Discover 5 Percent Rotating Category Q4 2018

Discover 2019 5% Cashback Calendar

Discover has announced its 5% Cashback Calendar for 2019. Each quarter, holders of the Discover it® Card or the Discover® More® Card can earn up to 5% cash back on $1,500 of spending (maximum $75 cash back) at a variety of retailers.

US Bank Cash Plus Categories

U.S. Bank Cash+ Q4 Category Bonuses Registration

If you have the U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa® Card you can select your 2% and 5% bonus categories. You can select one category to earn unlimited 2% cashback, and two categories to earn 5% cashback on $2,000 of combined spending. The ability to choose from more than 10 categories adds tremendous versatility to the program, enabling you to develop a complete to maximize your earnings.

Chase Freedom Q4 2018 Calendar

5% Back with Chase Freedom Q4 2018

You can now register to activate your 5% bonus category earning with your Chase Freedom card. This quarter’s categories are department stores, wholesale clubs, and payments made using Chase Pay. The 5% bonus only applies to the first $1,500 spent at participating categories, which will earn you $75 in cashback (7,500 Ultimate Rewards).

Discover Q2 2018 5 Percent Registration

Discover 5% Categories Calendar for 2018

Discover has announced its 5% bonus earning categories for 2018. The 5% earning is open to holders of the Discover® More® Card, and the Discover it® Card. Each quarter you can earn 5% in specific categories on the first $1,500 of spending.

Chase Freedom 5 Percent

Chase Freedom Q1 2018 5% Bonus Registration Live

You can now register for the Chase Freedom 5% category bonus for Q1 2018. Bonus categories for Q1 2018 include gas stations, internet, cable, phone services, and for the first time, and far more interestingly, purchases made through a mobile wallet.