Status Matches from JetBlue, Delta, & SPG

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The JetBlue and SPG status match promotions have ended, however, Delta's status match promotion is still available.

Taking advantage of status matches currently on the table could yield thousands of dollars additional value for minimum upfront effort. And when combined with award flights and stays earned via credit card signups and everyday spend, provide a perfect base for successful award travel and a host of new experiences.

First Class Seat

We wanted to include a status match from China Southern Sky Pearl Club as it provided a great match to SkyTeam Elite or Elite Plus, but China Southern’s US marketing department got spooked by too many applicants and shut the opportunity down, going so far as to remove promo posts from Facebook and wipe the details from its website.

“Special Note:

The “Elite Member Matches” project is specifically sent to members who have been pre-qualified. It’s not a public program. We noticed many irresponsible distribution and malicious reproduction of the project, as well as too much forged, altered application materials, China Southern Airlines North America will suspend the application of non-invited members.

If you are informed by our account manager, please include the name of the invitee or CC your account manager.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Southern China North America Marketing Department”

The match was initially confirmed on and, but the above comment on AusBT’s website confirms China Southern are restricting applicants to corporate and invited customers. You can still try your luck getting a match, but this just goes to show that status matches are often time sensitive and you need to jump on board while the opportunity is open.

JetBlue TrueBlue Status Match and Status Challenge 2017

Running through August 14, 2017, JetBlue’s annual Mosaic promo offers flyers the chance to either match status from another airline or to take on a status challenge which produces Mosaic status through till the end of 2018. The status match is available to the following airlines and elite status tiers:

  • Virgin America – Elevate Silver or Gold
  • Alaska Airlines – Mileage Plan MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75k
  • American Airlines – AAdvantage Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Executive Platinum
  • Delta – SkyMiles Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Medallion
  • Southwest Airlines — Rapid Rewards A-List Preferred or Companion Pass
  • United — MileagePlus Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Premier 1K

The status challenge is for those without status on another airline, and involves collecting a minimum 3,750 base TrueBlue points within 90 days of signing up for the promo (must sign up before August 14, 2017). TrueBlue members earn 3 points per dollar (excluding taxes & fees), so you’re effectively buying Mosaic status for $1,250. Not bad if you can take advantage of the benefits provided by Mosaic.

JB Mosaic Match 2017

Remember, JetBlue is a transfer partner of Amex Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou Rewards, so in addition to Barclaycard’s JetBlue Plus Card and JetBlue Business Card, you can transfer points from cards like The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express and the Citi Prestige® Card.

Delta SkyMiles Medallion® Status Match Challenge

Delta has on ongoing status match/challenge which you can access via the promo page on Delta’s website. While the match requires a bit of work on the part of the member taking on the challenge, now is the perfect time to plan a SkyMiles status challenge as you’ll get to keep the status gained through to January 31, 2019. That’s over a year of potential upgrades to a better seat, lounge access, and waived baggage fees.

“If you register for the offer on or after July 1, 2017, and you complete the flight requirements, your Medallion status will be maintained until January 31, 2019.”

Members receive Platinum, Gold, or Silver Medallion status for 3 months, based on the current elite status with the other airline. To keep the status, you’ll need to earn a specific number of MQM’s or fly the elected MQS’s within three months of enrolling.

  • Silver – 6,250 MQMs or 8 MQSs
  • Gold – 12,500 MQMs or 15 MQSs
  • Platinum – 18,750 MQMs or 25 MQSs

You can match from the following programs.


2017 SPG Status Challenge

Saving the best for last, SPG’s 2017 status challenge is open to members that haven’t had the status they are trying to achieve in the previous five years i.e. if you’ve achieved Gold status anytime from 2012 onwards, you cannot participate in the Gold Status Challenge. However, if you’ve achieved Gold status, you’re still able to pursue the Platinum challenge.


Registration is open from January 1 to December 31, 2017, and members need to complete the required stays in a three month period nominated at the time of registration. The elite status earned will be valid through February 2019, meaning if you complete it in the next three months, you’ll have status for well over a year!

  • Platinum Status Challenge – Must complete 18 Eligible Paid Nights at hotels and resorts that participate in the SPG program within their Challenge Period
  • Gold Status Challenge – Must complete 9 Eligible Paid Nights at hotels and resorts that participate in the SPG program within their Challenge Period

You can find the details on the SPG 2017 Status Challenge T&C's page.

