Airport to City Rentals with Avis from $9.99

Avis has introduced a new one-way car rental promo from airports to cities across the US for as little as $9.99 per rental. With this promotion, you can pick up a car from the airport and drop it off downtown, or pick it up downtown and drop it off at the airport. Although this does have some limitations, including restrictions on travel days and locations, if the stars align, you could save a significant amount of money with a rental versus Uber/Lyft or a Taxi. This promotion is clearly targeted at the leisure/weekend traveler, and we like it!

Garuda Indonesia Deal of the Year

Amazing Redemption Offer with Garuda Indonesia (90% Off)

This promotion has ended early. Translation: We didn’t expect it to get this much attention OR this was simply a brilliant marketing ploy. Ok, so Garuda Indonesia has just done something that will leave airline executives choking on their morning…

JetBlue new interior a320

JetBlue 30% Off – 2 Day Sale

Book by October 19, 2016, for 30% off through the JetBlue “We’ve hit a new low” promotion. While the promotion does have a few exclusions, it looks to be relatively straightforward and a good way to save a few bucks. Offer…

Tracking airfare prices with Google Flight price alerts

Best Websites to Track Airline Ticket Prices

Looking for the best website for tracking airfare prices? As smart travelers, we invest significant amounts of our time and money into finding the best deals on flights around the world. Part of that planning is determining the best time…