Get Quadruple Award Credits at Omni Hotels, Earn a Free Night Every 5 Nights Get Quadruple Award Credits at Omni Hotels, Earn a Free Night Every 5 Nights

Get Quadruple Award Credits at Omni Hotels, Earn a Free Night Every 5 Nights

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Now through March 31, Omni “Select Guests” can get 4X the typical award credits each night at Omni Hotels. This will allow you to earn a free night for every five nights you stay at Omni Hotels. Plus, you can also get 20% off your next stay before February 28.

Quick Brief on Omni Hotels

We haven't covered Omni Hotels much on AwardWallet before. That's partially due to Omni's small footprint — 52 hotels in the U.S., 2 in Canada and 1 in Cancun, Mexico. Omni is certainly focused around Texas with 13 of its hotels in the state. Not familiar with Omni? You might be in the Northwest, where Omni doesn't have any properties.

Loyalty Program: Omni's loyalty program is a bit different. Members are called “Select Guests.” Instead of getting bonus points, you get a credit for every night you stay. After 20 credits, you earn a free night. Your free night can be used at any Omni hotel location.

Elite Status: The first tier of Omni Select Guests is Gold. You will immediately get benefits such as complimentary basic wifi and discounted premium WiFi. Staring on your second stay, benefits include complimentary daily beverages, complimentary pressing for two articles of clothing a day, and complimentary shoe buffing.

After 10 nights, members will move up to Platinum status. Premium members get 2x award credits (awarding them with a free night every 10 nights instead of 20). Other benefits include late check-out and a complimentary upgrade, based on availability.

Finally, after 30 nights, members achieve Black status which comes with quite a few perks. See the full list of benefits on Omni's website.

Omni Select Guest 4X Award Credits Promotion

Before booking your first stay, make sure to register for this promotion using this link. If the link doesn't work, call their customer service and register with promo code Q120214XG.

Gold status Omni Select Guests will get 4x the Award credits for each night they stay at an Omni hotel before March 31, 2021. Just to be clear, that's three bonus credits plus your normal credit, not 4 bonus credits. This will let you earn a free night after 5 nights instead of 20.

Interestingly, this promotion is not available to Premium and Black status members — who already get double award credits for each night. Thus, it seems this deal is targeted at new members, or at least members who have only stayed at an Omni hotel for less than 10 nights so far and have yet to move up to Platnum status.

The terms and conditions state that award credit counts towards free night awards and does not count towards tier status achievement.

20% Discount Promotion

Omni Select Guest 20% Discount promo

Omni hotels have quite a few special offers. One of these is the promotion to get 20% off a stay at participating hotels before February 28, 2021. You will also find other deals such as a 15% discount when booking 2 or more nights, discounts for AAA members, etc.

Our Take

Considering the limited locations of Omni Hotels, this deal certainly isn't for all of our readers. Omni members that have already achieved Platinum or Black status are also excluded from this deal. As such, this deal would just be good for those planning to stay in a city that has an Onmi hotel for a few days and want to get their sixth night free. If that's you, make sure you become an Omni Select Guest member if you aren't one already and sign up for this promotion.

I wonder if you can use this deal more than twice, as you'll be moving up to Platnum status after your second free night and may no longer qualify for the promotion. Perhaps one of our readers can let us know about their experience with cashing in on this deal.

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  • thank you for the post!!!! I will take advantage of it!!!

  • Gerardo Gonzalez says:

    The times he uses the Omni chain hotels, he is always satisfied. They have a particular charm. The loyalty program is very comprehensive. When I travel to a city where there is an Omni Hotel I usually stay in it. I recommend it.

  • Nestor Vietri says:

    The Omni Hotels are fantastic
    We stayed at the Boston’s brunch and the room was fantastic and the service brillant
    Godd deal to earn a free night every 5 night booked

  • I would love to see an article comparing hotel programs. For example, in Omni you have to spend 20 nights to get a free night, unless there is a promotion. What about for other programs? Which hotels have minimal spend to get a free night?

  • Actually didn’t realize Omni was still around as a standalone brand/loyalty program. Thought they were gobbled up a while ago. Very limited selection makes it hard to stay loyal.

  • I’ve never stayed in an Omni Hotel, but this is an amazing promotion. I’ll be looking for their locations.

  • Many big chains are running double points promo this quarter. I really hope there will be more 3x or 4x promos like this.

  • Jamie Eubanks says:

    I may be dreaming and misremembering, but it seemed like there were more Omni hotels years ago. I agree they are very limited now, making it a pass for me.

  • Definitely a niche chain. I won’t be taking advantage of it. Had a stay at a property in Orlando a few years back and wasn’t impressed enough to actively seek them out again.

  • Yeah I live in Texas and therefore know about Omni but we don’t stay there. My hubby even has a number with them but again we never stay at one so we have nothing in there. We went there for an anniversary and they were great but haven’t seen the need to go back once we had kids. I liked the room and the service was great. I would stay again if I needed to.

  • Wish Omni’s footprint was larger, good deal though.