Why do we think the SPG challenge offers the most value? In addition to SPG Platinum being one of the most valuable top-tier hotel statuses available, it offers a host of additional matches to both hotel and airline programs, providing top-tier elite status at Marriott/Ritz-Carlton, and Premier Silver on United MileagePlus courtesy of RewardsPlus. And members receive carrier benefits on Emirates, Delta, and China Eastern via reciprocal agreements with SPG. We provide a detailed breakdown of these reciprocal agreements in our guide to maximizing Marriott & SPG in 2017.

Final Thoughts

Jumping on board a status match or status challenge is often the fastest way of gaining elite status with a frequent flyer or hotel rewards program, saving you thousands of dollars in stays and flights you no longer need to take.

The ability to get SPG Platinum status through to February 2019 is an excellent way to maximize your award stays through all of next year and will provide added benefits across Marriott, United, Emirates, Delta, and China Eastern, presenting exceptional value.

Keep in mind; you could always be accepted for an outright status match instead of just a challenge — loyalty programs want your business and enticing you with a match is just one of the tools in their toolbelt.

If you have any data points to share on any of the above matches or another match to share, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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  • Avatar
    Marshall Nyman says:

    On my way to Plat with SPG and you motivated me to send them an email and ask if I can be gifted Plat status earlier bc I will hit it in the next few weeks. I also have a ton of upcoming stays at SPG. Currently on my honeymoon and it would be amazing to have the possibility to upgrade to a suite before its over!

  • Avatar

    Howie, does transferring SPG points from one SPG account in the household to another SPG account in the same household extend the life of points in either account? TIA!

  • Avatar

    Great info. Only wish I had a status which could be matched with JB or UA for upcoming flights. Maybe next time.

  • Avatar
    Air Flyer says:

    I tried matching my Delta Elite status for status with JetBlue but they rejected saying “Your documentation is either not legible or does not clearly identify your elite status on another carrier” even though it did! What documents do you think I can use for this?

  • Avatar

    status match approved in 2 days

  • Avatar

    Does anyone know if credit card bonus stays count toward the SPG challenge?

  • Avatar
    Bertrand Say says:

    Hope people can take advantage of this

  • Avatar

    I’ll try the SPG challenge, but I’m staying several times at their affiliated Marriott Hotel so I wish these counted toward the SPG challenge

  • Avatar

    Does Delta match Southwest Companion pass earned from credit card signup points?

  • Avatar

    It’s good to see status match opportunities.

  • Avatar

    Thanks. Just got Jetblue to match my United silver.

  • Avatar

    Hmmm…have a couple delta flights booked at basic economy fares since they’ve terminated the alaska relationship. Could match to silver from AS Mvp, but basic economy fares exclude all elite status benefits, right?

  • Avatar

    Love the SPG info! Going to use it! Thanks as always.

  • Avatar
    DaWoodMan1 says:

    I signed up for the JetBlue Status Challenge, on 7/15, and bought, on 7/15, a Mint round-trip from SFO to JFK in Sept. for $1300-ish, and a LAS-SFO connecting round-trip to get me back home to LAS for 200-ish, thereby meeting the purchase goals of $1250. I’m assuming I have to wait until I actually fly that itinerary to be awarded the Mosaic status because I keep checking my account and so far it doesn’t look like I’ve been awarded Mosaic yet. Thoughts on the timing of when the Mosaic status will actually be handed down?

  • Avatar

    The Platinum qualification for Marriott is twice what is required for IHG (not to mention it comes with their credit card) and actually twice what’s required for SPG Platinum…something to be rationalized with the merging of the programs. So I doubt you’ll get matched to Marriott Platinum (possibly to SPG if you do it through them) but maybe to Gold. IHG’s top tier is Spire, so that’s what Marriott might consider to be equivalent to their Platinum. And Ambassador means nothing since it’s purchased.

