Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suites

What Airlines Can You Transfer Membership Rewards To?

American Express Membership Rewards can be transferred to 17 airline loyalty programs. Additionally, you can transfer Membership Rewards to 3 hotel rewards programs. Transferring Membership Rewards to airline loyalty programs is often regarded as one of the most valuable ways to redeem your points; especially for international business and first-class airfare.

Save money and maximize rewards by targeting rewards credit cards with $0 annual fee for the first year

Top Rewards Cards With a Waived ($0) Annual Fee for the First Year [2019]

Rewards credit cards that waive the first year of annual fees offer cardholders an instant head start compared to cards that charge an annual fee right from the get-go. You enjoy premium perks, earn thousands of points, and in some cases generate a substantial balance of points from a new cardmember bonus without any out of pocket expense on annual fees.