.

  • Leandro Chifflet says:

    It is a very good news that with everyone stuck at home, the last thing award travesera want is for our hard-earned points to expire while they’re unable to use them.
    I feel very grateful for this amazing news. Thanks a lot.

  • Would also be good to know which programs have not offered any extensions.

    I got caught out with SAS Eurobonus. Had a trip to LYR booked in Dec 2019 for travel in Septemebr 2020 get cancelled due to travel restrictions, SAS were happy to let me cancel and return the points, then swiftly expired all the returned points.

    To further annoy members they’ve blocked all Star Alliance redemptions, so the opporuntity to use points prior to expiry is limited.

  • I’m curious if airlines will continue to extend points after Covid (and for how long)

  • HENGMING ZOU says:

    It is good that some of the airlines are pausing their point expiration. But it is not good that not all airlines are doing this. It is unfortunate that we are hit by covid-19 that halted most business travels. The inactivity on many users’ loyalty account is not due to users’ fault and users should not be penalized because of the pandemic.

  • Good that we don’t have to worry about this for most programmes… but in a sense, I preferred the regularity vs. looking up every detail every time!

  • I think Hawaiian airlines just announced a couple weeks ago that there is no longer an expiration date for their miles. So you might want to double check my information and then hopefully update this article. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

  • Great info and it makes it much easier to keep track of the various policies! Thanks guys!

  • says:

    This is very helpful information. Thank you!

  • I think Hawaiian expiration is “permanent” now.

  • Maybe it’s stupid question – but why points & miles are expiring at all?

    • Not a stupid question at all! Miles are a liability to the airline. So, when someone’s miles expire, there’s no longer a liability for those miles. This “spoilage” helps the airlines look better on paper.

  • Why does Alaska have to be different? Hmmm

  • I’m still surprised that American has not joined Delta and United in making miles never expire. Everything is already devalued.

  • As Lumbergh in the movie Office Space says, you know what would just be great….if you could just eliminate these points/miles expiration policies, time to get rid of them for good.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    It is a very well done and very useful survey. We will remember the companies that were sympathetic to customers and also those that looked only at you.

  • Nancy B Pollard says:

    Thanks for your helpful post! I will check my hotel accounts and plan my next reservation based on which needs extension.

  • I love this! It’s nice to know when all the expirations will occur again. We all have to plan to make sure we don’t lose our hard earned points. This gives us all time.

  • Thankful that all of these programs have suspended points expiration. I appreciate the review in one place! Thanks!

  • Thanks. This is helpful. I wish Singapore had clearer information on expiration. I have trouble finding it on their website.

  • Thanks for this comprehensive list. All airlines and hotels should have been doing this to keep customers!

  • Question….

    If say a hotel has suspended the points expiring until say 1st July does that mean that on the 2nd July it will expire many points assuming that you have not stayed in the last year or two?

    Or does their normal period reset meaning that you have a year or two to stay?

    If it is the former, I suspect that we will see a lot of points suddenly expiring this year.

    • There may be exceptions, but most programs still use the normal expiration criteria when the non-expiration hiatus ends. So if your points would have expired during the time expiration was waived, they will likely expire as soon as the waiver ends.

  • Thanks a lot for this very useful post. I have a bunch of Accor points that were supposed to expire in April and i’m glad to see that they have been extended till the end of the year. Given that the nearest ALL property to where i live is over a 1000 miles away, this gives some time till the end of the year to generate some activity.

  • Cathay should do away with the expiration clause entirely. You will know why if you speak Cantonese and follow the real local news on what is going on in Hong Kong actually.

  • Thank you for updates. I’m a little disappointed with British Airways, 2 of my household members are nearing expiration date for their points – they’ll need buy something on e-store to prevent expiration

  • That just happens to be the good thing in the pandemic , the bad thing is I feel that devaluation is coming for most of them .

  • Seems silly to have point expirations at all. But I guess they can run their program how they like.

  • Extremely helpful information. I am managing 5 frequent flyer programs. Thanks to Delta, Southwest, and United for not expiring miles. And thanks to this site for allowing an easy way to deal with quickly expiring American miles. Now it’s just a matter of dealing with Alaska miles. The best ways seem to be to do online shopping from the Alaska site or to get a magazine subscription for 100 miles.

  • This is pretty useful information. I was not aware about how my AAdvantage account was handling my expirations… And here I have info also for LATAM as well that has become handy. Already bookmarked this place.

  • Thanks for the consolidated summary. Very useful ! Hoping IHG will give a further extension to use the free reward nights – which will expire in a few months.

  • When I check my AW account, it registers an expiration date for my IHG account. Above it states the expiry was paused until June 30th though. Also, I have an IHG credit card, and shouldn’t charges to that card count as qualified activity? Am I missing something?