    • Avatar
      Patrick Ohearn says:

      Thanks David. Good idea to move it over to SPG. I know it’s low probability, so no hurt in trying. I have gold status for both SPG and Marriott currently and neither require any hotel stays for the gold status because they come through credit cards etc.
      sounds like I may have to do this SPG challenge

  • Avatar
    Patrick Ohearn says:

    I just crafted the best letter I could think of to persuade Marriott to match my platinum ambassador IHG status with platinum Marriott. I asked for a match, not for a challenge. If they don’t honor the match, I will ask them to allow me the nine night platinum challenge. I invoked warm memories of Christmas at the Marriott Saint Ermins last year, Dickens Christmas wishes in July, the fact that Marriott was the first hotel program I ever had, that I’m a gold member in almost every major hotel program including SPG and therefore not any individual one is more competitive to me over the other EXCEPT The fact that I now have IHG platinum Ambassador, and it is more competitive and the one I’ve been using with recent stays,the fact that two or three hotelbrand credit cards I have immediately put me to go status without any stays at the hotels , and lastly the fact that I’m now retired I’m traveling a lot more and I have three trips planned in the next 90 days and another one by the end of the year and wouldnt it be nice for me to stay at Marriott every time? wish me luck and fingers crossed! 🤞🏼👍👏🏼

  • Avatar

    You cannot achieve SPG Platinum by staying at Marriott properties. Your stays must be at SPG properties, then once you’ve earned your SPG status, Marriott will then match that status tier in its program.

  • Avatar

    I love how China Southern is discovering that people like to share information online…

  • Avatar
    Patrick Ohearn says:

    Someone mentioned achieving SPG Platinum through 9 nights at Marriott Hotels. Any more info about that?

  • Avatar

    9 nights = SPG gold + Marriott gold!? I will go for it

  • Avatar
    Jacqueline parsons says:

    Preferring the spg route on this offer also, due to the fact can used over on Marriett stays also.

  • Avatar
    Sebastian says:

    These 18 Stays at SPG – can they be in a Row? Or only separate?

    • Avatar

      You need 18 nights, so yes, they could be all in a row.

    • Avatar
      Wes Marsh says:

      I would ask the property to check you out and then in, in order to receive stay credit. I’m a lifetime platinum SPG member.

      • Avatar

        This is more a Fast Track to Status than a Status Match. And this one is based on nights not stays, so no need to check in and out to qualify. In fact, the T&Cs of all frequent stay programs specifically note that consecutive nights at the same property, irrespective of checking in and out will only count as a single stay for status qualification.

  • Avatar

    Traveling on a weekly basis you’d think you could take advantage of these offers. However, with “must book travel” minimums and me living in a limited market, while I can sign up for these, I’ll likely never get the enjoy them. Jet Blue, for instance, doesn’t fly where I need to go. So, even though I signed up, I’ll likely miss the window and never benefit from the promotion.

  • Avatar

    If you obtain platinum Ritz Carlton status, then do you then get all the benefits of SPG platinum?

  • Avatar

    UA’s elite tiers are called Premier not Medallion (which is DL’s nomenclature), so the status “matched” from holding Marriott Platinum is Premier Silver.

  • Avatar

    The SPG deal is particularly impressive, particularly because you can link it to Marriott and get status there too.

  • Avatar

    Unfortunately I do not fly enough to have status with any airline. With status being revenue based I will probably never have airline status.

  • Avatar

    Love these matches!

  • Avatar

    Sweet, I’m going to enroll in SPG’s plat challenge now.

  • Avatar

    great! finally, some competition for travelers

  • Avatar

    “you could always be accepted for an outright status match instead of just a challenge — loyalty programs want your business and enticing you with a match is just one of the tools in their toolbelt”

    This statement is not true. This is completely YMMV, meaning it is purely luck and timing.
    So many people stated that Marriott match status, I am Diamond on Hilton and the status match is NON-EXISTENCE and their so called status challenge is down right pathetic. Needless to say I am not spending $ at Marriott.

    • Avatar

      In your example, sure, maybe it didn’t work out. Just last week a good friend status matched Delta Platinum to United Platinum. No challenge required and status through January 2019. So yes, it is YMMV, but you could be accepted for a status match. The same has happened for me previously with AA and Turkish.

  • Avatar

    Any word on SWA status matches to A-List?

  • Avatar

    I may try later this year for the SPG GOLD CHALLENGE .

  • Avatar

    The SPG offer is definitely the pick of the bunch, and with summer vacations coming up, surprisingly reachable!

  • Avatar

    I just qualified as Platinum with SPG. I did it through a Marriott challenge rather than through an SPG challenge as the requirements were 9 stays in 90 days (1 night qualified as a stay) instead of SPG’s requirement of 18 nights in 90 days. Marriotts are also more common in my area.

  • Avatar
    jason picker says:

    The SPG deal is extra sweet. Especially the ability to get SPG Platinum status through to February 2019

  • Avatar

    great. I just requested my gold status for Delta Skymiles

  • Avatar

    It appears there is competition in the air even if only for status possessors.