The Best Credit Cards to Earn Delta SkyMiles

Of the U.S. carriers, Delta may have the most options for earning miles through everyday spending. While the Delta co-brand credit cards have great benefits, the fastest way to earn SkyMiles could be by earning Amex Membership Rewards instead.

Additional Delta MQM Bonuses for Amex Card Holders in 2018

Amex has announced a new MQM bonus tier for holders of the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card and the Delta Reserve® Credit Card from American Express. The bonus effectively adds a new spending tier and means you can earn an additional 10,000 and 15,000 MQMs respectively in the 2018 calendar year. It appears the bonus is for 2018 and not clear whether it will be carried into 2019 and beyond.

Which Credit Cards Provide Free Roadside Assistance?

No matter which state you’re traveling in, one quick call can put you in touch with a roadside assistance dispatch center which will keep you on the phone while organizing the help you need. And the best part? If you hold one of these credit cards, you can use this service up to four times a year free of charge!

Top 8 Reasons to Fly Delta Air Lines

We’ve spent plenty of time on our soapbox grumbling about Delta SkyMiles, most of it warranted. But, the reality is, SkyMiles still has a lot to offer as a frequent flyer program, particularly for members based around Delta hubs.

The Ultimate Guide to Companion Fares & Companion Passes [2019]

Companion pass, companion certificate, companion fare, or companion ticket. While the terms are much alike, they all carry different definitions as to what constitutes a companion pass or ticket. Some airlines have designed their companion pass as a well thought out feature of their rewards program, worthy of attention and pursuit, while others have turned it into a lazy half-benefit, slipped into the backend of a credit card’s benefits as an afterthought, and offering only marginal value.

Two Complimentary Premium Drinks With Amex and Delta

To bring some holiday cheer, Delta is offering holders of its co-branded credit cards two premium alcoholics drinks at participating Sky Clubs. This is the second time this year that Delta has run a promo offering free drinks to credit card holders. As during the last promotion, there are 21 participating Sky Clubs.

Enhanced Companion Certificate for Delta Credit Card Holders

Delta has announced that they are extending the booking classes of Companion Certificates for Delta Reserve Credit Card Members. The enhancement came into effect as of June 21, 2017, and will apply to holders of the Delta Reserve® Credit Card from American Express and the Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card.