  • Anne Mitchell says:

    This is a great resource. It took me forever to figure out that Alaska is not doing anything to protect our points and your list confirmed my understanding. Now I have to decide if I go the magazine route or call after and ask for them to reinstate (hopefully with no fee).

    Thank you again.

  • I received an email from American Airlines not too long ago suggesting that since I hadn’t flown with them in some time my points would expire unless I used them or donated them (which I hadn’t heard of before). It’s a relief to know they’ve since extended the deadline. No way I’m flying anywhere yet!

  • What about Hertz? Has anyone heard if they will be extending their points from expiring?

  • Great info. Las millas no deberían tener vencimiento!


    Although airlines have been (sort of) helpful to customers during this pandemic, this should set a milestone to remove expiry dates from awards. I know the accountability of it may seem difficult, but is the most convinient way to attract customers at all.


    One more program to add to the list… Although not explicitly on account of COVID-19 we all know the pandemic is causing travel providers to make all kinds of drastic changes.

    Spirit Airlines is extending Free Spirit Miles expiration from 90 days to 1 year as of January 21, 2021 as part of their re-launch as Free Spirt Points.

    For me, that means no more having to spend $25 to buy 1,000 Free Spirit miles to reset miles expiration every time more than 90 days passes between flights on Spirit Airlines. For the past few years I have flown Spirit Airlines at least a couple times per year. Now, free flights (or reduced cost flights via Points + Cash) to Latin America even at lofty point redemption levels could actually become a real possibility for me, in the Big Front Seat for just the cost of bags+seat assignment.

    • There seems to be a lot to like about the new Spirit program! Thanks for the reminder for us to write up a full guide ahead of the re-launch!

  • Some airlines have been very helpful during this pandemic. I think people will remember that in the future when making travel plans.

  • Bill from Maine says:

    Thanks. This is what I’ve been looking for considering all the changes companies have been making over the last year.

  • Thanks so much for compiling all of this info. It is handy to have it all in one place for future reference. I just wish Alaska would extend the companion passes even further.

    Thanks to all at Award Wallet for your hard work in keeping readers informed of the ever changing travel landscape, especially in 2020!!!!

  • This recap is outstanding. We’ve looked all over and only here at Award wallet have found the latest information. Thanks again for your program

  • Thanks for this info! I was getting worried about some of my points expiring on me now that I haven’t been travelling for almost a year, so this is great to put my mind at ease!

  • Good to have a delay in expiration of miles and points in this period when there are a lot of difficulties in reedeming or extending the validity of moles and points.

  • Thank you for this summary, it’s really handy to have all the updates and latest information in one place.

  • Great resource. Just wondering when American gets on the bandwagon on no expiration of miles. The Big 3 copy each other on everything else, but somehow American decided that was a bridge too far.

  • Thank you for the great summary! I really hope more hotels will learn from airlines like Delta and United and get rid of points expiry policy forever.

  • This is good to know! I got all the emails but still was confused on the expiration dates. Does our AwardWallet account look at the different expiration dates or the regular award program expiration?

  • Great move! I hope many other companies do the same.

  • Singapore Airlines needs to get rid of the 36 month hard deadline on expiry. After COVID-19 is over, and the temporary pause on expiry, there will be a lot of miles nearing the 36 month date.

  • this is a fantastic resource
    I updated my spread sheet of accounts based on this info
    thanks again

  • Cathay should really do something because 98% of its own flights will not be reinstated anytime soon.

  • This article says Hilton points expire on December 31, 2020, but I received an email from Hilton saying my points would not expire until December 31, 2021. I confirmed this on the Hilton website using the link in the email. Both the email and website say:

    “Your Points Aren’t Going Anywhere

    We’re extending Points expiration to December 31, 2021, giving you more flexibility to use your Points when you’re ready to travel again.”

    Here’s the link for that Hilton webpage:

    The pertinent info on the extension is about 2/3 of the way down the page, in a section titled “We’ve Got You Covered.”

  • Sure hope for more extensions. I feel like I’m paying hotel credit card fees for nothing right now.

  • Very useful summary! Would love a similar resource for free hotel night certificates.

  • How about a list of any programs who hasnt extended expiry (if any)?


    How do I find out the expiration date on my Kris Flyer account?

  • Andy Jeffery says:

    I sent a nasty letter to CLEAR for not doing something similar. I will not be using that service anymore

  • I have an IHG free night cert expiring on 12/31 and asked for an extension. Customer service said there will be an announcement concerning all certs and not to worry. I will until I see it in print.

  • In my case my AAvantage miles expire on December 9, so, its expiration will only be extended for less than a month 🙁

  • I think miles should never expire. Good for you Jetblue. Latam’s not helping much with those 3 months.

  • is there any chance that AA will extend the period for the expiration to be paused considering international travellers?

    • I received yesterday an email from IHG that all free night certs from their credit cards that were expiring are now extended to August 2021, saving one of mine expiring this month! Yay!

