Best Credit Cards for Extended Warranty Coverage (Updated December 2018)

The majority of rewards cards provide a host of ancillary benefits, outside of points and miles, that can have a significant impact on which card you use for each purchase. Here, we’re shining a light on extended warranty policies offered by major credit providers and highlighting the best rewards cards to use when making a purchase.

Bank of America® Premium Rewards® Credit Card

Bank of America has released the Bank of America® Premium Rewards® Credit Card. No, this card doesn’t carry a hefty $450 annual fee, and it does come with some significant benefits, but is it the right card for your travel goals?

Destinations like Santorini often lack chain hotels that allow you to redeem points for free nights

How to Use Points and Miles at Hotels with No Rewards Program

In theory, using points and miles for hotel stays is a straightforward affair. Determine your destination, plan out the points and miles needed, design and execute a card application and spending strategy to acquire the points, and book your free night award. But what happens if your destination has no hotels affiliated with a rewards program? Are you stuck paying cash? Or is there still a way of using rewards points to score free accommodations?