  • thanks for reminding me that I can extend my AAdvantage miles by commenting on a blog entry!

  • Really glad to see this. Expiry dates can be a real pain at the best of times but during these trying times they can be a real nuisance. Hopefully this will continue as firms react to ongoing goodwill towards them.

  • Thanks for the compilation of this great article regarding points expiration with almost every major airline and hospitality group. Sometimes, it’s not easy to find the expiration criteria of the specific program within its terms, some are hard to find, while some are not written clearly enough. Although the information is subject to change, it’s currently the best table for travelers to check their individual program accounts and act accordingly.

  • I would like that the 7 night travel certificate of Marriott, which has already been extended till the end of January, will be extended till the end of 2021 or at least till the end of summer 2021.

  • It is great the non expiration delta’s program. All mileage program should turn to this type, especially in the actual circumstances. We don’t have flights in Argentina since March, and without any certain date of when it will come back. So we are having massive expirations here in all programs.

  • I am glad to see that the hotels and airlines do recognize that the travelers are going to postpone their travels till its safer and are passing the good deed down to the members by extending the expiration.
    Some are more generous than the others, but still, its great to know.
    Thanks for compiling the table.

  • Patricia Y says:

    The news is good, but I understand that it is the minimum to be done, unfortunately American Airlines did not adhere as it should. We are unable to travel, not willingly, and we do not know when we will be able, so how to make future plans. Miles can be a joy, but they are almost always a big problem. Anyway we can only wait and hope for better days.

  • Anyone with success extending their Chase Hyatt free night?

  • This should be a given that all programs do.

  • Expiration policies, paused or unpaused, need to just expire. Period.

  • Really useful compiliation. It would be good if AA could wait a little more to start expiring miles again, hope they revert this.

  • Thanks for this list but unfortunately it doesn’t help me. The extended expirations are too short. Some of these programs should join others in permanently getting rid of expirations.

  • Wow thanks for taking the time to put together such a comprehensive list,very disappointed that Alaska which is known to have great customer services is keeping quiet during this pandemic

  • The expiration of some of these programs is too short. I am hoping that they could stretch them out for extended periods of time for their member’s benefit.

  • The expiration of some of these programs is exceedingly small – here’s hoping that they extend them for much longer periods for the benefit of their members.

  • Come on American. AA should be more generous

  • So with all of these policies – let’s use AA as an example. The period expired June 30th so do all of our miles expire 18 months from then? Or is it somehow tied to our last activity?

    • JT Genter says:

      Expiration is tied to the last bit of activity. These programs are only suspending expiration for these periods. For example, if an AAdvantage member last had activity on November 15, 2018, their 18-month period ended May 15, 2020. But, the miles expiration pause meant that their miles were safe until June 30, 2020.

  • This is really shows the difference for consumers between programs with and without expiry dates. I tend to focus on the programs without an expiry for easier ease of use.

  • Thanks for putting this together. It’s been hard to track everything.

  • Fu-Cheng Chuang says:

    Thank you for compiling this list! Just the thought of going through my email for this information gives me a headache.

  • Florencia says:

    Interesting note, thanks for the compilation. The suspension of maturities is something very necessary in the current context.

  • Miles/ point expiration shouldn’t happen. Its a big negative to collect those miles/points.

  • AA should extend the hold and block off middle seats for now. That would help their customers and encourage people to travel again.

  • Maybe, just maybe, when this pandemic has run the course, some of the hotel chains and other airlines will join those airlines where miles do not expire. The positive P.R. should outweigh the minimal additional costs of keeping accounts current.

  • Chloe's mum says:

    ? Thanks for the summary. Would you be able to include in hotels: Melia, Radisson, Shangrila – if possible?

  • It seems aggressive of AA to start expiring miles again so quickly. Thank you for the help with that!

  • dharnesh says:

    I wish AA would just put it on hold for a lot longer. they are biggest airline and have lot of customers. but i guess what they did is better than nothing

  • I’m so grateful for those who have extended this courtesy to us!

  • I am so happy about this. I applaud all these companies for suspending expirations for us customers.

  • Thank you for mentioning about earning 5 AA miles to keep my account current. I was starting to wonder how I was going g to keep from losing my miles.

  • Sunshine98 says:

    Nice summary. I wished AA miles didn’t expire. No plans to travel by air for awhile.

  • This is very useful. Thanks for helping with AA by rewarding miles for posting here as well.

  • carl santos says:

    It is the least they should do to help their members. Especially those of us who pay annual membership.

    • To be fair none of these programs have to do anything.

    • Carla Liberman says:

      I found out that mi milleahe expired without notice in the middle of the quarantine. Fortunately, thanks to AwatdWallet I will be able to postpone the expiration date of my other account milleages

      • Excellent summary, good to know most programs have deferred the expiry of points given travel is non existant at this point